Mortal Dreams
Mortal Dreams

I live my life precariously,
My life is anything but carefree,
Reality sucks it's not easy,
Even I knew this is how it would be.

I lose myself to mortal dreams,
They will never be or so it would seem,
But what is life without fantasies?
No life at all.. no life to me.

Dreamer of dreams I will always be,
A dreamer of mortal fantasies,
For without my dreams who will I be?
Even I know this is how it should be.


A/N: I was up last night just thinking to myself. I find I've been doing this a lot of late, and it occurred to me that dreams of my future have become quite dimmed. So, I felt I had to change that. Writing this gave me inspiration to DO just that. Enjoy my thoughts. -AC