A/N: So this story came to me when I was listening to a song. It has been a long time since I visited my character, Lana. I was happy to write this little one-shot and I hope you guys enjoy it too. If you want, listen to the song while you read.

Song: Let Her Go (Cover done by Jasmine Thompson)

Rain started to fall as a father and his daughter sat down. The father, Ryan, knew why his daughter, Lana, was here. It was the same reason she came every week. "Why did you leave mom and us?" She asked.

Ryan smiled sadly. He knew he would have to answer. She and her sister deserved real answers. He looked at her. "I knew I really only loved her when I let her go."


Ryan watched as Miomi walked away. He felt his heart break. He wanted to run after her but he couldn't move. He knew he had only chose her after his real love broke his heart but he never truly loved her. Or that is at least what he thought.

He jumped when April sat down and smiled at him. Now we can raise our two girls together. We can be a family again." She cheered.

&End Flashback&

His mind came back as he felt his daughter shaking him. He looked at her and could see her tears. "What actually happened between you guys?" She asked.

"That is something we will never tell you. That is between your mother and me." He snapped.

"Why?! Don't Cyndia and I factor in there somewhere?!" Lana snapped back.

Ryan stayed quiet. He knew he really couldn't say he was her father so she had to do something. He left when she was only four and Cyndia was two. He left them for a family that he had only learned about.


Ryan felt like someone had killed him then brought him back to life. April grabbed his hands. "Did you hear me? You have a three year old daughter. She was conceived the night before your wedding but it took forever for me to track you down. I also have a two year old. I have you missed you and want you back. Please come back. I made a huge mistake choosing Greg over you" She told him.

&End Flashback&

To get with the one he truly loved, he broke Miomi's heart and abandoned his other two daughters. He took in his other daughter, Becky and his adopted daughter, May.

He was with April for two years before she passed away due to a car accident. Becky and May became his life after that. He remembered hearing about Miomi's disappearance but he still didn't even think of Lana or Cyndia.

Lana glared at him then sighed. "Mom never stopped loving you. She never hated you for leaving because she expected it. I have always hated that you hurt her so bad but she let it go."

Ryan felt some hope. He knew he truly loved Miomi. He always had but it was only visible to him once he let her go. He just never believed it till the first time his daughter came to him.

"I don't know what happened between you two and while it pisses me off that no one will tell me, I will tell you that mom is back. She...Magic happened and she came back a few years ago."

Ryan grabbed Lana's hands. "I know you hate me. I know I made mistakes but I really love your mother and I would love to get to know Cyndia and you."

Lana snatched her hands back. "You say you knew you only loved her when you let her go, so why did you never chase after her? Did you love her so much to fix your mistakes? I never should have come here. I just wanted to see mom to have happiness all the time. Not just when she thinks Cyndia and I can't see or hear her"

Ryan watched as Lana stood up and started to walk away. He remembered Miomi and couldn't loose this chance again. He got up and ran to grab Lana's hand. "I only knew I loved her when I let her go. I have never stopped and I never will.

Lana looked at him and gave a little smile. "Then chase after her. It is never to late. Don't let her go again" She whispered.

Lana gave him her number then left. Ryan felt himself fill with happiness. "I never will let her go again" He said to himself.