Pitter-patter pitter-patter pitter…

I ignore the chill creeping up my spine, as I walk slowly towards my house. I like the sensation of a thousand ants crawling down my body, the feeling of being in the rain. My shoes make an occasional flipping sound against the wet pavement. I think about the umbrella sitting innocently in my bag, but I still don't take it out. I love the rain.

As I near my residence, I see my dad waving someone goodbye from the front door. I quickly duck in an alley, peeking out to see the stranger leaving my house. I try not to whimper when I see Derek come out of the gate and make his way in the opposite direction. As soon as he is out of sight, I run towards my house. Dad is just closing the door when he sees me. My step-dad gives me a hesitant smile and beckons me in. I get in quietly and hurry up the stairs, slipping in my room. I close the door and heave a sigh. That was a close escape.

It is still raining outside, and I am still drenched. I quickly drop my bag and open my window. I jump out of the window ledge and crawl precariously down the big branch. I reach the end of the branch and sit down, my legs hanging from both sides, my back leaning against the tree. The leaves provide a temporary shelter, with raindrops still falling. No one can see me up here, the branches are too thick and the leaves are too many, except for someone who walks down the alley towards my left. And someone does.

It's Derek's car, and as he turns to look towards my house, he notices me. He waves at me, and smiles, as though it is completely normal to see a teenager sitting on a tree during the raining season.

I don't even wait for a second to climb back in my room, where I get under my covers. I am wetting the whole bed, my clothes dripping with water. I clutch the covers and try to forget.