Lorelai had just finished tying her honey blond hair up in a ponytail when the bus arrived. She quietly adjusted the backpack on her shoulders and climbed on, finding a window seat on the left side. She smoothed her uniform skirt and looked out the window when the bus began to move forward.

That was her favorite part of the day. Every morning they would pass an ice cream shop, and with that came waving to a guy she saw all the time. He always waved back, and he'd smile handsomely. She sat up straight in her seat when the ice cream shop came into view. Before they really approached it, she began to wave wildly as he was about to climb on his bike. In the middle of waving, a sudden realization hit her that she would not be boarding this bus anymore after this. She turned around in a rush while the bus was stopped at a light, jotted down her phone number and slammed the paper against the window.

His eyes grew wide as he ripped his phone out of his pocket and began putting digits in quickly, chasing the bus when it began to move again. Lorelai moved the paper back against window so it would be in better view for him. He suddenly held up his phone, grinning from ear to ear. Satisfied, Lorelai put down the paper in her backpack and glanced at her phone. Would he really call her? She felt her heart racing and took a long, deep, breath to try and settle the butterflies. Getting too excited was never good for her health, even though she loved exciting things.

She nearly dropped her phone when it rang, flipping it open and putting it against her ear.

"Hello?" She squeaked, and then cleared her throat, "H-Hello!"

"So you probably didn't see this, but I almost ran into a light post." He chuckled, "But I got your number."

"Oh!" She laughed, "I'm glad you got it... a-anyway, my name is Lorelai."

"I'm David."

"It's really nice to finally meet you. I've been waving since freshman year."

"Yeah, I'm a senior too." David replied, sounding out of breath. "I thought I'd never get to wave to you again."

"Same... so I just... thought I'd..."

"Yeah." David cleared his throat a little, "This is going to sound sudden, but maybe we should meet in person soon? We can go out for ice cream or lunch..."

"I'd like that." Lorelai began to tug at her ponytail with her free hand, her face was heating up in a blush. "When?"

"Are you free this Saturday?"

"Yes! I'd... I'd love to go!" She glanced over and had almost forgotten in all the excitement that her best friend was sitting next to her. Olivia was grinning widely and poking Lorelai's arm.

"What is he saying?"

Lorelai held up a finger to shush her, "So Saturday at noon... I'll meet you there! Uhuh... bye-bye." She hung up and was suddenly grabbed by Olivia, who was giggling in excitement.

"Did he sound as handsome as he looks?!" Olivia cried, "What are you doing Saturday?! What's his name?!"

"H-His name is David, and he wants to meet me in person. Um, he sounded really handsome... his voice is... a voice! Um... he just wants to go to lunch."

"You are not good at explaining. Did he sound like... deep voiced? He wasn't girly was he?"

"N-No!" Lorelai gasped, her shoulders were still being held by Olivia's hands. "His voice is deep... but not too deep!" She took another deep breath and put her hands over her chest, closing her eyes to try and calm down.

"Oh, sorry!" Olivia let her go and bounced in her seat, "I'm just so excited for you! Quiet Lorelai is finally coming out of her shell!"

"Mm..." Lorelai smiled to herself, still eager to get a closer look at the guy who waved to her every day. She kept imagining his voice which made her giggle.

"Are you day dreaming?" Olivia asked, "You're totally day dreaming!"

"I am not!" Lorelai laughed, pretending to be defensive. "I was just thinking..."

"About your wedding? The many babies he will give you?"

"Shut up!" Lorelai blushed, her face was still hot from the initial phone call. "That's silly..."

"It's not! Imagine you in a fluffy white gown!"


"A fluffy white gown." Olivia sighed dreamily, "Walking down the aisle, surrounded by hundreds of people."

"Hundreds?!" Lorelai's eyes were wide. "I don't think..."

"Shh, shh, let me finish! You walk down the aisle to meet him, and he gives you a... a handsome smile, takes your hand and the two of you say your emotional vows."


"Yes!" Olivia patted Lorelai's shoulder, "Then... you kiss passionately."

"Ah..." Lorelai stared down at her phone, wondering where Olivia managed to get some of her crazy ideas. "That doesn't sound like me at all."

"That's because you haven't come out of your shell completely yet. You're still really quiet, shy, and you-"

"Prefer to be alone." Lorelai finished, "I mean... maybe one or two people."

"At your future wedding?"

"N-No... well... maybe." Lorelai wished that her heart would stop racing, but the more Olivia spoke, the more uncomfortable she felt. "Anyway... this might not go anywhere, I don't want to get my hopes up."

"Don't be like that! I'm sure it will be perfect!"


There he stood, two months later at the door of Lorelai's small suburban home. David felt like a nervous wreck as he rocked back and forth on his heels. Her parents were home, so he wasn't allowed inside. They were chain-smokers, so Lorelai had told him, and he got the distinct impression upon meeting them a month earlier that they didn't particularly like him either. That was okay though, he didn't need to impress them. Lorelai was all that mattered, and today he had a special question for her. They had never officially begun dating, though all of their friends seemed to believe the opposite, and David now wanted to make that true. So today, today he would ask her… though he had no idea how.

Nervous hands raked through his light brown hair, and he began to pace their small front porch. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to see if she had ever messaged him back after he had knocked on the door, and then texted her that he was there.

No new messages.

He sighed and shoved the phone back into the pocket of his jeans, stopping in his tracks when he heard the sound of someone running down the stairs in the house. The doorknob turned a bit, then he could hear someone fiddling with the lock from the inside, and he chuckled. She forgot the door was locked. Soon enough, the door opened and out slipped the lovely Lorelai. He couldn't help but smile when he realized how flustered she looked.

"It's been one of those mornings, I see." He observed with a grin, then held out his arm for her. "Though, not too bad I hope?"

Lorelai smiled shyly and accepted his arm. "No, it wasn't too bad... sorry I took so long. I didn't worry you, did I?" She asked, her voice was soft and pleasant.

"No, you're fine. Are you okay though? You look a little pale..."

"I'm alright! So where are we going?" Lorelai followed David to his car. The two of them got in before he answered.

"I know this great park, I thought we could take a walk there since the weather is so nice." David suggested as they pulled out of the driveway.

Lorelai didn't object, and smiled at the idea. A walk wouldn't hurt, and she loved to spend time with him. Once they arrived, he parked and decided to take her down a tree-lined path that was great for long walks. At first, they walked fairly close to each other, but didn't say too much for conversation. David glanced over and saw Lorelai looking around, her face was still slightly pale but at that point she did have a rosy shade to her cheeks. He reached over and slightly touched her hand with his, only to receive a gasp from her and see that both of her hands were suddenly clasped together beneath her chin.

"I'm sorry." David felt his face heating up and he looked away, glancing out of the corner of his eye to see her looking flustered. "Are you okay?" He asked again, chastising himself for asking so many times.

"I'm alright." Lorelai said in a whisper. "Um... the trees are pretty."

"Yeah." David replied, shoving his hands into his pockets. "They are. So... I wanted to... ask you a question."

"Okay." Lorelai relaxed her shoulders, she'd been tense previously. "G-Go on."

"I was thinking really hard about this for a little while. I think that I really like you and I just... want to spend more time with you... I'd like to date you."

"D-Date?" Lorelai stopped in her tracks, looking at him with surprise. "Really?"

"Yeah... really." David smiled, but then the expression dropped when he saw her clutching her chest. "Lorelai?"

Lorelai coughed, her breathing had become labored and she cringed as though she were in pain. David watched her as she sat down, still clutching her chest and gasping.

"What's wrong?" He knelt down in front of her, scrambling to get his thoughts together on what might be going on. "Can you speak?"

Lorelai just stared at him, "M-My chest h-hurts..." She said, though her voice was just barely above a whisper.

David didn't waste another second when he heard that. He scooped her up off the ground after standing and ran back to his car as fast as he could while carrying her. He put her in the passenger seat and shut the door after helping her get buckled in. On their way to the hospital, he reached over and grasped her hand gently. She still looked like she was in pain, though her eyes were struggling to stay open.

"Stay with me, okay?" David spoke as he was approaching the nearest hospital.

Lorelai said nothing, but glanced over as she acknowledged that he said something. Her grip on his hand was weak, and her breathing sounded worse than it had earlier at the park. When they finally reached the emergency room, he carried her in and all he had to say was chest pain before Lorelai was taken from his arms. He was told to sit in the waiting room, and contact her family, though he had no idea how to go about doing that, short of driving to their house. He couldn't do that though… he couldn't just leave her there all by herself.

Hours passed, and David had worn a ditch in the waiting room's floor where he had been pacing the entire time. At some point, he'd been given direction to the cardiac ward, where she had been admitted, and told to sit in that waiting room until she was out of surgery. Unfortunately, he hadn't been told what kind of surgery it was… though he assumed it had something to do with her heart. Why else would he be in the cardiac ward?

He glanced up at the TV mounted high on the wall above the information desk there, where the names of patients, their surgeon, and whether or not they were still in surgery were scrolling in alphabetical order by last name. He saw that the current list of patient names were all J's, and he frowned. He still needed to wait until Thompson, Lorelai showed up on the screen. He still had a while.

He continued to walk his path, back and forth as he waited for news, trying to decide whether or not he'd triggered what he thought to be her heart attack. If it was me who triggered it, she might not want to date me after this. I mean, I asked her too suddenly, and now she's in the hospital. He paused mid-step for a moment, deep in thought. What am I saying? I don't know if she even wanted to date me in the first place. She didn't even get the chance to reply to me! He raked his fingers through his hair, a thing he often did when he was nervous. Will she remember that I asked? Is it ridiculous to hope she will? What if she doesn't seem to? Should I ask her again? Ah, but then if she did remember and I asked her a second time, she might think I'm being too pushy. David groaned in frustration with his on anxious thoughts, and decided to plop down into a nearby seat. He looked up at the screen again. He'd missed the T's. Augh. I should pay more attention.

The waiting room's phone rang, and the nearest person answered it. There was a long pause before the phone was held up in the air.

"Is there a mister… David Harrison here?"

David shot up and couldn't recall what exactly happened between him standing, and pressing the phone to his ear. He hoped he hadn't snatched it from the poor person's hand, but he couldn't rule that out as a possibility. "This is David Harrison…"

"This is Doctor Reynolds, Lorelai's surgeon. She is out of surgery, and in recovery. You'll get another call when she's been moved to a room. The surgery went well; though there are some things we'll need to discuss later, okay? She's doing really well right now."

David nodded, then realized the doctor couldn't see him. "Y-Yes Sir, thank you." After a quick good-bye, he hung up the phone and resumed his pacing. He had always been a worrier.