"Hi," she said nervously, her balance shifting from one foot to another.

"Hi," he replied nonchalantly.

He opened the door wider for her and stepped aside.

She crossed the threshold that separated the crisp but chilly outdoors from the warm aura that exuded from the home. Her hands firmly grasped her bag while she surveyed the new environment. Then she looked back at him and smiled hesitantly.

"So," she began, then faltered. "Um." Red crept up her cheeks. She bit her lip.

His eyes were on her. Then he opened his mouth and yawned, exclaiming his hunger. Then he went to the kitchen as she wordlessly opened her mouth as if to say "oh." She followed suit.

He lumbered from the fridge to the cabinets as she made her way to the small table in the corner, set her bag down, and sat quietly. A cluster of frozen grapes made their way onto the table as well as some whole wheat crackers. He sat down on the other side of the table and started feasting on the crackers as she tentatively picked some grapes for herself.

They were munching away and the young woman started peppering the young man with questions. He answered them all, an amused expression on his face. After they finished eating and talking, she asked if they could bake something. "Hungry still?" he asked, teasingly. Again she blushed but said no, and just thought it would be a good idea. He shrugged, but went to grab the butter and eggs from the fridge.

Halfway through the cookie making, the young woman taste-tested the dough, accidentally leaving a bit on her cheek. He looked at her and laughed. She looked at him calmly, and without a word, dipped a finger into the dough and smeared it on his nose. His eyes widened and he stopped laughing. She giggled. A dough smearing fight ensued.

After much clean up and tidying, the batch of cookies were set to be ready in two minutes. She sunk down in her chair, and let out a breath. He leaned towards her and pulled the ponytail she just made. She made a face at him then turned her head to the oven, waiting expectantly for the cookies.

The timer started ringing, so he got up, and with his kitchen mittens on, pulled the piping hot chocolate cookies out of the oven, slide eight of them onto a plate, and put the plate on the table. The vanilla ice cream had already been taken out a few minutes earlier.

They proceeded to make two ice cream sandwiches each, and headed to the living room to watch some TV. Cartoons were on so he plopped down on the couch. She sat down carefully next to him, wary of her melting sandwiches. She started to take large bites out of her ice cream sandwich, eyes fixed on the screen as the cartoon progressed. She started laughing at one scene, and he joined in. He finished his two sandwiches rather quickly, and looked over at her.

Her mouth was full, yet unmoving as she was mesmerized by the screen. He stifled a chuckle, thinking that her bulging cheeks full of ice cream was more comical than the cartoons. He turned his attention back to the screen with the occasional glance back at her.

A commercial came on, and she resumed eating. She noticed him studying her, so she shifted her gaze from her ice cream sandwich remains to him. Their eyes met. She grinned, smile full of cookie and chocolate. He chuckled and shook his head at her. He went back to the kitchen to get some more cookies. They ate more cookies and finished out the pleasant afternoon watching cartoons from their childhood. It was a good day.