Once upon a time, there was a man named Don Key. He wasn't a very nice man and hated pretty much everyone. One day he was visiting a petting zoo. "Oh, that's nice; he's going to a child friendly zoo," said his elderly neighbor after he had asked her to make sure no one came near his lawn. What she didn't know was that he was really going to throw things at the animals, and maybe even the children.

While he was at the zoo, a llama was bitten by a radioactive fly. Since llamas are awesome, he didn't die, but instead started to freak out. The llama, named Stefano, went around biting at people, since the radioactivity made him crave human flesh. He was not successful until he finally bit mean old Don Key. Don Key, who was not an awesome llama, died almost immediately from the radioactive bite.

Don Key was mourned by many people, although I'm not sure why, I mean he was a jerk. Anyway, the angry man was sent back to earth, getting a second chance at life. This time, however, he was a llama. What?! He thought to himself. A llama? Is this some kind of sick joke?

Don the llama started developing llama tendencies and was fully immersed in being a llama. He lived a happy few years as a llama. When llama Don died, the world lost another amazing llama, but llama Don had been happy those years.