My heart skipped a beat. I had to be hearing things. There was no possible way I was hearing Tate's panicked voice on the other end of the phone. There was no possible way-

"Amilee!? Are you there!?"

Fresh tears instantly pooled in my eyes. There was that voice again, calling out to me. It was as if just hearing his voice, real or not, undid me. I pressed the phone closer against my ear as if that could make me feel him through the phone. "Tate..." I whispered in desperation.

"Oh my god.. babe..." I heard his voice crack.

I lost it.

An ugly sob escaped my throat. His voice made me unravel and I couldn't help but let out all my fears. He was the one I trusted with my whole heart. "Tate, I'm so s-scared." I choked out. "Please- don't let them hurt me..." I sobbed again, realizing how stupid and pathetic that sounded. Never had I let panic fill my body in such a way. It wasn't me, but my terrified human instincts.

"Babe, answer me... Are you hurt?"

I tried to calm myself down, but it didn't work so well. I wanted to be in his arms right now, I wanted to feel protected and safe. "I-I'm okay. I'm not hurt." I told him through a slow sob.

"Good. I'm so glad to hear that." And his voice told the truth in that. "Now, listen carefully to me." I nodded out of habit. "Amilee, you need to answer me."

I swallowed hard as I was finally able to control myself and my emotions a little better. "Yes. I'm listening." I sniffed.

I heard Tate sigh in relief. "Okay, good. I know this isn't easy, trust me. But you have to listen to me so that I can get you safely back to me. Understand?"


"Alright. Now, we know where you are at-"

"Are you here then!?" I asked in hope. If he knew where I was at, then he had to be here and could come and-

"No. I'm not there, as badly as I want to be." My heart dropped. "Lee, we aren't dealing with some random thugs. These men are dangerous, and the whole situation is bigger than you and I both. Ryan is working on a plan to get you out safely. But you have to be strong and trust Ryan to work this out. Just like I have to trust him."

I was confused. What did Ryan have to do with all of this? What was Ryan trying to do? What could he do!?

"I don't understand, but I will do as you say. I trust you." Silence filled the phone line and I started to feel dread again. "Tate?"

"My god, Amilee... I should have been there-"

I forced myself to bring back any strength I had left in me. "Tate Michael Anderson, don't you dare." I warned him. We were both scared shitless, and we both had things to say. But some weren't meant to be for now. I already had wasted precious time with a few empty words. We needed to focus. "I will do my best to stay strong for now, and you must do the same in return. We-"

With a sudden pull, the man before us yanked the phone away from me. My eyes went wide. "No!" I tried reaching for it, but he glared at me, backing away. He then put the phone to his ear. "Time's up." Without waiting for a reply, he ended the phone call. Tears threatened again. I didn't even get to say goodbye... or tell him that I loved him...

"Pull yourself together. You are to see the boss in five."

I leaned back and rested slightly against David. I knew if he wasn't hurt, he would have wrapped and arm around me to try and comfort me, but we both were scared of what was about to happen. "You have to try and stay strong..." I replayed the words in my head. Yes. I had to try and stay strong.

Or David and I would be killed and I would never get to see Tate's face ever again.

I couldn't let that happen.

"Get up." the brown eyed man demanded as he stood back up to his full height. Was this man one of them? If he was, then why would he have let Tate talk to me? Was this a part of their evil plan? I looked over to David who grunted in pain as he moved slightly. His eyes went straight to me and I saw the protective side of him want to keep me from going, but he knew he couldn't do anything in the state that he was in.

"He can't move without help." I stated back bitterly. "And I'm not going without him."

Who knew what they would do to him if I left him alone...

"Amilee-" David started to say when the man came over and narrowed his eyes even more.

"You don't want us to be late to see the boss." he threatened, "Or you'll regret it even more."

I narrowed my own eyes, finding strength I didn't know I had. "Then help me carry him."

The man looked annoyed, yet he didn't seem to argue more. His eyes grazed over to David and he cursed under his breath. Without another word, the man reached down, not so nicely, and used David's good arm to pull him up. David gritted his teeth in pain but helped as much as he could. I quickly grabbed onto him and helped to keep him steady on his feet. It took a moment, but David finally was able to walk forward as his good arm was thrown over the man's shoulders for support.

We ended up walking through different hallways until finally we made it to a larger room. Once inside I couldn't help but look around. This one was pretty empty, but with a large oak desk sitting in the middle of it and two chairs in front of it. There was only a small window in the room, while all the walls and floor were cement.

Almost as if the room was sound proof.

I swallowed hard at the thought.

No one else was in the room yet. We got David to a chair and the man practically threw him into it. David groaned out in pain and I sent the man a nasty glare. My attention then went to David instead of my pounding heart. "You alright?"

He chuckled painfully. "I've been better." he answered me sarcastically.

Before I knew it, the man come up behind me and grabbed my shoulders, forcing me away from David and into the second chair. I gasped and looked at him with wide eyes. "Keep your ass glued to that seat. If you even think about moving while the boss enters, You'll be shot on the spot. Understand?"

Oh god.

"Yes." I whispered feeling the fear rise up again. Right now my emotions were taking on a freaking rollercoaster and I desperately wanted to get off and stay in control.

The man looked at David but quickly bypassed him, not finding him a threat. Once he sent me another bone chilling glare, he walked towards the door and opened it as if he knew someone was there. I hadn't heard anyone knock, but to my surprise, in walked five large men. I couldn't help but turn my head and watch each one of them enter. The first two were large and also in suits. You would think that they were the mob or something.

That made me even sicker to my stomach.

My father was notorious for getting involved with the worst people. Guess a mob was right up that alley, huh? I scanned the two men but they acted as if I didn't exist and walked to each side of the door. Now they stood like guards did. The next man that walked through threw me off a bit. For some reason, he didn't give me the creeps. He was tall and not as buff at the others, but he looked just as dangerous. The way he walked told me he didn't look as big, but he wasn't weak by any means. I found myself looking over his black hair and followed it down till I found his blue eyes which were focused intently on my own grey eyes-

Oh my god...

Those eyes... I blinked again and made sure I wasn't seeing things. I swear, those eyes belonged to none other than Ryan Scott. But that couldn't be... his eyes were green and his hair was blonde. Yet here was a black haired, blue eyed version of him. His eyes flashed at me for a splint second and I found myself holding my breath. It didn't last long though as he looked away and saw David sitting in the chair beside me. His eyes narrowed with disgust.

Okay, maybe I was seeing things. I had never seen Ryan give off such a look before. It couldn't be him.

The man who reminded me of Ryan walked by and towards the desk in front of us. I couldn't help but look and see the last two. If I had any hope of that I was getting out of here alive, and that Ryan was possibly in the room, that all faded as soon as I saw him.

The tall man with that same dark evil look in his eyes, with a smirk plastered on his twisted face. As soon as his eyes found me he seemed to come alive with sickening joy. I wanted to do nothing more than to crawl into a black hole right then and be as far away from him as possible. My stomach went into knots and I felt bile rise into the back of my throat.

"Lee." I heard David's voice call to me suddenly. I couldn't move though. I couldn't move in fear that the man would see me move and would attack me like I was his prey. Because that's how I felt right now. Like prey.

As he moved off to the side the last man walked in. He was older but his body was in good shape. His own dark eyes were hooded in power, with his facial features sharp. He didn't look at me though, he only walked passed us and to the chair on the other side of the desk. I swallowed hard as the evil man, whoever he was, came and walked by me.

"Good to see you again, doll."

I felt the bile come up again and this time I almost bent over and let it out. Luckily, I caught myself and forced myself to hold it down. I didn't say anything.

The older man, now cleared his throat. The whole room focused on him in that instant. All words stopped. It was as if all the men here were wolves in a pack and he was the alpha. This wasn't good.

His dark eyes finally looked in my direction and fell upon my form. I froze. "So you're Hunt's daughter." It didn't seem like a question I needed to answer. So I kept my mouth shut. His eyes studied me closely for a moment before narrowing. "He owed me a lot of money, Miss Hunt."

I almost corrected him. I'm glad I caught myself, but it still felt strange. I had been going by the name 'Anderson' for quite some time now. Hearing someone refer me to my soon to be maiden name made me a bit sad.

But it still was my name.

"You see, I run a business. You, having worked as a secretary for quite some time, should understand that I have to keep certain... 'rules' in place for my business to succeed. So just because someone dies, doesn't mean their debt goes unnoticed." he loosened up the bottom of his sleeves on his suit jacket. "We had an agreement, and sadly you didn't comply."

"I would hardly call that an agreement." I finally spoke, flabbergasted by this man. Did he really think that we had an agreement? Did he really think that I agreed to pay that money to him so suddenly and at gunpoint?

Holding me a gun point didn't get me any closer to having that much money.

With my words finally coming out, he raised his brows in surprise. "A feisty little one, aren't you?" I didn't reply. His eyes then narrowed. "Felix here will have to fix that."

Felix. With that name spoken, the man I dreaded even being in the same room with took a step closer to me. Ryan's twin didn't say or move a muscle. Surprisingly, it was David who spoke up. "Don't touch her!" he snapped venomously.

Felix stopped and narrowed his eyes at David. The suddenly, he looked towards the boss man, and the boss just nodded. A sickening grin then grew on his face. What was he going to do!? With a few strides, Felix was now in front of David. His hand reached into his pocket and pulled out a small knife. My eyes went wide and before I could even yell for him to stop, Felix had flipped the knife and stabbed it into the top of David's thigh. He screamed out in pain.

"David!" I cried, not believing what I just saw. "You sick son a bitch!" I yelled at him, starting to get up from my chair. But it failed instantly as a pair of large hands grabbed my shoulders and shoved me back down.

"I told you to keep your pretty little ass in the chair." growled the man who had brought us here. I heard David groan out in pain once again as Felix removed the knife from him leg. Tears pooled in my eyes as I saw David's face turn pale and twisted with pain. His pants now starting to stain with fresh blood.

Felix rose and used a cloth to wipe the knife off. He acted as if he did this sort of thing everyday. Once he deemed it clean enough, he put it back into its holder in his pocket. "Now why exactly, Clyde, did you bring the rat here with Miss Hunt in the first place? You were instructed to bring her here. Not both of them." Their boss asked. The hands on my shoulders tensed. So his name was Clyde.

His deep voice spoke behind me. "She wouldn't come without him."

The boss' eyes then narrowed slightly at Clyde. "I didn't realize we took orders from our hostages." an annoyed sigh then left his lips. "Shame really."

Clyde's hand instantly came off of my shoulders and I heard him take a few steps away from me. "No, Boss, please! It was a mistake! I'll never do it again!"

Felix without any prompting, reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a gun. I froze. No, I didn't want to see anyone be killed!

My brain wanted to shut down. I started to feel like I was watching a movie. Was this even real? Was this really happening!? When a sudden loud gun shot went off, that pulled me back to reality. I jumped and covered my ears. It all happened so fast. I shut my eyes and didn't want to open them. But when I started hearing arguing, I dared myself to do so.

"What the fuck!?" I heard Felix's voice snarl. "Who the hell are you!?" he demanded to know with a growl. I opened my eyes and couldn't help but stare in disbelief at the sight before me. There was Ryan's twin, with a gun in each hand, one pointed at Felix and the other at the Boss.

"My name isn't important, but what is important, is if you want to live, you'll let Miss Hunt go." Tears welled in my eyes. That voice belonged to Ryan. It had to be Ryan. There was no mistaking it. But what on earth was he doing here!?

"In my previous line of work, I wasn't able to get close to anyone. Doing so would only put them in danger." The words Ryan told me the day of the fancy dinner ran through my head. He wasn't lying about that.

"Damn it! You shot me!" Clyde groaned in pain as he laid on the floor holding his shoulder.

"Better your shoulder than your heart." Ryan calmly replied.

"You won't get away with this!" Felix hissed, and the Boss then used his hand to motion for the two guys at the doors to pull our their guns. My eyes quickly shot to them, but I couldn't believe my eyes as they both suddenly began to fall to their knees, and then down to the ground. They weren't moving.

But they hadn't been touched!

"It's no use. It's over." Ryan stated.

Suddenly we heard a lot of footsteps running towards the door of the room. Felix took that moment to slowly back up his his hands up in front of him, the gun still in one hand. Ryan didn't budge. "Drop the gun, Felix Barrello."

He continued to move back slightly. I noticed he was getting closer to me. I quickly stood and tried to get by him so that he wouldn't back into me and I had made a huge mistake.

With a swift movement, Felix's arm and grabbed me and threw my body in front of him. The gun now aimed at my head. His other arm was wrapped around my neck, holding me in place. As if this was a bad enough movie as it was. My eyes went wide in fear as I looked straight at Ryan.

His own eyes narrowed slightly but didn't show any fear. Who was this Ryan look alike!? This wasn't the Ryan I know at all! "I don't know who the hell you are, but if you want this doll to live, which I'm pretty sure you do for some unknown reason, then you'll drop the gun." Felix demanded.

Suddenly the door busted open and a whole group of SWAT team members flooded the room. They all began yelling at the Boss and at Felix. They left Ryan alone though. Quickly some grabbed Clyde and dragged him out of the room. Then they went over and grabbed David. I would have sighed in relief if it wasn't for the fact that I was now being held at gun point by a mad man, and there was a more than twenty guns now aiming at said mad man.

Who was freaking behind me!

I stayed stiff and closed my eyes in fear as Felix leaned his head over and smelled my hair. I tried pulling away and felt the tug of Felix become stronger. I finally looked over at Ryan. I could only imagine he was taunting Ryan as I finally saw a flash of anger slip into his eyes. It was gone a second later, but I saw it.

The Boss man didn't move, accepting defeat as multiple guns pointed at his chest. It seems as if only Felix didn't know when to give up.

"Put the fucking gun down! All of you!" Felix roared again.

Ryan held his gaze. "Not happening."

The barrel of the gun pressed harder into my temple, making a fearful cry escape my throat. I was trying to best to stay in control but hell, I was probably going to die. I've seen the movies, and that was all fake. This was real life. My chances of making it out alive was slim to none. There was only so much strength I could pull from, and I was failing fast.

"Ryan..." I whispered as my tears rejected my plea to stay hidden.

"Let her go!" Ryan's voice suddenly became angry and I knew he was losing his cool as well.

Oh god, this wasn't going to end well. Think Amilee! Think! What should I do!? Was there anything I could do!? Probably not. I was probably going to make things worse as I always did. I struggled for a moment, but then suddenly a thought came to my mind.

I was scared shitless. And It was probably the stupidest idea I ever had. I was more than likely going to get someone shot, or myself killed.

But would I be able to live with myself if I didn't try!?

I was tired of being afraid of everything. Tired of being rejected or hurt. Hell, I was a different person now that I had Tate and Ryan by my side. Tate had made me more confident. He had made me feel more beautiful and more valuable than I had ever felt before.

He made me believe I could do anything.

I finally had a true friend in both him and Ryan. They both believed in me. Plus I always wanted to prove to my mother and especially my father that I was made to do great things. I was able to do more than they thought possible.

So where was this strong woman?

I dug down deep into my heart and tried to grasp it. I had to do something. And I guess I didn't have anything to lose but my life.

I took a deep breath and before I lost my nerve I pulled my leg forward as best as I could and with one swift movement I threw my foot back and hoped that I would hit my target. A second later I heard a loud grunt as Felix's arm quickly loosened up from around my neck. I threw his arm away from me before he realized what I was doing and I threw myself to the floor.

Gun shot after gun shot went off in the room.

Ryan's POV:

It was over. It was finally over.

I groaned out in pain as I took a deep breath. The sharp pain that filled my chest brought the familiar feeling of being shot back to my memory. God I didn't miss this.

My back was against the wall as I sat on the floor. I focused on breathing smaller breaths so it wouldn't hurt as bad. My eyes then went over and searched for the future Mrs. Anderson. On the floor with arms covering her head, laid Amilee. She wasn't moving.

My stomach dropped.

"Amilee!?" I called out in fear. It was as if the room went silent and everyone in the room froze. Yet, the squad was collecting Marino, the Boss of them all, and Felix's dead body. Oh god, please not her-

I let out a sigh in relief as her arms slowly moved and her head lifted so I could see her tear stained face. Those grey eyes that Tate had fallen for came to meet my blue contacts. "Ryan!?" She choked out, followed by her seeing the place in my shirt where I got shot. Her eyes went wide in fear and without any prompting she got up and ran over to me.

That made me feel better knowing that she didn't seem hurt.

Once on her knees before me, her face full of concern, she studied my face and then the hole in my shirt. "Oh god Ryan..."

"I'm okay." I told her.

"But you've been shot-"

"I have a vest on." I explained. "I'm sure I have some bruised ribs. They just hurt like a bitch." I chuckled slightly causing me to groan again as my chest throbbed. That didn't seem to ease her worried soul. I studied her for a moment before I lifted my hand up to gently touch her cheek. "You're not hurt?" I asked her gently.

I saw her eyes start to fill with tears again. She softly shook her head 'no'. We both had just faced death's door again. We were lucky enough to come out alive. I knew she was still terrified. I was amazed she even had the strength to try and kick him as she did. Tate had grasped a very amazing woman, that was for sure. And I had grown to love her as well, like a sister. Just knowing she was unharmed and out of danger made the weight on my shoulders lighter.

"Come here." I called to her and she understood. Gently I pulled her to my chest where she buried her head as sobs began to rack her small body. I ignored the pain as best as I could as I wrapped my arm around and used the other one to gently stroke her hair. "It's all okay now, Lee." I swallowed hard. "You're safe now."

Tate's POV:

All I felt was anxiety. Never had I felt such fear before. Even when my dad beat me, or I found my trailer up in flames...

It wasn't anything like this. It was close, don't get me wrong, but the fear of a child's memory compared to that of a man possibly losing the woman he loved was deadly. It was terrifying. I still was lost in how to feel or how to act. You'd think you'd know how to react or feel during such a situation, but until you are in it for real, you don't really know.

Not to mention I felt so helpless. I couldn't do anything to save her. I had to trust someone else to bring her to me. To rescue her. I couldn't be her knight in shining armor this time. The one time it means the most.

I was weak.

Now here I was, sitting in a chair in the central command of the CIA's building. I hadn't even known this existed right under my nose this entire time. Ryan had been gone for quite some time and all I could hear over people talking was that there were shots fired.

Nothing else was mentioned.

I felt so sick to my stomach. I hadn't slept or eaten in almost two days. But how could I if Amilee was being held captive? What if she was injured, or those men had touched her, or what if she was kil-


My head snapped up and out of my thoughts. My eyes immediately went to the source of that angelic voice. My eyes went wide.

"Amilee?!" I asked in disbelief. There stood my hearts desire. She looked so disheveled. Here eyes were puffy, her nose red, her cheeks were pale. Her body was wrapped in blanket to keep warm. Her hair was down and everywhere in a desperate need of a brush. She looked terrible.

She was so beautiful.

I couldn't feel my legs, but I stood anyways. My mind had to be playing tricks on me. I couldn't remove my eyes from the those grey eyes that belonged to me. "Tate!" she cried out and dropped the blanket instantly and ran towards me. I couldn't move, but that didn't matter. Amilee ran straight into my arms.

As soon as her body came into contact with mine, all feeling returned to me. The waves of emotions that I didn't know I had came flooding out. I threw my arms around her and crushed her small frame into me. Her arms held onto me for dear life as her head rested against my chest. "Thank you God." I whispered. I wasn't a praying kind of guy, but I sure as hell prayed my heart and soul out. My chest felt tight and I fought off the prickling feeling behind my eyes. Amilee did enough crying for us both. I was just trying to stay standing while in shock that she really was back in my arms again. Alive.

Soon, just holding her wasn't enough. I need to see her, feel her more, taste her lips, make sure she wasn't hurt.

I slowly pulled back and reached up to her face. Both my hands cupped her cheeks and lifted her face to look up at me. Her tear stained face and exhausted grey eyes showed me just how terrified she must have been. My heart ached that she went through such things.

My eyes followed the path of the tears down until my eyes found her lips. No words came. I threw my head down and pressed my lips to hers desperately. The feeling of her soft lips mixed with the salty tears made another wave of emotions flood my body. Amilee didn't hesitate as she pressed into the kiss herself, returning it. I could feel her need, just as much as I did.

After a few minutes, which felt like seconds, we both pulled back slightly to catch our breath. I leaned my forehead against hers, still needing to feel her close. "Are you hurt?" I asked her in a whisper.

"No." she replied just a softly. Both of our eyes were closed. I could feel her breath against my lips and it made me want to kiss her all over again. "I probably look like a mess though."

I pulled back and opened my eyes to study her face again. "You are more beautiful than I even remember." Her eyes instantly softened. Her hand came up and gently traced over my scar and then went up to run through my hair. I groaned lightly, enjoying her touch.

"You look terrible though." she spoke and I found myself smirking as she chuckled lightly. Just seeing a small smile on her face made me feel so much better. It was a sign that even though we had just been through hell, her more so than I, that we would be okay.

"Now that you've had your make out session, I'd like some attention. Damn, I did take a bullet for your woman and all." Ryan's voice suddenly broke into our little world. I looked at him. Did he say he got shot!?

Taking a step back from Amilee I moved towards him. "You were shot!?" I asked, serious.

He looked tired as well. Surprisingly looking untouched as he walked slowly towards us, but you could just tell by the look in his eyes he was impacted by all of this. "Eh, it's not the first time. Luckily I had a vest this time. So no need to buy me flowers."

Him and his sarcasm. He was the only one I knew that just went through saving Amilee and got shot, and came out joking like nothing happened.

"No worries, I wouldn't have gotten you flowers anyways."

Ryan held his chest, acting hurt. "Ouch. That hurt worse than the bullet did. I was hoping to have moved up to best friend status at least."

This idiot.

I walked right up to him and held out a hand to him. He looked down at it and took it. When he looked back up, I felt the overwhelming need to tell him thank you. Yet, I didn't really know how to in a way that would express how much I really was thankful. I said the only thing I could think of. "Not best friend status." I watched him raise a brow, a bit taken back. "Official family status." I finished.

The glint of happiness that flashed in his eyes for a moment told me I had made my point. A smirk grew on his face and he nodded. "I'll take it." Then I did something I would only do with my brother. I pulled him in and hugged him. I was surprising myself and him. But then he suddenly groaned. "Damn it Tate! Just because I was wearing a vest doesn't mean I'm not in pain! I did get shot after all!"

"I'm sure you've been through worse." I told him pulling back. He didn't say anything, but the smirk on his face told me I was right.

Amilee came closer and leaned into me and my arm naturally wrapped around her.

With us three alive and well, and coming out of this stronger together, I was as if a weight was lifted off all of our shoulders and we could finally take a deep breath. We still had a lot to go through, but in this moment, we finally felt free.

Author's Note:

I'm finally starting to get my motivation back for this. I love Tate and Amilee, and I've come to love Ryan just as much! He has grown on me so much! I wanted him to be a good part of this story, but he grew into even more than I imagined! I had to show some of his badass self and also leave more of a mystery about him. Haha! Who knew what his exact job was in the CIA or in his past. But that was only a small little glimpse into him. There is a whole world inside of him! Ugh! If only his full story would open to me, then maybe I'd have a second part to this! Maybe! Haha!

But I'm so glad Tate and Lee are back together. There are more challenges they will have to face, but this only has made them stronger.

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