Overlooking paned window

Reluctantly panelled with Elm

Stench of bitter almond waft through the breeze

Aftermath of a rare pour


There's a popple of view

Gliding slowly through the wind

"Is it a rainbow?"

No, those are the layers of memory

Nature's memory

Just like how memories are being captured


and Albumed

Memories are also kept in layers of colours

By nature

It witnesses your pain

your anger

your bittersweet moments

Not in words or pictures

But in colours

It knows your language or many

So it ponder, let colours be the universal sound

Let colours sound your life

Define your moments

Then it says "Rainbow"

Just like the rainbow which appears

Few moments in the mere droplets

As well

Memoirs of life

But now instead of gold pots at the two ends

Only an old treasure with pictures of longlost memories

Burried deeply down the dirt

Just to give colours

Likewise the rainbow arched

With Memories of life...