I wrote this for a picture contest over at YWP Nanowrimo


*Riding, riding, under a sunny sky

Rolling, rolling, under the now cloudy sky

Across the waves, with the fish

Off to places unknown

To grainy places you do not know

But don't be afraid, adventure awaits!

*Is that a castle, I see?

Are we going there?

Please, for I want an adventure!

*The rocky slope we ride across

Covered with train tracks

Could it be possible to fall off, in our makeshift cart, with its sail made of an old, torn bed sheet?

*The waves have grown! Look at them rise!

They sweep up the rails, almost to our cart!

Salty water stings my eyes, getting its taste in my mouth

What do the fish think of this water?

They must like it quite much.

*The castle has to be close, but I can't quite tell with this stormy sky

What will be in it?

Gold, you say

Diamonds? Maybe

A princess to rescue?

A dragon to fight?

*Or nothing, perhaps nothing awaits us at the castle in the distance

Nothing accept empty halls

Dusty chandeliers

Ball rooms devoid of life

*Never mind that!

Were traveling to a land unknown, you say

And we all agree

*I want to rescue a princess!

And fight a dragon, then steal all of its gold!

*But first, let us get out of this torrential storm that has so rudely slowed our progress

We ride and ride, into the distance, out of the storm


We all cheer

The castle is so near, sitting quaint under a sunny sky

*And it is, I can see it so close now

It has walls of gold and silver

With windows of stained glass

I see a princess in one window, a dragon sleeping in the courtyard

Sitting on a turret, balanced on one paw, I see a snowy wolf, made of marble

*Our adventure has been found!

We boys that have lived on a farm our whole lives; we found our adventure!

Goodbye days of mucking stables and morning chores

For we are rich!

*And the railway that brought us hear, on our makeshift cart

It's disappeared now, and the castle!

Where is our castle?



*I see the snowy wolf

He's waving goodbye

*The bed sheet that made the sail of our cart is wrapped around me

I am home, our castle just a dream

Our cart, nothing

Our adventure, nonexistant

*What will happen to the princess?

Will the dragon get her?

Where is my snowy wolf?

*My princess, I will rescue you from the dragon another night, another dream

Shall the wolf come help me?