The next day, Lexi was still out with her cold, so Stephanie sat with Alan and Luke during lunch.

"Lexi's cold was getting worse," said Luke.

"Really?" asked Stephanie.

"Her mom's taking her to the doctor's," said Luke.

"I do recall she usually gets the flu every year, especially after a flu shot," said Stephanie. "I bet she has that again and she misses school for three to four days. I'll have to go see her after school."

She did that all the time. Most of the time, if she sees Lexi was sleeping, Stephanie would just drop the homework off and leave there. After lunch, the principal spotted Stephanie.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" asked the principal.

"Sure. Is it about Lexi?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes," said the principal as they went to sit down. "She has a flu."

"I had a feeling. She gets it every year," said Stephanie.

"Your mom wanted me to ask you if you can bring homework to her," said the principal.

"Sure, I don't mind. I can get it after school like I've done before," said Stephanie. "Teachers would say she don't have to rush if she's not up for it."

"Any finished work, you can bring it to school to save Lexi time. You've done it before," said the principal.

"Of course," said Stephanie.

"Thank you," said the principal.

"Anytime," said Stephanie. "How long will she be out from school?"

"It could be three to four days or until she's better," said the principal.

"Alright," said Stephanie.

"I already told your teacher you would be a few minutes late so I can talk to you," said the principal as he wrote a pass and gave it to her. "I'll still give you a pass."

"Okay," said Stephanie.

After they finished talking, she left for school. She showed the teacher a pass.

"Thank you," said the teacher.

She threw it out and went to sit at her desk.

"I'll gather Lexi's homework after school," said Stephanie.

"I got notified by the principal. I'll get all that ready," said the teacher.

"Okay," said Stephanie.

Later, after school, she went to gather all of her homework and went to bring it to Lexi's. Alan was with Stephanie.

"I'll be right back out," said Stephanie while she rang the doorbell.

"Okay," said Alan.

Mrs. Cooper, who was off, came to answer the door.

"Oh, good. You got her homework," said Mrs. Cooper.

"I knew right away when the principal told me she had the flu. She always seem to get that after a flu shot," said Stephanie.

"I know. She's thinking about stop getting them," said Mrs. Cooper.

"I don't blame if she wants to do that," said Stephanie. "I have no problem when I get mine done."

"And, I told Mason to keep the younger kids until I get out from work to let Lexi rest," said Mrs. Cooper.

"Best thing to do," said Stephanie.

"They'll still be with him even though I'm off. He said he'll be happy to keep them for a few days until Lexi is better," said Mrs. Cooper.

"Do you plan to do it that way?" asked Stephanie.

"I told them I think that would be a better idea," said Mrs. Cooper. "It's still the same school distance, so I'm not worried about it. I called the bus company to get them from his house since they bring them there after school. I told them I'll call when Lexi is better. They'll start doing it tomorrow. I got their bags packed. Do you mind bringing that to his house?"

"Of course," said Stephanie.

"Thanks. Come in so you can drop the homework to Lexi. She's resting. You can bring it in her room while I finish doing packing their things," said Mrs. Cooper.

"Okay, deal," said Stephanie.

"Alan come in, too," said Mrs. cooper.

"Okay, thanks," said Alan.

They went in.

"I'll be quick," Stephanie told Alan.

"Take your time," said Alan.

"Did they give you all of her homework?" asked Mrs. Cooper.

"They told me they made a list of all assignments to save time," said Stephanie.

"Good idea," said Mrs. Cooper while Stephanie went to Lexi's room to bring her homework and came back out.

Then, a few minutes later, Mrs. Cooper brought all of the kids' bags.

"I'll let Mason know that you'll be stopping by to bring the overnight bags," said Mrs. Cooper.

"Okay," said Stephanie.

"Thank you for your help," said Mrs. Cooper.

"I'll help her, too," said Alan.

"That's fine. Thank you, Alan," said Mrs. Cooper. "I'll let Mason know on that as well. I'll call him when you guys leave here."

They left to do that.

"It was better to do it this way," said Stephanie.

"I agree," said Alan.

They got there ten minutes later.

"Kelsey told me you kids would be bringing the bags here," said Mr. Cooper.

"Yes," said Stephanie. "Alan offered to help."

"Thank you, kids," said Mr. Cooper.

"No problem," said Stephanie.

They brought the bags to the kids' rooms.

Then, they left for home.

"If you're not going to the wake, you can hang out at my house," said Alan.

"Okay," said Stephanie.

"Unless if Lexi's better by then," said Alan.

"Even if she did, her mom may want her to take it slow for the weekend," said Stephanie.

"You got a good point," said Alan.

At home, Stephanie did some homework. She didn't had much, so it didn't take her time to finish it.

Later, at dinner, Stephanie said, "The principal spotted me to tell me that Lexi has the flu."

"Wow. That's what she gets," said Miranda.

"Yes. Mrs. Cooper had him ask me to bring her homework, so I did that after school. The teachers put a list of assignments to make it easier."

"That was a good idea," said Miranda.

"I know. The younger ones will be with their father for a few days until Lexi gets better," said Stephanie. "Mrs. Cooper asked me to bring the kids' bags to his place."

"Good," said her mom.

"Alan was with me, so he offered to help out," said Stephanie.

"That was thoughtful of him," said Mark.

"I know. Mr. Cooper was thankful for it," said Stephanie.

"That's a good thing," said Kate.

"Alan said we can hang out at his house while you're at the wake," said Stephanie. "I rather be at his house than attending the wake. It would still be too painful."

"That's fine," said Miranda.

"Because if Lexi was better before the wake, I am sure her mom may want her to rest for the weekend," said Stephanie.

"I agree," said Miranda.

After dinner, the phone rang as Stephanie answered. "Hello."

"Hi. Mom was telling me Alan helped you out today," said Lexi.

"He offered to bring the bags to your father's," said Stephanie. "I'm thankful."

"Me, too," said Lexi. "Tell him that I said thank you."

"I will," said Stephanie. "I was told you might stop getting the shots."

"Yes. I am so tired getting the flu after the shot," said Lexi. "I'll make that decision before my physical next year. Mom gets all of us done before the new school year."

"That makes sense," said Stephanie.

"None of my siblings get a flu after their shots," said Lexi.

"Have you thought about stopping before?" asked Stephanie.

"Honestly, not until now," said Lexi.

"I don't blame you if stopping is what you want to do," said Stephanie.

"Neither did Mom," said Lexi.

"Before I forget, Mark wants me to thank you when I told him you felt bad for him," said Stephanie.

"Good. I'll pray for him," said Lexi.

"He hasn't heard about the arrangements yet," said Stephanie.

"Where will Shawn be buried? Will it be here where he grew up like your grandfather?" asked Lexi.

"I'm not sure," said Stephanie.

"I bet Shawn requested to do so," said Lexi.

"I think so, too," said Stephanie.

After they had a long talk, she went to get ready for bed. Mark had a text saying Shawn will be cremated.

"Lexi just asked me about it. I didn't had a clue," said Stephanie.

"He also wanted to have a mass here," said Mark.

"She said she'll be praying for you," said Stephanie.

"The worst part is that the family had no life insurance," said Mark.

"That's not good," said Stephanie.

"But his parents had enough money for the cremation. He just wants a memorial mass and wants the ashes to spread on the beach," said Mark.

"Cremation is cheaper," said Stephen.

"I rather be buried," said Stephanie.

"Me, too," said Mark as his brother agreed.

At 10:00 pm, they all went to bed.