Returning a Toy Doctor Kit

By Shadowgate


47 year old Beth Dunn walked into a large toy store known as "Mighty Toys."

She dumped the toy doctor tools on a cash register and said "excuse me I'd like a refund for this doctor kit."

The 19 year old cashier Marcia Thompson informed her she'd have to go to customer service and because nothing was broken or missing they likely would not give her a refund.

Beth became angry and yelled "I don't have time to stand in the customer service line!"

Marcia stated "I cannot give you a refund at this register."

Beth said "My son was caught playing doctor and I want a refund."

Marcia replied "well that's what kids do with doctor kits and playing doctor has gone on forever. You knew this would happen when you bought it for him."

Beth shot back "my son is 23 and he was playing doctor with the seven year old girl who lives next door. He's in jail now and I want a refund."

Marcia said "alright ma'am you need to go up to customer service for a refund. Why did you buy a doctor kit for your 23 year old son anyhow?"

Beth yelled …...

"Goddamn it he bought it himself and he played doctor with the underage girl next door. I want a motherfucking refund you bitch!"

Marcia replied "well first of all I can't do refunds at the register you get refunds at customer service just like anywhere else. Second of all if he bought it himself no matter what the reason you're not entitled to a refund."

Beth yelled "where the fuck is the manager?"

The 36 year old store manager Eric Crane walked over and said "I'm the manager how may I help you?"

Beth answered "my name is Beth Dunn and I'd like to file an official complaint against this cashier what's your name?"

Marcia answered "Marcia Thompson I'm 19 and I've been working here for two years now."

Beth replied "well I will be filing a formal complaint and you will not be working here."

Marcia replied "I suggest you worry about the charge of molestation against your son instead of trying to get me fired."

Beth screamed...

"Goddamn it this 19 year old fucking teenager has pissed me off and I want her fired!"

Beth went on to say "my son gets a charge against him but that seven year old girl isn't even charged with lewd conduct. I'll tell you kids can get away with anything now days."

Mister Crane said "ma'am I know you're going through a rough time if you'll just come up to customer service I'll give you a cash refund for however much that doctor kit costs."

Beth asked "why couldn't that cashier give me a refund to begin with?"

Mister Crane answered "they're not allowed to and we terminate cashiers for that."

Beth replied "oh well it'd be a shame if this cashier was terminated. She'd have no money to go to the club and shake her ass."

Marcia replied "you know what I work two jobs and I'm in college. You have a lot of nerve calling me a slut considering what your son did."

Beth shot back "you're just a teenager at a register and you think it's fun to give customers a hard time."

Eric tried to say "alright now" but was cut off when Marcia said "you're not a customer because you're looking for free money by getting a refund on something that someone else bought. You do not qualify as a customer."

In the background other customers and cashiers are laughing and going wild.

Beth replied back "well I'll never be one of your customers since I'm going to get your ass fired."

Marcia replied "I'll bet you got your son's ass in your bedroom all the time and had incest maybe that's why he molested the girl next door."

Beth yelled "you fucking bitch!"

Marcia replied back "you're a fat bitch!"

A security guard removed Beth from the store before she could get a refund.

The manager had a short talk with Marcia about her behavior but she was not written up.