Chapter 1:Pilot

The Brotherhood Born in Blood

(Rivergreen, Washington)

Rivergreen, Washington the middle town between the large metropolitan cities of Seattle and Tacoma and one of the most rapidly growing cities in the state. Despite the city not being a metropolitan city like it's neighbors it was still a large city and place where two people, love them hate them you are guaranteed to see them again.

Things were going somewhat routinely in the medium sized neighborhood towards the north of the city known as North Valley but even more routinely in one of the four small suburban Cul-de-sac in the south of the neighborhood. The sun was just beginning to rise, the birds were singing, and the children were on their way to their bus stops. Things were completely normal but the one thing that made this morning like every other was the sound fist connecting as a young fourteen year old Samoan American teen fell to the ground face first with a bloody nose as three older teens started stomping him into the ground.

"Glad to see you're finally out of Juvie Marcus!" yelled one of the teens as they gave a hard kick to the side of the teens head knocking him out as he layed still on the ground.

"Yeah we really missed you!" said another teen as he looked down at the beaten teen.

"Come on we're going to be late for the bus again." said one more teen as the others nodded their heads .

"See you later Mark!" said the lead teen as he gave a swift kick to the young teens gut knocking the wind from his lungs as he slowly began to lose consciousness he could hear the growing faint laughter of his attackers as they walked away from him.

15 Minutes Later

Things were going from bad to worse as the young teen finally started to move but as he lifted his head he noticed that the sun that was once brightening the day was now being blocked by storm clouds and the kids that were once on his bus stop were gone.

"Dammit!" said the young teen as the sound of lightning crackled across the cloudy skies as rain drops started to fall causing the young man to lower his head and wipe the dried blood and dirt from his face before starting his long walk out of the Cul-de-sac towards the school.

"Sons of bitches!" thought the teen as he turned his head and noticed the familiar street signs that read North Valley Avenue before making his way down the street as the rain started pouring down even harder on the young teenager as he finally made it to the school after a mile and a half walk but as he walked through the front door he was easily spotted by a couple of the teachers, but unlike most teachers who would approach the beaten, wet, and dirt covered student they just watched him walk to class with his face to the ground, trying to drown out the whispering teachers from his ears but some how they found a way to pierce his ears like glass.

"Isn't that the kid supposed to be in jail?" asked one.

"Yeah, looks like he got out!" said another as the boy kept at his slow stride until he finally reached his classroom and slowly went for the doorknob and opening the door as the lights that filled the classroom blinded him the first thing he noticed was that all of the students in the classroom were staring at him with wide eyes before the usual majority started to laugh at him with their fingers pointed.

"What a fucking loser!" laughed one teen as Mark quickly made his way over to his desk on the other side of the classroom that began to be no known as the "rejects section."

"Alright then Marcus it's good to see you again." said the teacher a long brown haired blue eyed woman that Mark thought was somewhat more understanding than most teachers as he nodded his head and ignored the chuckles from some of his fellow classmates. After a the laughing stopped Mark then looked around at the rejects on his side of the classroom that were made up of a nerdy looking Asian teen just about his height, a poorly dressed Hispanic looking teen with long black hair that touched the back of his neck, his younger brother a teen with short auburn hair underneath a dirty black baseball cap and also dressed badly, a chubby teen with long blonde hair and blue eyes, a short nerdy blonde haired teen with blue eyes and a look like he was depressed, an African American girl with long black hair that touched the back of her neck and an angry expression her face, but what caught Mark's attention was the new kid sitting on the reject side of the classroom. He was a short kid with short blonde hair, blue eyes, and wearing a newly bought school uniform but what really caught Mark's attention was the look of pure happiness on the kids face almost like he wanted to be here as Mark then wiped the thoughts from his head and turned back to the board as the teacher began her long lecture.

After getting through half of the school day the sound of the lunch bell rang loudly through the halls and classrooms as majority of the kids except those on the reject side rushed out of the classroom in hopes of getting the always short supplied pizza as Mark slowly stood from his chair along with the other rejects as they slowly made their way towards the cafeteria and stepping into the line with the new kid in the lead.

"Move bitch!" yelled one kid as he pushed the new kid away and into the teen with the long black hair who caught him with ease.

"Sorry!" said the new teen as Mark watched as more kids cut in front of the new kid he tried to call to them only for his words to go unheard as Mark and the other teens rolled their eyes.

"We ain't gonna get any of the good stuff." said the auburn haired teen.

"When do we ever dude." said the Asian teen as he lowered his head as the last kid finally cut in front of the new kid he then led the group to the food pickup where they noticed the last slice of pizza being taken by the person before them.

"Sorry kids we're all out but we got plenty of these leftover." said one of the lunch ladies as she pulled out a tray of old hamburgers and cold french fries that Mark and the others remembered were served three days ago as the new kid took a burger without question as Mark and the others followed his actions and walked into the eating area as the new kid was quickly taken aback by the number of kids sitting at circular tables that made up the middle of the cafeteria as Mark and the other rejects took a seat at the their usual long table in the back of the cafeteria that was reserved for them because of specs of food all over the table that hadn't been cleaned off.

"About time you got out Mark." said the long black haired man as Mark gave a chuckle.

"Yeah we were beginning to think you loved it in there." said the auburn haired man.

"Sorry I was thrown into Administrative Segregation for a few weeks. So what I miss?" asked Mark.

"Nothing, things are still the same. The gangs are kicking our asses and nobodies doing anything about it." said the Asian American man as Mark nodded his head.

"Well that's all about to change." said Mark earning the attention of the group before Mark turned his head and watched as the new teen moved across the cafeteria like a hen trying to make friends with foxes as the group noticed that every table pushed him away and some of the kids take the food off his plate as he finally came over and took a seat at the table with the other rejects.

"This is better." said the new kid as Mark looked at his plate and saw that it was completely empty.

"If you call this better just wait until break period." the Mark as he set his hamburger on the new kids plate.

"Yeah you'll fit in just fine." said the Asian teen as he handed the kid his hard french fries as the two other teens spared something for the new kids.

"Thanks my names Jason Kozik by the way." said the new kid as Mark nodded his head.

"Alright Kozik my name is Marcus Smith but you can just call me Mark." said Mark as Kozik nodded his head.

"Names Lee Shen." said the Asian teen.

"Louis Ramirez but call me Mercy and this is my younger brother Anthony Tripplet." said the tall black haired teen as he pointed to the auburn haired teen.

"But you can call me Trip." said the auburn haired teen.

"My name is Lincoln Mackey but everyone calls me Link and this is my cousin Zach Hacklander." said the short blonde haired teen as he pointed to the other blonde haired teen.

"It's nice to meet guys who aren't at my throat." said Kozik as Lee nodded his head.

"I don't even know what I did for them to hate me." said Kozik.

"It's not about what you did here, it's just about you being you." said Mark as Kozik shook his head.

"I don't get it." said Kozik as Link eyed the teen

"Where do you live?" asked Link.

"In one of these Cul-de-sac in North Valley." said Kozik as Mark started to chuckle.

"Well you're at the right table then because that's where we're from." said Zach as Kozik grew confused.

"I'm confused." said Kozik.

"Let me explain." said Mark as Kozik looked at him with wide eyes.

"You live in one of the four Cul-De-Sac's in North Valley, that makes you a Valley Kid just like us, and Valley kids are really disliked not only in the school but on the streets." said Mark. As Kozik grew confused.

"Why are we disliked?" asked Kozik.

"North Valley is a lower middle class neighborhood surrounded by two low class neighborhoods. Royalton Gardens to the North West and Arcadia Hills to the North East. Both neighborhoods have two gangs that don't like each other and put us in the middle of their war." said Mark as Kozik nodded his head.

"They also each claim a piece of North Valley and fight each other over it." said Zach as Kozik grew more scared.

"So it's not quiet there?" asked Kozik.

"Amongst gangs some time but that doesn't stop them from preying on us just because they can." said Link as Kozik looked at him with wide eyes.

"The assholes take it upon themselves to pick on us whenever they see us because we don't belong to a gang and they know nothing wrong can happen to them. In fact all of us just got out of Janelle Hall for beating a few guys up" said Mark as Kozik took in a deep breath of fear.

"Don't worry as long as you stay in your house you don't have to fear them." said Lee as Mark slammed his hand down on the table.

"I'm getting tired of this shit." said Mark as he gritted his teeth.

"Remember Mark probation." said Link as Mark took a deep breath.

"Probation don't stop us." said Mercy as he Trip and Zach nodded their heads in unison.

"So I guess I'm gonna be fighting a lot here." said Kozik as Mark went to give him a reassuring remark he was cut off by the sound of the lunch bell ringing.

"Come on we gotta get back to class before someone puts thumb tacks in our chairs again." said Lee as Kozik watched as the young teens stood from the table and quickly dumped their plates.

"God help me." thought Kozik as he dumped his plate and followed Mark and the other back to the classroom.

School was coming to a slow close as Mark looked at Kozik and noticed that the smile that was once etched on the boys face had disappeared and turned to a look of uncertainty, nervousness, and when he looked closely Mark could almost see the fear radiating off the young man as clear as the sun. The day was going slowly from him but after lunch he had the luck of going unnoticed by his classmates but that only unnerved him more as he watched Kozik's foot tap against with less repetition that echoed across the classroom.

"Alright then class remember we have a test next week that you all need to-!" started the teacher before the school bell rang dismissing all the students as Mark slowly rose from his chair and made his way towards Kozik.

"You coming with us?" asked Mark as Kozik looked at him with confused eyes.

"Yeah!" said Kozik as he quickly nodded his head as Mark looked over at Link, Lee, and the others who each had a smile on their faces as Mark led the group out of the classroom before heading to the back of the school.

"Wait the buses are in the front of the school why are we heading through the back?" asked Kozik.

"It's not really safe to ride the bus in the evening from here." said Trip.

"Not unless you want it to the be the worst ride of your life." said Zach.

"This is a short safer route we take through the schools baseball field after that we'll go through the fields, cross the creek, go through the Cut and we should be home in less than 15 minutes." said Lee.

"But what about gangs?" asked Kozik.

"Nothing to worry about as long as we stick to the fields and cross the creek we'll be good." said Link as Kozik nodded his head as Mercy got beside him.

"You might wanna take the jacket or else it's going to get ruined." said Mercy as Kozik nodded his head and started to remove his suit and tie with the exception of his dress pants, shoes, and white undershirt as Mark started to lead the group on their long journey home.

The walk through the fields behind the school was very uneventful as the young teens finally made it to the small creek that separated them from their home.

"How do we cross this?" asked Kozik.

"Like this!" said Mercy as and Zach moved away from the group and went behind a tree to grab a piece of lumber.

"We set this board up so we can get through but you could hop the stones in the water." said Link.

"Or just walk through it isn't that deep." said Zach.

"Says the tall person." said Mark.

"Whatever Midget!" replied Zach as he and Mercy led the group across the rocking piece of wood as they awaited the slow moving Kozik who finally was able to get across.

"That wasn't so bad." said Kozik with a smile.

"Yeah but here comes the hard part." said Trip as the group continued their journey back home but as they made it through the fields they were stopped by a tall wooden fence.

"Now we just got to hop the fence." said Link.

"Easier said than done." said Lee as he jumped up and grabbed the top of the fence before throwing himself over as Mercy helped Mark over the fence before turning to Kozik.

"Need help?" asked Mercy.

"No I think I got it." said Kozik as he jumped up and tried to pull himself over the fence while Mercy, Zach, Link, and Trip easily got across as Mark and Lee helped the slow moving Kozik.

"Thanks." said Kozik as he away from the fence and noticed that he was in a small alleyway with garage cans and a dumpster and was bordered by fences.

"What is this place?" asked Kozik.

"We call this place The Cut because it divides the Cul-de-sac from the fields and a few houses." said Lee.

"Do we want to avoid these areas?" asked Kozik.

"The Trailer Park is another place we try avoid, but the houses are apart of the Cul-de-sac they just are outside of our Cul-de-sac." said Trip earning a nod from Kozik.

"If we follow through this alleyway instead of hopping the fence where will it take us?" asked Kozik.

"Other than about an extra ten minutes it'll take us to the park just at the entrance of the Cul-de-sac." said Mercy.

"Can we go all the way through I've never been to the park." said Kozik.

"Sure, it's still a little early so the gangs may not be there." said Mark as Kozik nodded his head.

"I know it was your first day at school but how long have you been here?" asked Zach as Kozik rubbed his chin.

"Three days just been afraid to come outside and explore." said Kozik as Mark nodded his head.

"Well you ain't got to worry, you're one of us and we'll watch your back." said Mark as a smile formed on Kozik's face as Mark turned his head towards the others kids.

"Let's go." said Mark as he led the group deeper down the alleyway.

"You know where your house is?" asked Link as Kozik nodded his head.

"Yeah just at the entrance of the street." said Kozik as Zach nodded his head as the group made their way into park.

"Good hopefully we can get there without-!" started Mark but just as he was about to finish his sentence he noticed the three kids from the earlier sitting one of the benches before catching sight of the group and making their way towards them.

"Well if it ain't the group of rejects." said one of the teens as Mark gritted his teeth Kozik felt his heart almost drop as he noticed a metal baseball hat in the hand of one of the older teens.

"This ain't good." said Lee as the group approached the younger teens.

"Who are they?" asked Kozik.

"Royals." said Mercy as he gritted his teen

"Who's the new fuck up?" asked Damien as he gripped his bat tighter as Kozik instantly knew the teen was talking about him while Mark gave a low growl.

"Oh you want another session after this morning Mark?" asked another teen with a wicked smile on his face as he stood over Mark.

"We don't want no trouble Damien." said Link.

"Well you got it asshole." said Damien as he pushed Link to the ground as Zach quickly approached his cousin to lend aid.

"I suggest you step aside Marcus." said Ray as Mark gritted his teeth before balling his hands into fist as the teen looked down at Mark's fist.

"Dumb ass!" said Ray as he gave Mark a punch to the side of the head that knocked him to the ground as Kozik looked at the fallen Mark with wide eyes as the other teens jumped on Lee, Link, Mercy, and Trip with relative ease as Zach put himself in front of Kozik.

"Oh look he's protecting him." said Ray as he approached Zach and Kozik but as he tried to take another step he was quickly stopped as he looked down and noticed Mark grabbing onto his leg.

"Run Kozik!" said Mark as he clutched the teens leg with both hands and forced a hard spin that took the Ray's leg from under him as Zach and Kozik watched as Mark climbed on top of Ray but he was only able to get in a few punches before another teen tackled him to the ground as Kozik watched with wide eyes as Mercy, Trip, Lee, and Link quickly enter the fight.

"You heard him get going." said Zach but as Kozik was about to respond Zach charged into the group but was easily made short work of as Damien slammed the baseball bat against his arm as Kozik then felt a sharp feeling of fear rise in his body as he took off running in the opposite direction as a fallen Mark watched the blonde haired teen run.

"Stupid bitch!" yelled Ray as he struck Mark in the back of the head as the young man felt a sharp pain in the back of his head but as unconscious was seconds away from claiming him he heard the loud grunts of pains and thuds as the bodies of Lee and the others crashed against the hard ground and the loud ding as the baseball beat was slammed against their bodies.

"Get the new kid!" said Damien as the group watched the trio chase down Kozik but to their fear the last thing they heard before they slipped out of reality was the sound of gunshots.

One Hour Later

"Mark wake up." came a familiar voice as Mark's vision started to come back to him as he slowly rose and noticed Link looking over at him.

"Ow my fucking head." said Mark as he rubbed his head as he looked up and noticed Mercy waking up Zach and Trip helping Zach as Mark turned to Lee who was slowly waking up.

"How long have we been out?" asked Lee.

"Don't know but I do know where in a dumpster." said Link as Mark looked around and noticed empty bottles, broken things, and old food lining the dumpster before looking at his wet hands and took a smell of the foul odor that covered them.

"Damn that stinks." said Mark.

"You're telling me." said Trip as he took off his hat and poured a white substance that looked like old milk out of it.

"Let's get out of here." said Mercy as he forced himself to stand up before clutching his side.

"They really did a number on me with that bat." said Mercy as he looked over at Zach as the young teen lifted his shirt revealing a nasty black and blue bruise forming on his side.

"Jesus dude we need to get you to a doctor." said Link.

"Yeah but first we have to get out of this dumpster." said Mark as he climbed out of the dumpster along with the others as Trip helped Zach to his feet.

"Damn that hurts." said Zach.

"Come on I got a medical kit at my house." said Lee as Zach nodded his head.

"What if he has broken bones?" asked Trip.

"If any of us had broken bones we wouldn't be able to stand." said Link.

"Where's Kozik?" asked Mark.

"Hopefully he made it home." said Lee.

"Hopefully the last thing I remember was Damien going after him then-." started Mercy before the group remembered the sounds of the gunshots and rushed towards the Cul-De-Sac where they noticed flashing red and blue lights in the distance.

"NO!" yelled Trip as the group quickly made their way down the streets and the lights revealed themselves to be apart of an ambulance and police cars as the sight of yellow tape caused the boys to each tear up as they pushed themselves through the group on the other side of the yellow tape where they noticed a blonde woman standing over the lifeless body of a familiar boy.

"Oh God!" said Zach as he and the other teens noticed drops of blood on the concrete ground and the sight of a bullet hole in the back of the teens head.

"NO!" yelled Trip as they eyed the lifeless body of their friend as Lee, Mercy, and Mark stood beside him with their heads lowered as they tried to fight the tears from falling from their eyes.

"Come on we can't stay here." said Mark as the group followed Lee until they reached his home.

"Your parents aren't home?" asked a teary Link as he noticed Lee's empty driveway.

"My parents are almost never home these days." said Lee in an almost monotone like voice as he opened the front door and led the group inside his home as the young teenagers looked around the nicely clean house before taking seats in the living room.

"Stay here while I get the kit." said Lee as he walked into the back of the house, Mark kept his eyes to the floor as the thoughts of an injured Kozik ran through his head almost like a broken record that caused him a feeling of pure rage..

"Alright then I got bandages, peroxide, some pain killers, and some other stuff." said Lee as he set the med kit on the living room table before handing each teen a pain killer as they started wrapping up each others injuries.

"Hey Mark you okay?" asked Lee breaking Mark from his concentration as he turned to the Asian teen.

"I'm thinking." said Mark.

"About Kozik, you aren't the only one." Lee nodded his head.

"I have half a mind to go after those assholes." said Mercy.

"Yeah and give them a taste of what they truly deserve." said Zach while Link wrapped a bandage around his bruised waist.

"What's stopping us?" asked Mark getting the attention of everyone in the room.

"What do you mean?" asked Trip as he clutched his sore side.

"I'm saying that I'm tried of getting my ass kicked and I think it's time we start doing the ass kicking." said Mark as Mercy, Zach, and Trip looked at him with wide eyes.

"Kozik was another innocent kid that was killed just for living in the wrong neighborhood and none of us deserve this shit, that's why it's time we start fighting back." said Mark earning nods from almost every teen in the room with the exception of Link.

"Come on Mark, we should let the cops handle this besides all of us are on probabtion if you're forgetting." said Link.

"The cops when was the last time the cops have arrested any of those assholes. If you're forgetting Link the six of us were sent to Juvenile while the guys who kicked our asses everyday walked free. The police are the cause of that." said Mark.

"And as long as we stand together we can do this and as long as they don't know who we are we won't go to jail." said Mark.

"I don't like this Mark, it could bring more problems to us and everyone in North Valley." said Link.

"Come on Link if we don't do this we'll keep being everyone's bitches and more kids in North Valley will die unless we do something about it and fight back not just for ourselves but for our neighborhood." said Mark.

"So you mean we should form a gang?" asked Zach.

"No not a gang but a brotherhood of guys who are tired of getting their asses kicked and will fight back against anyone that steps to them. A brotherhood that intimidates the intimidators." said Mark.

"And what will we call this group, The North Valley Brotherhood." said Trip..

"No we'll call it The Brothers." said Mark as Mercy, Lee, and Zach nodded their heads.

"Yeah Brothers." said Trip with a smile as the group of guys put their handles in a circle.

"What do you say Link?" asked Mark as he looked at short blonde haired teen as he looked down at the hands before giving a low sigh.

"Brothers!" said Link as he put his hand in with the others.

"Remember we're doing this for Kozik and everyone else." said Trip earning a nod from Mark.

"Agreed!" said Mark.

"How do we pull this off?" asked Link as Mark rose from the couch and turned to Lee.

"You got a black jacket?" asked Mark as Lee nodded his head.

"Good we take that, some black jeans, and a black bandana will be all we need." said Mark as he turned to the others who nodded their heads.

"Alright then go to your houses, suit up, and we'll meet back here." said Mark as the other five kids nodded their heads at his statement.

"Let's do this." said Mercy as Lee opened his front door to let his friends out before making his way to the back of the house.

The sun was just beginning to set as Mark, Link, Zach, Mercy, and Trip made their way back to Lee's house, each was dressed in a pair of black jeans, with a black zip-up jacket over a white t-shirt, with either black or white shoes, and the only real difference that set them apart was the black hat on Mark's head, the black hood over Lee's head, the black bandana's wrapped around Mercy's forehead, Trip's backwards black hat, and Link and Zach's black beanie.

"So how are we going to do this?" asked Link.

"We go searching for those assholes before they leave North Valley." said Lee as Mark nodded his head.

"Alright then me and Lee will take Ray, Mercy and Trip take Damien, while Link and Zach take Charles." said Mark as the group nodded their heads.

"And after we kick their asses we split up and go home this way we won't be caught in a group." said Mark as Zach nodded his head.

"Alright but if we want to hurt them I think we need something for that." said Zach as everyone watched him pull out a baseball bat along with Link.

"For you Brother!" said Zach as he handed Mark one of the bats as the shorter teen slowly took the metal object in his hand and gave a partial swing.

"We brought one as well just in case we need to even the odds and these for safety." said Mercy as both he and Trip showed their own bats a number of black bandanas that they gave to each of teen

"Good this is the best way to send the message." said Lee as Mark nodded his head before wrapping the bandanna over his mouth as everyone followed his actions.

"We should get moving before they leave." said Mark earning nods from Link, Mercy, Trip, Zach, and Lee.

"Good luck Brothers." said Zach as Mark nodded his head and led Lee in one direction as Mercy and Trip went a different way while Link and Zach took another.

Link & Zach

It didn't take the two cousins to find Charles as they watched him leave the home of a woman he was "close friends" with. After they caught site of him the two teens slowly stalked him from behind as he traveled down the street.

"Alright Zach we got to hit him hard and fast." said Link as Zach nodded his head.

"The two ways I like it." said Zach as he broke from his cover with Link following close behind him as the two approached Charles.

"Hey asshole!" yelled Zach earning the older teens attention as he turned around but was met quickly with base of the baseball bat as it connected with his forehead knocking him down.

"Stupid piece of shit." said Zach as he slammed the baseball bat against Charles back three time before tossing the weapon as Link watched as his cousin climbed on top of Charles and delivering a series of punches that bloodied Charles's nose, split open his lip, and bruised his eye as Zach quickly climbed off Charles and delivered a sharp kick.

"Come on Brother it's time to get yours." said Zach as he picked up the baseball bat and held it out to Link who slowly took the weapon.

"Let it all out." said Zach as he stomped down into Charles stomach as Link down at the fallen teen before with a look of sorrow for his injuries and anger for the hell the teen before him put him through as he lifted the baseball bat over his head and slammed it down on Charles's stomach knocking the little wind out of the teens stomach.

"Piece of shit!" yelled Link as he gave a hard kick to the back of Charles head that knocked him down.

"Alright let's go, let's go!" said Zach as Link nodded his head before running away from the fallen Charles who was left a bloody mess in the streets.

Mercy & Trip

Things were moving rather smoothly for the two brothers as they moved through the Cut using the cover of trash can's, dumpsters, and discarded trash to hide themselves as they caught site of Damien towards them with his baseball bat in his hand.

"Guess we didn't have to look hard for the prick." said Trip as Mercy nodded his head.

"I'll draw his attention then you sneak him." said Mercy as Trip nodded his head while Damien drew ever closer as Mercy walked out of his hiding spot earning the attention of Damien.

"Who the fuck are you?" asked Damien as he held his bat up to the masked Mercy as the young teen pulled out his own bat.

"Oh you think you're-!" started Damien before Trip sprang out from his hiding spot and easily knocked Damien to the ground as Mercy kicked the teens bat away from him as both brothers came hit the fallen Damien with a series of punches and kicks to keep him on the ground.

"We'll see how you like it." yelled Trip as he slammed his baseball bat against Damien's back keeping the young man ground as Mercy delivered a series of punches to Damien's head.

"Let's see how he likes this." said Mercy as he took the bat from Trip and slammed the base down into the back of Damien's head knocking the teen out as Trip started punching and kicking his motionless body before Mercy stopped him.

"We gotta go!" said Mercy as Trip nodded his head and delivered a final kick to Damien before both Brothers hopped the fence and ran away.

Mark & Lee

The search was somewhat long for Mark and Lee as they went through the park and shopping center looking for Ray who was nowhere to be found.

"Where is this son of a bitch?" asked Mark.

"He could have left already." said Lee.

"No he's around here somewhere." said Mark as he pair kept up their search only to come up empty handed.

"Face it Mark he must have left." said Lee.

"Damn and we had him." said Mark as he and Lee took off their mask and started their walk back home but as they turned a corner they were met with a familiar face as Ray stood before them.

"Well if it isn't bitch one and two." said Ray with a sick smile as Mark clutched the baseball bat even harder.

"Oh you gonna use that on me?" asked Ray as Mark gave a loud yell before swinging the bat wildly as Ray took a step back to avoid the swing before rushing forward and knocking the bat from Mark's hands and responded with a kick to Mark's chest.

"Bitch!" yelled Lee as he ran into Ray and tried to tackle him down but as he tried to get a grip on Ray the larger teen elbowed Lee in the back of the head before kneeing him in the face and throwing the Asian teen away from him as Mark forced himself to stand up earning Ray's attention.

"Come on bitch!" yelled Ray as Mark charged him at full speed before jumping up and landing on Ray's chest as the older teen tried to keep his balance he lost it as Mark started throwing wild punches to his face that brought Ray down on his back as Mark pinned the older teen under him and threw more punches as Lee forced himself up and watched as Mark gave Ray a headbutt that sounded off in the distant.

"Stupid bitch!" yelled Ray as he forced himself to roll over and forced Mark below him but as he went for a punch Mark noticed that he was closed to his baseball bat and started reaching for it.

"Bye!" said Lee as he gave a swift kick to the side of Ray's head disorientating the teen as Mark grabbed the bat and slammed it against the side of Ray's head knocking him to the ground as Mark gave a low growl and climbed on top of Ray and lifted the baseball bat high over his head.

"Mark No!" yelled Lee as Mark brought the baseball bat down on top of Ray's head knocking the teen out but just where Lee thought Mark would stop, Mark slammed the bat down in on Ray's head three more times.

"Enough Mark Enough!" yelled Lee as he pulled Mark off of Ray as the young attacker looked down and noticed the blood that covered Ray's face and clothing as the thoughts of the deed that he just committed finally made itself present to Mark the young teen froze in fear.

"We gotta go." said Lee as grabbed Mark's arm and tried to pull him away only for Mark to remain unmoving.

"Come on Mark we gotta go before someone comes." said Lee as Mark finally snapped out of his frozen state and started running with Lee.

15 Minutes Later

The walk back to each of their homes wasn't long as Lee pulled Mark into his home then his room before quickly throwing off his black jacket.

"Damn!" said Lee as the sound of police car sirens filled the air as he looked over at Mark.

"Mark you can't stay in that jacket." said Lee as Mark slowly took his hat off.

"I think I killed him." said Mark as Lee looked out the window

"Well we can't dwell on it now so take that jacket off." said Lee as Mark slowly started to take his jacket.

"The neighborhood is crawling with police and it probably isn't safe for you to go home, so make yourself at home." said Lee as Mark ignored the teen as he finally took his jacket off.

"I hope Link and the others got home safe." said Lee.

"We'll find out tomorrow." said Mark as he sat down on the floor.

"You wanna bath first before you go to sleep?" asked Lee.

"No when the police leave the streets I'll go back to my house." said Mark.

"You wanna call your parents and let them know you're gonna be late getting home?" asked Lee.

"I don't need to bother." said Mark as he took a pressed his back against Lee's wall and took a deep breath.

"Well while you sit there I'm going to take a shower." said Lee as he walked away leaving Mark alone as the young man kept silent with his eyes wide open.

7 Hours Later

The sun was just beginning to rise as Mark slowly rose from his seated position and noticed Lee sleeping in his bed.

"Hope you're a heavy sleeper." said Mark as he slowly made his way to the door of Lee's room and walked out.

"I guess his parents still aren't home." thought Mark as he slowly made his way out of Lee's house and noticed the quiet empty streets of The Cul-De-Sac.

"About time they left." thought Mark as he thought of the swarms of police cars that filled the neighborhood just hours before.

After walking a few blocks Mark finally made it home as he easily recognized the empty driveway, high grass, and the empty feeling that it gave those around it.

"Home sweet home!" said Mark as he opened the front door and walked into his somewhat clean house and made his way towards the living room that only features a small TV and couch as Mark turned his TV on the news before walking over to get a clean school uniform as the sound of TV grew louder.

"Good morning everyone today police are looking for suspects in an assault that happened late last night in Rivergreen that left one seventeen year old teen dead, another with serious brain damage and the last with a number of broken bones including a fractured skull." said the woman as Mark ran towards the television.

"Officers believe this attack to be a gang related attack as all three teens are known to be gang affiliated but what stumps officers is the location of the crime." said the woman as the screen changed to show a uniform Sheriff that looked to be in his mid 30's with short brown hair, and brown eyes, who's name was Quin Jackson.

"This attack took place in a part of Rivergreen known as The Cul-De-Sac. It's a quiet neighborhood to raise a family with no known gangs operating in the area but last nights attack says otherwise." said Officer Jackson as Mark turned off the television.

"I killed him, I killed him, I killed him." thought Mark as a million things ran through head before something sinister crept inside... Realization and Enjoyment.

"I killed him!" said Mark as a wide smile spread across his face.

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