A/N: So, I'm kind of ashamed that I've posted anything for a while. I kinda abandoned some of the stories that I have on here already. Anyways, I have grown, (Or I think so.) as an author and hopefully the readers think so also. Anyways, this is inspired from my friend and some of the other stuff that I've done on Fanfiction. Hope you guys like it.

"You have to run, dear. They want you."

Those few words echoed in her mind for the last three years. They were the final words that her mother ever said to her. No teary farewell, just those words along with a pained look from her mother. It was her sister that did the crying as she was lead away. Poor little eight year old Satari who didn't know what was happening. She had tried to run after her, but their mother had held her back.

"Fella! Come back Fella! Come back!"

On that day, Arfella couldn't bring herself to look back at them. If she did, she would have broken down and began to cry, but now, she wished that she had looked back. Then she would have been able to remember their faces, their small little hut that they called home. Now, it was just blackened ruins.

Charred pieces of wood and shattered glass lay about on the burnt grass where the hut had once stood. The wind seemed to morn with Arfella as she stood completely still amongst the ruins of what had once been her old life. A life that she had loved and cherished so very deeply once. However, it wasn't seeing her home in blackened ruins where it had once stood. No, it was seeing the fate that had befallen her family. During the past three long years, she assumed that her family had continued to live on without her. Satari would have been ten and likely would have forgotten about her. She discovered that she couldn't have been more wrong.

As she walked though the site, she started to see that the valuables were missing. The little pieces of jewelry and money that they had were taken, either by the men that had turned her into the 'Good little soldier' she was or by thieves that lurked in the forests near their home. That was when Arfella took note of the smell. The horrid smell that Arfella couldn't describe. Covering her nose and mouth, she followed the stench, only to feel her stomach lunge. Lying on the ground were three bodies all blackened from the fire. The limbs were all twisting as if the people were burned alive. Horrified, Arfella trended slowly closer.

'Who were these people?' She wondered. She could see that the longer corpses were easily adults and the smaller one was a young child. A sparkle caught her eye. Around the neck of one of the bodies, (Arfella assumed that the body was a woman) was a small, very simple pendant. It must have been missed when the place was raided. As the young human drew closer, the dread that she had been feeling started to grow even stronger then before. Then she recognized the pendant and Arfella's stomach twisted painfully. Arfella raced away and threw up what little she had in her stomach behind a nearby tree. When she had finished emptying her stomach, she looked up at the dimming sky.

"Why...? They did nothing wrong!" Arfella started to weep. For the first time, in three years, she felt truly alone and frightened. Her parents and her sister were dead. Left to die in an inferno. She spent the entire night there and not once did she fall asleep.

"You stupid child!" Norendithas or Noren for short didn't even wince or whine like most small children would as his nanny (Or the Witch as his friends liked to call her) hit him over the head with a wooden spoon. He had asked for a treat and she had said no. When he went to the cooks however, they obliged him and had given him a cookie. The brunette mostly learned how to ignore the Witch when she went on an angry rant. However, often she called him names and threw anything she could find at him. He learned that she could throw things well, however she always aimed for his shoulders and torso. Noren figured that she was trying to keep her job so she avoided throwing things at his face.

"KILAYOX!" A voice roared and the woman froze. Noren peered around to see his father and mother standing in the door way. Noren ran around the Witch and into his mother's open arms while his father glared at the woman.

"We need to talk." The woman swallowed.

"P-Please my lord, you don't-"

"I understand perfectly." Noren felt his mother hold him tighter.

"Exactly how long have you been beating my son without my permission?" He asked in an eerie calm voice and the woman swallowed again.

"I-I don't know, My Lord." She confessed.

"Hmm, and tell me, how often would you hit my son?" The Elfin asked, taking a step closer, which made the maid take a step back.

"I- I don't know." Noren whispered something to his mother and she gasped.

"What is it, Lelani?" His father asked.

"She would throw things at him." She replied. His father became very quiet, before turning to Kilayox.

"Get out." He told her. When she didn't move, he glared at her.

"Get out!"

"No." Kilayox drew a knife.

"Say goodbye to your family, Jaysword." She hissed, lunging at Noren and his mother. His mother pushed Noren behind her and started to wrestle Kilayox for the knife.

"Run Noren!" She told him.

"Go!" Noren just nodded and bolted from the room. He had hid in his bedroom in the closet. He was so afraid that he barely breathed, lest the assassin come find him next. He wasn't sure how much time had passed when he heard footsteps come into his room.

"Son, It's me." Came the voice of his father. Noren slowly opened the closet door to see his father in a state of disarray, but Noren didn't care. The elfin child bolted from the closet and embraced the elfin lord's waist. Lord Jaysword returned the embrace with a small smile.

"I'm glad to see you safe, my son." Noren just whimpered, burying his face into his father's stomach. Then Noren noticed there was someone missing.

"Papa? Where is Mother?" A sad look came to Jaysword's face.

"She... She didn't make it, Noren. The assassin..." Noren pulled away.

"No... Mother..." Tears started to bite at Noren's eyes.

"MOTHER!" He wept.