Come on. Be a little reckless.

Her words echoed through his mind, and his heart swelled. Fine. He would do it. Just this once. He exited his room and strode quickly down the corridor, nodding to the guards as he stepped out into the night. As soon as the glow of the moon hit him, his bones cracked, and he grunted in pain as his whole body shifted. His nose elongated, and his legs and arms became shorter, all the while sprouting thick dark fur all over his body. He fell onto all fours, his back arching in agony. A tufted tail shot out of his lower back, and his ears shifted backwards. He opened his eyes; the world was in those dazzling shades again. Not the dull colours humans could see, but dancing, swirling shades of every colour. He was sure that most of them didn't have names; if anyone tried to give them one they would fail. No word could describe any of the lights he saw. He slunk towards the rest of the pack. They all turned when they heard him approach, and their eyes widened. They bent down their heads in respect. However, one of the pack did not. She was as cocky as ever, holding her head high despite being in the company of the Crown Prince. She padded over to him, her caramel coloured coat shining slightly in the moonlight. Just like in her human form, she had dazzling aquamarine eyes: a rare trait for a wolf. He found himself gazing into them, and shook his head, silently gesturing for her to lead. She heeded his gesture with a mute response by simply heading to the front of the pack, throwing her head back to the sky and howling. The rest of the pack joined her, and he found himself screaming to the night sky and the moon. As suddenly as it has started, the howling stopped, and the leader stamped her foot once. A signal. The whole pack launched into a sprint, leaping over rocks and fallen trees. A rush of adrenalin and thrill pulsed through him, pushing him onwards. He bounded faster than all the others, catching up with her as she took a wild leap over a frozen pond. She looked at him side on, tears streaming from her eyes, and bared her teeth in a grin. He grinned back, and stared up at the heavens as they ran across a frozen wasteland. Shimmering streams of emerald green and turquoise were threading the dark night sky. The Northern Lights. He had seen them once before, but now, as they were bounding under the stars in a reckless night of freedom, they brought a new experience. The leader skidded to a halt at the edge of a frozen ravine, a scar in the landscape, and tipped her head back once more. He could see the threads of enchanting light dancing in her beautiful eyes, and he put every unsaid word into the howl he screamed into the shimmering darkness.