It's my senior year of college, and between my classes and my job, I haven't found the time to write as much as I would like, not even fanfiction (my usual fare). So, I've issued a little challenge to myself: I'm doing 31 days of Halloween. Each day of the month of October, I'm going to publish something horror-esque on this site; poems and short stories. Some days will have pretty short publications, while I work on longer ones at the same time. I also have 2-3 ready to go for days that get too busy. So, sit back, relax, and let me know if you get scared. Critiques welcome as well.

The Ghosts Of White Wood

By EmmaJ

Don't go near the woods my dear,

For many have ne'er returned.

In the dark, strange things happen there,

At the hands of the souls who have been spurned.

Our forefathers and mothers are to blame,

For the thousands of corpses that occupy,

The vast forest that surrounds our little town,

Of the tiny baby girls left out there to die.

Way back when our town was young,

And our settlement had yet to thrive

Only a single girl born after a boy,

Was allowed to stay alive.

The mother would look away,

The father would wrap up tight,

And the babe would be whisked from view,

Taken deep into the White Woods at night.

Any man or woman grown,

Who wanders through the woods once dark,

Are driven mad by their cries of woe,

And beat their heads into the bark.

For children it is worse,

For they're what the specters couldn't be.

They lead the young ones far astray,

Ne'er more for their parents to see.

Many have been taken,

Their bodies never found,

The little white hands take hold of theirs,

And they're spirited away without a sound.

Don't go near the woods my dear,

Oh, that you ever should,

For you'll be lost forever,

To the vengeful Ghosts of White Wood.