I think we might be close - teetering at the brink. P would be proud of us, I think; I think I would much rather have P still here with us. You have been very kind to us all, and I hope you will do this favour for me. I - we all - trust you.

I'm writing to you from one of the Generics(PTO for post code), and have left the important information there for you. You know the place. Go to the counter and as for a suspended macchiato. Tell them your name is Ashley and that your friend is waiting for you upstairs. They should bring you a large macchiato with two sugars. I'm afraid I can't join you because I have an errand to run, but

Take it upstairs and set up your typewriter, then open the machiato. Take one small, slow sip. Inside you'll find the information - do NOT let anyone see you take it out of the cup. When you've read it, hang around for a little bit longer - at least half an hour. Then, I want you to log in and tweet to the proxy account using the code. I will explain as much as I can when I see you, I promise.



P.S. W has made brocolli and stilton soup tonight. Join us?