"above the tree of knolege shows good and evil thou shall not eat of it for the day that thou eatest there of though shall surley die."

genisis 2 17

You know I never really thought about dying, or how that would go for me, I never really had a reason but...latley I think I I did think of dying back then it woudn't be like how I imagine it now. I moved to Merryeta georgia recently do to my parents being divorced, and I hate it here. It's always gloomy and it's terrible whether. It's freezing in the morning and a sana in the afternoon. When it is bright I am so so so suprised. If it is it's way to bright. I don't like change, I was happy where I was, in la but here its just not my thing. But i do know one thing, if I never arrived in merryeta I woudn't be thinking about death. I can't regret that though, I can't, i shant, and I won't. Becuase of merryeta I met the love of my life. When your reality becomes like a faded memory of dream and all you expected goes to dust, it becomes something amazing.

chapter 1

I arrived in merryeta today. I had spent summer vacations here with my mom. I honesty though be it a bit crude and terrible, favor my mom to my dad. I want to live with her. I don't hate my dad I just miss my mom. So I decided to come live with her. Despite my fathers disprovel. I still despise merryta but if it means getting to see my mom then so be it.

I got off my flight and saw my mom, I call her Sakura her name because I honestly feel like calling her mom to her face would be slightly uncomfortable. I know this is a little weird but I'm kind of a terrible person. I hate myself. I'm selfish, I left my poor party alchohaulic dad to be all by himself because I missed my mom. My dad's name is Andray by the way my parents are an interatial couple. Or were I guess...anyways my mom was delighted I was staying with her. She was really really happy. Again why anyone would be happy to see me...i should really stop the self deprication shoudn't I? I know its bad to do that, but I just lack confidence maybe that's why I latch on to people so much...I don't know.

Anyways my mom is the head cop in merryeta. She runs everything. She's kind of amazing that way. It takes a lot to do her job and I'm suprised anybody could handle it. She was sort of shocked to see me get off the plane like she didn't expect me to actually show up. "jaden you havn't changed a bit you look wonderfull" "thankyou" I mumbled. Ya my names jaden which is normally a dudes name but I'm agender so i don't really care. "It's good to see you Sakura"

My dad doesn't like me calling my mother mom. He hates it he often goes on about how she was terrible to me or something and how I should hate her. But she's my mom I could never hate her. Regardless of what my frekin dad wants. I'm not going to be controlled by some dude. Especially not my father.

She told me she found a car, great, I want a car but knowing my mom its going to be a crappy one. She has the worst taist in automobiles. "what kind of car is it?" "an impalla it took a lot of blood sweat and tears to achive espicially because I can't really afor...look its perfect for you ok?" she got me an impalla. AN IMPALLA. Jeezuz whats with my mom. "hwo did you afford it?" "you know Ameil?" "ya?" "she helped pay for it" Ameil was my mom's best freind she's in a wheelchair, has long hair and is native cherokee. I don't spend much time with her because she's always inside always spending time on the computer. She hates the outdoors and nature in general, she also hates religion for whatever reason. She's a real skeptic I'll tell you that. "thankyou it means alot." "no problem, anything for you" she patted me on the leg and we continued driving away from the air port.

We got home and It didn't really feel like home, it was a crappy apartment, it was a diverse neiborhood if you can call it that, so that was plus. The thing is I saw the car from my window. It looked amazing! I've always loved impallas I've never dreamp I'd get one let alone a dean whinchester vechicale. Ya obscure reference I know.