Chapter 1: What the Hell?

"And with as much courage as the male could gather he finally admitted to his friends, to those who loved him so dearly and wished he would join their hunts on four legs, that he was something they hated most. That he was a werewolf."I watched as Sam, S. Carain, stepped back from the microphone and closed the book he'd worked so hard to write. I smiled at him from the back of the room and someone else started to clap right before I did. I looked around to see who else was clapping, cheering for someone so scared of the stage, and saw his sister, Sharice.

Sam walked down the stairs at the side of the stage and looked at me, rather than his sister, and I walked over to him. My phone started vibrating in my pocket and I answered it while walking. "Hello?"

"Duval, you might want to get home. I don't know what's happening, but it almost looks like someone is trying to break into your house. I can't really see details, but it's some girl and…Bizarre. She just sat on your porch. You want me to call the cops or you want me to wait?"It was my neighbor, Mick.

"Just wait, Mick. I'll be home soon enough and then I'll do what needs to be done. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be home soon." I said with a click as I looked at Sam.

"Everything alright?" He asked. The first thing everyone noticed on sight about Sam was that he blended in almost too well. The first thing people noticed about him when he spoke was that he sounded like he hadn't hit puberty yet even though he was in his late twenties.

"It was my neighbor. He wanted to let me know that someone's at my house and he couldn't tell who so he wanted to know if he should call the cops."

"And you want to make sure it's not... Your brother so you told him you would do whatever needs to be done?"

"Except for the brother part, yeah. He said it was a female at my place. There is someone I know who fits the description. I hate cutting out short, but I want to make sure my house isn't actually getting robbed or anything, y'know?" We both laughed. "I enjoyed your book, Sam. Can't wait to hear what you come up with next." I said, hugging him before taking off.

Sam is a good guy. His sister protected him when they were in school before she left for college, and when she left I kind of started looking after Sam. He spent a lot of time at my place because he didn't get along with his parents and mine were never home. Sam hates my brother, but by the time Sam ended up spending a lot of time at my house my brother was never there.

Sam is still a part of the gang and so is my brother, Devlin. Most of the gang members still keep in touch with me. Partly because I'm the only one who knows about them who isn't forced to spend time around them. When you're stuck around someone you can only take so much of that person or the people. Devlin is especially one of these cases. My brother doesn't know when to shut his mouth.

On my drive home all I can think about is if it's really Angeline trying to break into my house or not. She has a spare key to my house and shouldn't have to break in. She also knows I don't keep a hide-a-key anywhere around my house. I do have a spare key hidden somewhere in my car she knows, but my car has been with me.

I looked at my house before I turned onto my driveway. Angeline was sitting there on my porch, curled up in a ball and looking terrified. I got out and ran to her, keys in hand. "Angeline!" I called out to her. She half screamed as she took in a gulp of air and looked at me. I dropped down beside her and threw my jacket around her. "Angeline, what happened?"

"Y-y-you weren't here." She stuttered, shaking as I wrapped an arm around her.

"I know. I came home early because my neighbor called to say someone was here trying to get inside. He wanted to call the cops, but I said I'd handle things. Come on, let's go inside."

"Inside. Inside is safe." She whispered, just barely loud enough for me to hear her.

"Yes." I said, putting an arm around her back and under her arm to lift her as I stood, key in my right hand so I could open the door.