'Be the first to live in the new town of Prop made by the all-time famous Paganda!' is what I can see off the billboard just outside of my apartment window. I just recently moved in with my boyfriend, Kyle. I roll my eyes at this site. I can't believe people will actually fall for this crap. It's nothing but scams.

"Honestly Kyle do you see this?" I say. Kyle walks near me and looks out of the window.

"Let's move there! It looks really exciting! I will go look it up now!" He says excitedly and runs to his computer. I roll my eyes once again. I walk behind him and look at the school. 'All we need is fifty thousand people to be this new town. We are only 100 short! Rent is completely free, all you need to do is watch one commercial every day.'

"I guess it's not that bad. Why don't we go and take a shot at it." I suggest.

***a week later***

We drive into Prop and I immediately notice all the houses are the same. Our stuff was already moved here this morning. 49976 is our house number. I guess it corresponds with the number we were as "signed up" in.

Once we got settled in, Kyle and I sat on the couch and all of a sudden the commercial was on. Our tv was off and then it just turned on. It was fairly creepy I must say.

"Welcome to the year 2843. This is the new age wear no one should pay rent or be bothered with troubling neighbors. Here at Prop by Paganda, we believe everyone should be the same, then we will have no problems in our society. Men should dress alike in khaki pants and a polo. Women should always wear dresses. We want to keep it classy here in Prop." The commercial said as it continued to show the town. I think this is weird, but when I looked at Kyle I noticed her was really into it.

The next week was the same thing, over and over again. Things started to get weird after the first week though. Everyone started to dress the same. The way the commercials wanted us too. Everyone even got along.

That night before bed I went to kiss Kyle goodnight, but he turned away and said, "Here in Prop, we don't believe in affection." And went to bed. I did hear that in one of the commercials before. That is weird.

The next morning it was like the same, normal routine, for everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE, except me. I kept thinking throughout the night, what if something was going on in those commercial that brainwashed people. Why doesn't it affect me though? I try to act as normal as possible.

I walk outside and see Missy and John our neighbors. I walk over and try to cause an argument to see if either of them are normal like me. All they both said to me was, "Here in Prop, we do not cause confrontation with our neighbors." They walk back inside and I start to a buzzing sound. What is going on? About eight men in black uniforms that say Paganda on them rush in and push me into some building.

"Where am I? Why did you bring me here?" I ask repeatedly.

"Since you know about what is going on here, You will be removed from this area and your mind will be erased. No one is to find out about this." One of the men said.

"No what about Ky-"was all I could say before everything went black.