Ballad of an Afghan Girl

Have you ever seen the sky

blackened and burnt,

obscured by mighty machines

raining pain and hurt

on the children below?

Have you ever felt the longing

for something so simple

so refreshing and needed

but found no relief

in that barren, empty well?

Have you ever shrieked out

and shivered in a corner

watching as cruel-faced men

beat your loving mother

for teaching you to read?

No You haven't.

But I have.

Have I ever seen the sky

blue and happy

filled with butterflies

flitting peacefully in the wind

giving laughter to children?

Have I ever felt the satisfaction

of a tall sweating glass

of amber colored liquid

finding total bliss

with every, single sip?

Have I ever skipped away

from a loving mother

and sat at a wooden seat

to hear a kind-faced man

teach me how to read?

No I haven't.

But you have.