The world of lughvalla

In ancient times humans and demons were always at war. Man tried to expand their kingdoms but whenever they would try high-ranking demons would come in the way to stop them, until one day a young man was summoned by the king of the demons to settle a peace treaty. This young man was named Rajiro Nozaki, son of the king Yukuro and queen Makinei. The only thing that is stopping this young prince is to get out of bed... We join Rajiro on his journey to start a new future for the world.

"Get... up... Hey.. My lord... Rajiro... *CRASH* RAJIRO! How long are you going to keep sleeping my prince?! Your parents are calling to breakfast. Get out of bed and dress yourself my liege and head down to the dining hall." His personal attendant Nara; dressed in a butler uniform and was in his mid-forties leaves the room with a bunch of maids to clean the castle. Some of the maids peer into the room to take a quick glimpse of the young prince slowly getting out of bed. They talked about how handsome he looked even while waking up as they followed Nara to the other parts of the castle. The prince himself was tall and had a lean muscular body, his eyes were the darkest of sapphires and his hair was as bright as the sun itself. Though his personality tells otherwise, he tends to be rash and cocky but does make quick decisive decisions.

"*Yawns* Urghk, Nara! Curses he is already gone with the maids... Well time to get dressed then, I wonder what is the reason my parents want me at the table so badly? We never do eat at the same time, they always attend to the citizens needs after they have eaten at the crack of dawn..." Rajiro walks over to his closet and opens it and takes out his light armor set, he places on a shirt and pants, then slung over the armor in a bag and began to leave the room. "Oopps, can't forget my sword now can't I?" He walks over to the wall and grabs his sword off the pedestal, it was sheathed and the blade was about four feet in length. Leaving his room Rajiro looks left and right to make sure no maids are around, it was all clear. He moved to the left corridor and walked slowly to the dining hall, on the way there he spotted his father's advisor: Geija Kumiiko.

"Oh good morning prince Rajiro, your parents are waiting for you at the dining hall. They have some excellent news for you." Geija was an old man and wore a black and crimson red robe, he is very wise and helped Rajiro in his studies as a child.

"Yeah, I heard Gejia. Nara made sure of that when he woke me up earlier. Do you know what is going on?" Rajiro pulled out his sword a bit to check its current durability, the blade was single sided like a katana, but was sharper for a cleaner cut, he sheathes it back in and turned to Geija as they walked down the hall.

"Well, from what the Queen told me it is a peace treaty between the humans and demons. But the condition is you, she did not say anything else. I am sorry my prince." They arrived in the main hall of the castle where some of the maids were attending to some pictures on the wall that needed cleaning. They passed them and continued on to the dining hall.

"Great... First Nara waking me up in front of the cute maids, now a treaty involving me... Can this day get any better?!" They arrive at the dining hall as Rajiro opens the dining hall doors to see his parents and the king of demons having a meal. They all looked over to the prince and started laughing, it seemed that the king made a joke just in time as Rajiro arrived.

"Hahahahahaha he does seem like a fool and a complainer King Yukuro. Well Queen Makinei he does seem like a good man to be part of the treaty." The king of the demons appeared human but horns coming out of his head and a demonic tail say otherwise. Rajiro walks over to his mother's side and takes a seat, a maid comes with a plate of food; there was a loaf of bread with a bowl of chicken soup and chopped vegetables, along with some ice cold water from the well out in the garden. "Oh Prince Rajiro I apologize I haven't formally introduced myself, I am Demon King Iwanai. It's a pleasure to meet you." Iwanai bows to the prince and continues eating some of his food.

"I must say, human food is very delicious. Even though we demons have a different way of making dishes your kind has come up of many other ways to enjoy food." Iwanai looks over to Yukuro as he finishes his food. "Now about the treaty, your son looks like he will be a great addition to the family, and this will make sure that nothing will happen to both of our kind. But I cannot guarantee that some demons will agree to this union." Iwanai looks over to Makinei with a worried look on his face.

'Did he just say union? What in the world is going on here?' Rajiro thought to himself. "Hold on Demon King Iwanai, what do you mean by 'Union'?" Rajiro asks.

"The treaty we are talking about is to have both kingdoms unite so we can expand together around the world, but to do that marriage is needed. So you will be marrying my daughter Princess Laura Jeraki. Oh here she comes now. Dear, this will be the man you will be marrying for the peace treaty." The princess wore a stunning blue dress; the top was covering her plump breasts and shoulders, a purple scarf around her neck. The hem of the dress was long and trailed to the floor, she also wore long white gloves reaching up to her upper arm. Her hair was long and a light purple and her demon horns appeared like a bulls horns, and her tail was thin and long protruding from the back of her dress.

"This guy?! Father please I surely hope you jest about this man being my husband." She sat down and stared angrily at Rajiro, he tried to smile at her to try lighten her mood. But failed as Laura's stare started to get more menacing, frightened he turned back to his food and slowly finished it. A maid brought Laura her food and she finished it about the same time as Rajiro. They both called the maids to get their plates and the two kings grinned at each other.

"See? What did I tell you Iwanai? These two are too much alike, they are bound to be a good couple." Laura and Rajiro coughed as they tried downing their water.

"Dad! You cannot be serious?! Me with this pampered princess over here? No way in hell!" Rajiro stood up from his chair in anger as he pointed at Laura.

"Father, you as well?! I cannot be with this battle hungry human prince! I will not agree to this!" Laura did the same and as they both finished their complaints they stopped and looked at each other angrily.

"You BOTH will agree to this marriage like it or not, to make this even better for you two. You both will have to travel to demon kingdom together to make sure the marriage will be settled. If you both decline there will be no future for either kingdom if this war between us keeps continuing." Slowly Iwanai got up from his chair and started to radiate his demonic magic in the room, everyone could feel it and the power itself was intense. The room started to quake and some of the dishes were about to crack into a million pieces.

"Fine, I will agree to this father. But I still don't like this man one bit!" Slowly his power started to fade as Laura sat down.

"*Sighs* I as well agree to this marriage, Laura does seem like a cutie anyway minus all the demon features." Iwanai's power fully faded away and he also sat back down. Laura blushed a bit and turned her head towards the window.

"Well it's decided then; you two will depart from this castle tomorrow and make your way to the demon kingdom on foot. Then the wedding will take place, and Rajiro you will get to meet the rest of the demon family. Don't worry they will be kind to you as have I, my future son." After the explanations, Rajiro thanked the demon king and went to the courtyard to meet up with his swordsmanship teacher Fuako Monimi. They went to another part of the castle grounds where it was suited for knights to train to stay in shape for any unsuspecting battle. Following behind them from above is demon princess Laura, still angry from the demon king's decision for the arranged marriage between the two kingdoms's. Flying with her wings she carefully made sure that nobody would see her, hiding behind the tall castle towers peering over to see the prince train with some of the knights.

"Jeez! Why does father want me to marry some human prince?! If it is to save our kingdoms I understand but, why me?! He could have sister Nishiku marry him, well she is still fifteen... Damn it, let's just see why father chose this pri- Oh... Wow... Such a succulent body... WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I SAYING?! But he sure is cute, even for a huma- AHHHHH! THAT'S IT! If Prince Rajiro is gonna be my husband I might as well test his strength and see if he is worthy for me." Angry with her feelings of seeing the prince taking off his shirt and getting wiping off some sweat, Princess Laura flies down at the prince. All of the knights were frightened of the princess, but the Prince told them to not worry and explained that they are engaged. All of the knights turned to their Prince and started to congratulate him and joke around about the two. Fully angered by the knights joking around, Laura uses her magic to change her dress into her battle armor: thin but sturdy armor to withstand most attacks, covering her legs and arms , along with her entire body, underneath she wore a shirt-skirt combo piece. She then summons her sword, a long one-handed blade just as long as Rajiro's, still angered she points her sword at the prince.

"Prince Rajiro, battle me now!" Surprised, he orders the knights to get his full armor set. Rushing, they all went to the castle to retrieve his armor.

"My, my Laura already mad at the engagement?" Crossing his arms he smirks at her.

"Shut up! All I want to do is to test your strength if you are worthy of being my husband!" Soon enough the knights return carrying three parts of Rajiro's armor set.

"Hmmmm? I get it now, you want to see if I am able to handle you in bed right Laura?" Putting back on his shirt, the knights help Rajiro equip his armor. The armor has pauldrons and long gloves, his breast-plate covered his entire torso, and his leg armor was thin and covered his entire lower body. Looking back at Laura she was infuriated by that last line, her demonic power slowly flowed out of her body. Putting on his helmet shaped like a dragon's head, from his cheeks two more spikes protected his face from any damage, at will the spikes will turn to a mouth guard.

'Oh, it's been awhile Rajiro. You haven't worn me since that battle against one of the generals of the Demon army. What's the situation now?' The armor had a dragon spirit sealed within, and only Prince Rajiro is able to control it. The sealed dragon is Ryuoka, the dragon of light but to the prince he is known as Yukushi and they can only communicate telepathically

'Long story short Yukushi, we are fighting Demon Princess Laura.' The prince replied.

'Oh, now this is interesting, is a war going on Rajiro?' Yukushi asked.

'No, she is my fiancée.' The dragon's spirit form manifested in front of Rajiro and looked at the Princess.

'... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I never thought you would be getting married Rajiro! Anyway, how much power do you want to use for this fight? I don't sense a killing intent, but oh boy is she angry with you. Pissed her off with a pick up line?' Everyone just watched as Ryuoka and Rajiro argue, the princess gritted her teeth and stomped the ground with enough force to make the two notice her.

"Hey! Enough of your squabble over there! Are we going to fight or what?!" The two look at the princess and they laughed nodding to each other, the dragon returned to the armor. Dragon wings and a tail sprouted out from the armor, and Rajiro unsheathed his sword a one-sided blade with a mechanism to charge with draconic magic from Ryuoka. Meanwhile in the castle, Nara starts running to the King's hall worried about the fight happening outside. Opening the doors frantically, he calls out to the kings. They tell him not to worry, if anything dangerous happens they will intervene, letting out a sigh of relief Nara joins the king at the window to watch the battle start.

"Well Laura, or better yet dear. You ready to fight?" Grabbing her sword with both hands Laura charges at Rajiro with full speed to strike horizontally, as she strikes he stops the blow with his blade one-handed. Looking at her in the eyes, using his will the mouth guard covers most of his face only revealing his eyes. "My my, let's get crazy!" The wings spread from the armor and he pushes Laura up into the sky above the training grounds, both hovering they slowly move in a circle to wait for each other's move. Laura then charges while channeling a fire spell and fires. Then tries to flank Rajiro from underneath, seeing this he grabs his blade's guard and channels it into a shield. Blocking the fire blast, the prince blocks the princess's attack with his leg guards.

"Nnngh… Rajiro!" Shoving him higher into the sky, Laura starts channeling another spell. Soon the air around Rajiro started to crystalize, seeing this he communicates with Yukushi and dispels most of his armor and shield. Just as the ice around Rajiro was about to incase him, he vanished in the blink of an eye, stopping in mid-air the princess looks around wondering where the prince disappeared to.

"Phew…. I thought I was a goner there, now Laura can you keep up with Ryuoka's speed form?" Appearing below her, and stretching his body to get used to his speed form.

"What? Urghk, I will defeat you Rajiro!" Using her magic she sped up herself to try to match him, Rajiro smirked as he descends down towards the nearby lake. Angered Laura gives chase and slowly catches up to the prince, as they fly a few meters above the water Rajiro uses his dragon tail to splash some water into the princess's face. She covers her face to block the incoming water, as the water splashes off her arms Rajiro then fades from her view and all of a sudden strikes her from the side with a kick. Regaining her balance Laura looks at the prince and wondered how he moved that fast. Laura channels her magic and the sky started darken, Rajiro looks up and see's multiple spots of fire coming down.

"Rajiro I will defeat you, here and now! Now take this Meteor storm!" Soon all the magic that Laura gathered expelled from her body, and the meteors started fall from the sky.

'Rajiro, you know we can't take this on with the speed armor. We have to switch back to defense mode.' Ryouka spoke as a large meteor started to make its way to them.

"Might as well do it old buddy. Light of the dragon return! Protect me from dangers!" A light enveloped Rajiro and the armor, soon his heavy armor returned along with his cross-shaped shield. Holding up his shield to the meteors he begins to summon all the power he can use from Ryouka, and channeled the power into his sword, slowly the swords glow brightened. Reaching its maxium capacity the blade glowed as bright as the sun and the length of the light was twice as long as the blade.

"I call upon the dragon of light, use this power I have collected from you and defend the land with all of your strength!" Sheathing the blade into the shield, the shield absorbs all the power the sword gathered and soon Rajiro's wings brightened as a gigantic shield began to take form. Blocking most of the meteors that came raining down on Rajiro, Laura swells up with more anger and summons a moon sized meteor and sends it flying down at the prince and his dragon companion. Meanwhile in the king's chamber Nara frantically panics watching the battle between the king's children go all out in Laura's little duel.

"My lords! Are you not frightened?! Princess Laura is about to destroy this world with that gigantic meteor!" King Iwanai looks over to the human and laughs a bit.

"My, my Nara you are one hell of a show to watch. This magic that Laura is exhibiting doesn't show how strong she is, she is merely toying with Rajiro with all this high level fire magic." With a smirk he replies.

"Now Iwanai, don't be over-confident. Rajiro is about to show you something amazing he can do with the dragon of light. Nara you were first to witness of the prince am I not correct?" Yukuro looks over to his son's personal attendant.

"Yes, I remember that my king. But there is a cost for that, I don't think that the prince has the strength for that." Walking up to the window and continues watching the battle rage on with the king's.

Back in the midst of battle Rajiro lowers the shield to see the meteor slowly moving down at him. Clenching his teeth together he summons Ryouka to his side.

"We gotta do that ritual again don't we Ryouka?" With a bit of fear in his voice he asks Ryouka.

"This situation seems so Rajiro, are you ready to accept the conditions for this ritual?" Ryouka summons a giant sword that he can wield himself and a giant magic circle appeared under them.

"I, Rajiro accept the power of light at the cost of my own. Now shatter through my light and allow me to defeat my enemy! Come to me, Excalibur!" Soon the magic circle glowed as Ryouka and the sword fuse forging the mythical sword Excalibur, but at the sake of this power part of the prince's magic is drastically taken from him. Then his draco armor returned to him and glowed a birght gold as the sun, shining through the darkness created by the princess. Expanding his wings he flies directly at the meteor and with great speed he slashes at it turning it into dust as he gives it one final slash, panting he turns to Laura and raises his sword and charges at her.

Stunned by the feat Rajiro has performed she gets enraged and summons her demonic armor, she fuses with it enhancing her strength ten fold. From the castle everyone watches as the two go into sword combat, with each clash the force from both of them shakes the ground and causes the lake underneath them to create huge waves. Rajiro sheds his armor once more for his speed and charges at Laura like a shooting star in the night, each successive attack on Laura, Rajiro would vanish from her sight and attack from a different angle. Laura tries to predict his movements and defends herself from the next attack and watches as Rajiro as he disappears once more, guessing correctly she grabs Rajiro as he attacks from behind. Catching his helmet she flies with immense speed back to the castle grounds and slams him to the ground, as she gets up Laura looks down to see her fiancée defeated. Instead she only finds his armor and no Rajiro inside it once the dust clears, her eyes widen and she franctically looks around where he went. Then she hears the ground shake, Laura looks down as the ground begins to crack but before she could react a boot comes flying out knocking her back into the sky. Laura looks as she see's Rajiro in his light armor with his helmet on and seeing his eyes with a strong look inside, she tries to counter attack by swinging her sword. But moving with grace he dodges the sword and punches in through her armor and caused Laura to lose her breath, he then flips and drop kicks her back to the ground.

Looking at Laura from above as she falls quickly back to the ground Rajiro realizes that she won't survive if she hits the ground that hard. He panicks and looks at his armor using his final ounce of magic he switches places with it and dashes to catch his fiancee. Sliding on the ground he turns and looks at Laura while she looks back at him.

"You fight with such ferocity Laura, it scares the hell out of me y'know?" He grins as he stands up holding her in his arms.

"Ugh... I hate to admit it but you really are... good at close combat Rajiro... You... pass... being my fiancee..." She faints and slowly breathes in his arms. Rajiro looks at his draco armor and tells his knights to retrieve it and have it cleaned and placed back in his armory. He walks back to the castle and brings him to the medical area of the castle and have been greeted by all the healers in the castle. Rajiro lays Laura on the table and takes off her armor slowly removing the last piece he examines Laura's clothing, she wore a small shirt and skirt under all of it. He moved to another part of the medical room and have the female healers treat Laura while the male healers came to attend to him. As they treat him the occasional "Ouch! That stings!" came out of the prince, mid way the king's came into the room and found both of their children being treated.

"You two put up a pretty good show. Tell me Rajiro how does it feel fighting Laura only at 70% of her full power?" King Iwanai walks over and sits with the prince.

"If that was only 70% I don't want to be in range when she goes all out then. I had to summon Excalibur to beat her, and use some quick thinking when she tried to counter my speed. All in all she seems like a good person, even though she tried destroying the world. Ouch!" Rajiro replies.

"Well son it's a good thing you survived and did your best. I didn't want your mother be worried now would I? Anyway we already prepared what you both will need for the journey to the demon kingdom." His father adds in, walking over to his son and ruffling his hair.

"Anyway how far the journey to the demon kingdom, King Iwanai?" Rajiro asks as he looks over to the other room seeing the treatment for Laura was finished.

"From here, Lughvanna to Kaimonlith is about a 7 month journey on foot." Rajiro turns his head to Iwanai and sighs in depression.

"Ugh... that's a long time, well me and her can make do with that. But damn a 7 month trip is a long time. Well father I hope you gave me a good amount of gold to survive that long." Rajiro looks over to his father after puting his shirt and walking to Laura's unconcious body.

"Well if I remember right, the gold pouch thats in your bag has about 200,000 gold pieces in it. That should be enough for the trip." Picking up Laura he walks over to his room to have her rest. As he leaves the room he turns to his father and looks at him with a big smirk on his face. "Thanks Father, we will leave by dawn tomorrow. I don't think we will join you at dinner, have a maid bring up our food please and same for dawn." With that Rajiro walks the castle with Laura sleeping in his arms and passes a couple of maids as they look at the prince covered in bandages and holding the demon princess in his arms. They made some awe faces as they watch the prince hold his fiancee with great care. As he reaches his room, Laura wakes up in his arms, she looks at her body and up to Rajiro who is smiling at her.

"What? Ouch... You really beat me up Rajiro, I hope you have some way of repaying me." Laura opens the door still in Rajiro's arms she blushes a bit and he lays her on the bed. Rajiro closes the door and gets in bed with her and stares at her from his side. For the rest of the night they spent time talking and telling each other about their time as children and time during the war, they had some laughs and a maid brought up their dinner. Rajiro suggested to try be a bit romantic to get used being engaged to her, Laura agrees and they feed each other their plate. By the time they finished Rajiro stared into Laura's eyes and she did the same. Slowly they came closer to each other, breathing slowly as their lips touch each other, Rajiro slides his tongue in and she passionately welcomes the intruder in her mouth and they engage in a deep kiss. Backing away from each other slowly they look back into each other's eyes.

"Even though we are from different kingdoms, I think our father's made a good decision to have you be my husband Rajiro." Laura say's as she pulls Rajior under the sheets and hugs him closely.

"Heh, I think it was for the best. My friend from the elf kingdom has too much of a thing for me and it scares me sometimes. Well, if we are going to settle this feud between the kingdoms we might as well fall in love with each other while we are at it." Rajiro wraps his arms around her shoulders Laura looks up and kisses his lips once more, he pulls her up and engages in another passionate kiss. It seemed that it went on for hours before they past out from their little lust for each other. Soon the crack of dawn came and a maid came into the room with their breakfast, they both woke up to the smell of the food.

"Mmmmmm... That smells delicous." Rajiro gets up from the bed and brings the trays onto the bed. They both ate the breakfast and got up to change into traveling gear. Then they look at the back packs that were prepared for the journey. Picking up the bags they add-on their weapons to their sides and walk outside of the castle hand in hand. They walk over to the armory and retrive their amor, using their magic they stored it in a dimension only accessible by themselves. They both head to the edge of Lughvanna ready to leave, Rajiro turns around to see Nara on a horse galloping fast to him. Slowing down Nara gets off and gives his prince a hug.

"My prince! *sobbing* I hope you do well on your journey with your fiancee! I know this is for the good of the kingdom, but be safe! Laura, take care of him you both share each other's life, protect one another. Got it? *wiping the tears* Here one more thing for you my prince, it's from your mother. Now I must head back to the castle! Those maids won't do good without me! Take care my prince and my future princess!" Rajiro looks at the thing given by his attendant, it was a small box. He opened it and it contained a ring, a necklace and a letter.

"Hmmm? Wow they're so pretty! Why did the queen give those to you Rajiro?" Peering in from the side Laura clings on his arm as he puts the box in his pocket and opens the letter.

Dear Rajiro,

My son you have grown so much over the years, from being a spoiled brat to a battle hardened young man. Now you have a duty to your kingdom with you little fiancee by your side. It pains a mother to see her child to go into the world, but it is for the best. Laura I know you're reading this with him, take care of him alright? Rajiro tends to do some dumb things, so watch him in my stead. Me and King Yukuro will wait till you both reach Kaimonlith for your wedding! By the way the necklace and ring are for Laura, Rajiro you better give it to her! Their my present to her, and I am expecting some grandchildren you two!

-Queen Makinei

P.S. Your room will be taken over by your little sister Jinshi.

"Well, that sucks all of my stuff will be moved to the storage for now. Anyway you ready to go babe?" Rajiro looks over to Laura as he puts the letter into the bag. Letting go of his arm, she interlinks her fingers in his and he did the same. Looking at him Laura smiles.

"Let's go babe!" The pair leave Lughvanna for their journey, smiling and armed to the teeth with immense power.

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