Show a smile,
Let the smile be more than show
Let the smile come without effort
Embrace what makes it so.

If you find it hard at times
and can't quite slip into it,
If you're muddling through something
that holds it back,
Be strong.

Trouble can be a bitch,
that's a given.
The trick is to survive.
Without letting it delve into our mind
Without allowing it to burrow too deep
and insinuate its poison of despair
and without giving in to defeat.

Defeat may come, unstoppable and impassible.
It could chop at our heels, and send us crashing,
flailing into the floor, dragging us from a stalwart composure.
You may slip, and be pulled down a pit,
a pit of end; Of irrevocable failure.
Where the door further is locked.

Do not go down without a fight.
If you can breathe, then scream.
Scream of how you will not become lost to regret.
If you can grasp, then hold.
Claw at the floor before you're dragged too far,
and take unrelenting hold of your power to still want;
To still feel a will to smile, and love, and cherish.
If you fight for that slim chance to smile again,
then all is not lost.

Life is worth it.
Never let trouble hold you down.
It can trip you, but dammit, there's more to laugh for
and hope for.
So say good riddance to it. Find another smile.
Find a way to send trouble reeling, and push on past.
But if there is none; If it's a dead end down a sunny street,
take another turn, and find your smile elsewhere.
Because fuck that trouble. Even if it was everything.
Even if it was impossibly aspired.

Survive with passion.
Yeah, everything ends. So what?
Don't let it stop you now.
Spend your time being happy,
don't abandon a good thing, simply because it's not forever.
Relish it, and smile while you can,
so you can survive the stormy days,
and hell, even dance in that rain. Defy that sky.
You can survive for hope, and be happy with the little moments.
Don't let your spirit sink for too long.
Don't let go when it gets hard; Hold on for your next smile.
Survive for the good times. Because once it's over, It's over.
Who knows if you'll smile again, or if someone else can't smile without you.

There's so much we've been given.
The privilege of being able to do these things
and being able to help others smile
Even if it may be trouble.
We can just idly smile away, living with what we got,
loving with what we get. Vice versa.
And work to get more to cherish, I hope.
Even if it's beyond our reach, we can hold on what we have,
and who we are. Our souls define us,
and we define our souls.

So live.