The Secret
by C.M. Lacey


After Kaori's bath, the girls came out in towels. Saya and Kaori didn't seem the least bit awkward by this fact, but Midori did. Aito could feel for her. She must really feel embarrassed with him around. So to be kind, he went into his newly arrived dresser, found some pajama for her to wear and offered them to her. Midori retreated in an instant to change into them, while everyone else started to eat the meal Aito had quickly made up while they were bathing.

When Midori came out Saya blushed. "It's weird seeing you in my brother's clothes."

"I'm sorry, Saya-chan. But I couldn't sit in a towel in front of him. I don't know him that well."

"I guess it is kind of rude…" Kaori was looking down at her own self, but made no attempted to change the situation.

Saya and Midori finished up their meals quickly. It was clear Saya wanted to take advantage of finally being able to be alone with Midori without having to worry about what others thought of them. Aito still was having troubles thinking about his sister acting so adult, but said nothing.

When they finished eating, the two of them retreated into Saya's new bed room. As if to rub it in Kaori's face, after she entered the room, she must have taken off her towel, as it came flying out the door before she slammed it shut. There was a muffled sound of giggles coming from the room after she did that. Kaori just rolled her eyes.

They sat on the cushion underneath the heated table, having nothing to do but stare at each other while they ate. It was odd. They both didn't really realize it until that moment, but they were on their own. The house was more-or-less empty and there wasn't a sound going on except the ones the preteens were making in Saya's room.

"We really are doing this, huh?" Kaori spoke after she had finished eating.

Aito stood up, collected the dishes and started to wash them in the sink. Kaori stood up and joined him in the kitchen, watching him. He liked it. It felt sort of right. There wasn't any pretense or stress. Well, other than him wondering just how far his sister was going to take things with Midori, that was.

"You know, it's like we're finally a real couple." Kaori spoke after a while, watching him finishing up with the dishes.

"We weren't before?" Aito teased her when he and Kaori returned back to the heated-table.

"Well, yeah we were, but not like this." Kaori spoke softly. "We don't have to hide anything. It's just us. If I want to I can shout 'I'm sleeping with my brother' and no one will care."

"I hope you don't get the urge to do that." Aito tried not to laugh at her. "My sister is still in the house, if you remember."

Kaori smirked, and looked a bit shy. "If I wasn't so tired, I'd take this towel off and-" Then she stopped. That unspoken thing they both had been thinking over crept into her mind. Even though they had done it since he had been violated by Keiko, it was more like a comforting version of sex. It wasn't meant to feel romantic, like usual. Kaori looked down, not wanting to remind him of what her mother did to him. "-sorry, I was being silly."

"No you're not." Aito told her. "You just want to be with me…"

"But… I don't want to hurt you like she did. Not again." Kaori was referring to Uta now.

He didn't know how to fix this. She was so scared of hurting him now. Perhaps she never saw him that vulnerable before and never thought of him as a weakling. He felt shame in himself for not being able to fight Keiko off better than he did. Now Kaori saw him as a coward.

"I'm sorry I didn't fight her off better." Aito murmured quietly. "I should have- I was just… I'm not that weak normally, I was so surprised…"

Kaori looked at him with a shocked expression. Apparently he had imaged all those things he was attributing to her. She walked over to him and hugged him, then kissed him. She wasn't doing it out of her own desires, she wanted to comfort him again. Part of him wanted to gave in and let her make him feel better like she did last time. But he knew he couldn't just let her do that to him all the time. She needed him to act like a man again.

"Hey. Let's go to our room." Aito pulled away.

"Are you sure?"

She was asking more about the sex than leaving the living room. He nodded to her. "It seems stupid to let Saya-chan have all the fun."

Kaori smirked. "It's not a competition."

"Tell her that."

Kaori smirked a small smile. She stood up, reached her hand down and pulled him up. Her towel loosened. Aito playfully ripped it off of her. She squealed and glanced at Saya's room. "Okay, you're getting a bit to playful in here."

Aito ran over to Saya's room, opened her door, threw Kaori's towel inside taking special care not to look inside, then slammed it shut. The girls inside squealed much like Kaori did. Kaori giggled and ran to her own room and shut the door. Aito chased after her. When he reached the door handle, Saya peaked out from her own room. Thankfully he could see a shirt over her shoulders which mean she had changed into her pajamas after she threw off her towel.

"Stop being gross, Onii-chan!"

"You're the one who started it." Aito pointed out.

"Well- well I'm going to make out with my girlfriend now, so don't come barging in anymore." Saya spoke with a red face.

"Same." Aito told her.


Aito laughed a bit. She shook her head and laughed a small laugh too. Somehow this was both gross and funny at the same time.

"Have fun kissing your sister." Saya had to get the last word in before she returned to her room.

Aito watched her leave, then opened the door to he and Kaori's room and came inside. She was sitting on the bed, hugging her mid-section looking rather nervous. He wondered what that was all about. After he shut the door behind him, he went over to the bed and took a seat beside her. She gave him a small smile, then leaned her head against his shoulder.

"I don't know why, but for some reason it's almost like the first time we did it. I suddenly feel a bit nervous."

"Are you afraid that I'm not ready yet?"

"Y-Yeah." Kaori stammered slightly. "I'm scared I'll hurt you."

"You won't."

"But… you can't know that. I'm such a-"

"You're not a slut." Aito told her sternly.

"Aito…" Kaori lifted her head from his shoulder and looked at him. "I don't ever want to hurt you. Not like she did. I don't ever want to be like that."

"Then don't." Aito told her simply. "And in return, I won't hurt you either.'

She took that in, then gave him a smile. "Well not too much. A little pain is okay."


"I thought you said I wasn't a slut." Kaori reminded him.

"There's a difference between a pervert and a slut." Aito reason rationally.

"No much." Kaori threw back. "But I guess I am a pervert."

Aito pulled her to her feet, then picked her up and sat her down on his lap so she was facing him. She willing did as she was told, without any hesitation on her face. He reached behind her neck and softly pulled her face down to his, then kissed her. Her arms wrapped around him, her fingers playing with his hair, kissing him the same delicate way she did before in the hotel room. She was still showing her control.

He spin her around and tossed her on her back on the bed, then climb on top of her. She squeal a bit from the abruptness of it, but her eyes sparked with that fire that always lingered. He lowered himself onto her and kissed her with passion. No more tenderness. He could get that from her later. He wanted her wild side now, and he knew that she needed him. They were finally a real couple. They could do what they wanted, when they wanted. He had everything he needed right there in that apartment.

"Take off your clothes, already." Kaori told him when he pulled around from their mad kissing.

"What no more foreplay?" Aito teased her a bit.

"I want you." Kaori said with no shame in her voice. "I want the real you."

And so he showed her his real self. Even though he knew he'd always have that memory of being afraid and victimized in the back of his brain, he knew that Kaori didn't make him feel like that. She made him feel loved and needed, and not just some sex toy. She wanted him because she loved him and that made him feel like a man again.

The End.