The time to forget our normal lives,
The time to push our body to the most extreme challenge,
The time to forgive,
The time to devote ourselves to our one and only lord,
The time to cleanse our souls and relieve ourselves in purity,
But...you don't understand do you?
We're not starving ourselves to death!
We're simply putting ourselves into the shoes of the most unfortunate,
We're not dumping all our cash and valuables just for the sake of it!
We're only giving away a respectable amount to those who need it the most,
We don't believe in a 'magic invisible man',
We believe in a creator, our lord, our Allah.
We belong to Him and to Him only!
Is our sacred month,
Our gateway to rid of sins,
Our bliss way of living,
You have Christmas or Diwali or Honnoka,
We have Ramadan and Eid,
Is metaphorically beautiful...