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Chapter 25: The I Love You

The Death Heard Around Washington

Two Days Later Sunday

The sun was shining bright over this day in Washington and even brighter for a certain blonde haired detective as he sat with a smile on his face in his living room while looking down at a pair of dog tags, a hat, and a set of rings that were placed before him like a trophy before he heard his front door open and watched as Sergio and three of him walked into his home.

"What do I owe this visit?" asked Amsel as he eyed the group.

"We've been keeping an eye on Quin, he'll be leaving the hospital later today and after that we'll make our move." said Sergio.

"What about Carla?" asked Amsel.

"We've been keeping a tail on her but so have guys from Mark's crew. They've been keeping close eyes on her and Quin." said Sergio.

"Of course they are, their leader is dead and now they're looking for someone to give them directions all the while my guys are gonna move in on their hood." said Amsel.

"Might want to hold off on that plan. Mark's dead and these guys are gonna be more hostile and blood thirsty." said Sergio.

"As well as without guidance, and it won't be long before they slip up." said Amsel as Sergio nodded his head.

"What about your guy in County?" asked Sergio.

"He won't be a hazard as long as he knows we have his little sisters, and if he does my guys on the inside will kill him." said Amsel as Sergio nodded his head.

"Well while you deal with that I expect more money for my services." said Sergio to Amsel's shock.

"The hell are you talking about we settled on a payment." said Amsel.

"I came here with twenty five guys Marcus killed fifteen on his own and I've lost one more yesterday night when one of my guys went to assassinate Quin and ended up being thrown out of a window." said Sergio as Amsel shook his head.

"Hey I told you first hand these people wouldn't be easy to kill. You just made the mistake of thinking they were a joke so this is on you not me." replied Amsel as Sergio gritted his teeth.

"I'll add in another two grand five if you can take out everyone today." said Amsel as Sergio slowly nodded his head.

"Deal!" said Sergio as he and his men walked away from the blonde haired cop as he continued to look down with smile at Mark's rings.


Things were a little different for Aniyah as she woke up in an unfamiliar bed in a large room as the sunlight from the window beamed into the room and illuminated it with a bright glow before the girl quickly rose off the bed and began to make her way outside of the room and down the stairs into the living room where she noticed a man wrapping new bandages around Mark's tattoo covered torso.

"Good morning sister-in-law." said Martin as he everyone turned their gaze over to Aniyah who gave a half smile.

"Morning." replied Aniyah as she began to make her way over towards Mark.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" asked Aniyah as she kneeled down before Mark.

"So you wouldn't have to see my gross scars." said Mark with a chuckle as Aniyah rolled her eyes.

"I'm glad you're finally up breakfast will be ready in a few." said Martin earning a nod from Aniyah as she watched the eldest Roman walked out of the room.

"It's still a little weird adjusting to all of this." said Aniyah as Mark gave a low chuckle.

"Yeah it took me a while to adjust to my brother as well but you'll get used to it." said Mark just as the man behind him slapped his shoulder.

"Well Marcus you're not at a hundred percent but you've healed up rather well." said the man earning a nod from Mark.

"Well enough to fire a gun without hurting myself?" asked Mark to Aniyah's surprise.

"Probably but you should still take it easy on your left or you could dislocate your arm." said the man earning a nod from Mark.

"Alright thanks doc." said Mark as the man rose to his feet before walking away leaving Mark alone with Aniyah.

"Your families a lot nicer than you mentioned." said Aniyah.

"That's because my other brother isn't here, if he was you're probably be witnessing another murder." said Mark as he stretched his bandaged arm before grabbing a Pistol that was resting on the table.

"I'm gonna get dressed before the guys get here." said Aniyah as she watched Mark load a magazine into the gun before pulling the slide back.

"Alright I'll see you at breakfast." said Mark as Aniyah walked away from the youngest Roman before walking out of the living room while Martin walked in and slapped Mark across the head.

"The hell was that for?" asked Mark.

"Get your ass upstairs and deal with that." said Martin to Mark's confusion as he eyed his older brother.

"A few days ago your were shot multiple times Marcus, and that girl has been by your side since and all you've been worried about these last couple of days is getting payback." said Martin.

"What do you want me to do, she's got another boyfriend and she wants to move on." said Mark earning a chuckle from Martin.

"Does she Marcus she's been here with you these last couple of days despite her boyfriend, she's been sleeping in the same bed as you despite her boyfriend, and despite letting her father know she met me she put all of that aside just to be with you. That girl isn't a girlfriend or a wife Marcus she's your fucking soul mate." said Martin as Mark looked away from him.

"When I told you to fight her boyfriend I didn't mean to fight her for the fun of it, I wanted you to fight her boyfriend to let her know that you still care about her." said Martin.

"Today's her last day here before she goes away again, you better use this time wisely." said Martin as his youngest brother looked up at him before rising from the couch, tucking his gun into his waistband, and making his way upstairs.

"He's right and now I finally understand." thought Mark as he began to make his way towards his room before quickly opening the door and seeing Aniyah standing in the closet wearing only her bra and panties as the girl quickly tried to cover herself up with her hands.

"Dammit Marcus don't you believe in knocking?" asked Aniyah as Mark entered the room before closing the door behind him and turning his gaze to the floor.

"I put some clothes on the bed for you." she added as Mark turned his gaze to the bed and noticed an black sweater, black hat, and pants.

"Thanks!" said Mark as he continued to look at the ground earning a confused look from Aniyah as she folded her arms over her chest before turning to face him.

"Are you alright?" she asked only for the youngest Roman to remain silent before taking a quick glance at Aniyah only for her to step towards him.

"Mark...what's up?" she asked finally earning Mark's gaze as the youngest Roman noticed the serious look in the girls eyes before he took a deep breath and closed the gap between them before pressing his lips against hers just as Aniyah pushed him away.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm sorry." said Mark to Aniyah's confusion as she watched him pull his gun from his waistband before unloading the magazine and tossing it to the floor and pulling back on the chamber to let out the last bullet and tossing the gun to the ground.

"I'm sorry, for putting my personal vendetta over you these last couple of days. You've been here, by my side worried about me and all I've been doing these last couple of days has been planning my next move and I'm sorry about that." said Mark as he took a seat on the bed just as Aniyah stood over him and looked down on him with confusion written across her face.

"And why are you telling me this?" asked Aniyah.

"Because I know you think I'm not gonna change but after today I'm gonna make a start today." said Mark as Aniyah looked at him with confusion on her face.

"I'm gonna let Lee and the guys handle things today and I'm gonna spent it with you." said Mark to Aniyah's surprise.

"Really?" asked Aniyah as she looked at Mark with wide eyes.

"Yeah, today's your last day here and I want to spent every moment of it with you." said Mark as he took Aniyah's hand in his own before looking at the surprised with a smile.

"I'm flattered by the offer but you're not gonna do that." said Aniyah to Mark's surprise.

"Yeah I am!" said Mark.

"No you're not because I don't want you to." stated Aniyah to Mark's surprise.

"What is this!" thought Mark as he gave Aniyah a confused look.

"When you disappeared I was scared because I thought I lost you and when I watched the tape of you taking those guys down, I realized you don't just do this for yourself... you do this because you're one of the few people who can. None of the others can get shot over ten times and kill fifteen guys in the process and walk away with only a shoulder injury and a clear conscious." said Aniyah as she rubbed Mark's cheek to the surprise of the youngest Roman.

"Are you saying you want me to go out and kill these guys?" asked Mark.

"Please don't say it like that." said Aniyah.

"Then how do you want me to say it?" asked Mark.

"That'll you'll go off, handle your business, and come back and spend some more time with me." said Aniyah as she smiled down at Mark.

"Consider it done." said Mark as he planted a kiss on the girls hands.

"And what are you gonna do differently?" asked Aniyah.

"After this hit squads taken care of, I'm gonna go to school, graduate, go off to college, and let the authorities handle cleaning up the garbage in Rivergreen." said Mark earning a smile from Aniyah as the two shared a quick laugh before she pressed her forehead against his while Mark turned his gaze back to the floor.

"Look at me." said Aniyah with a hint of worry in her voice as she put her right hand under Mark's chin before lifting his head to look her in the eye.

"Don't make me go through these last couple of days all over again." said Aniyah as Mark noticed tears beginning to form in the girls eyes just before she looked away from him.

"I finally see it after all these years, I've been hurting her more than I've been hurting anyone else. The grief, guilt, and worry that I don't feel rub off of me and instantly fall on her shoulders, and I don't feel the urge to kill. I feel like I want to change myself for her even if it means dropping my blades." thought Mark as he grabbed the side of the girls head and forced her to look at him in the eye before pressing his lips against hers again just as Aniyah tried to separate she quickly stopped before falling into the kiss while wrapping her arms around Mark's neck just as the youngest Roman rose to his feet before laying the girl down onto the bed without taking his lips off hers.

"Got you now." thought Mark as he took his lips of Aniyah's before he started to plant kisses on the girls stomach earning a shudder from the girl as she ran her hands over the North Valley teens tattoo covered torso while Mark continued to plant kisses down Aniyah's torso until he pulled her legs off the bed and removed her underwear.

"Mark what are you-!" started Aniyah as she watched Mark lick his lips before forcing his head between her legs to Aniyah's surprise as the girl gave a loud yelp while Martin found himself standing outside the room chuckling.

"And all he needed was a little motivation." said Martin before he walked away from the room chuckling.

Club KO

The Brother owned dance club had now been converted almost into a shelter as Lee woke up from off the couch in the VIP area and noticed Mercy, Trip, Reid, Clyde, Calvin, Eric, Tyler, Buck, Maya, Chris, and Jenna sleeping around the club before he made his way into the kitchen area where he noticed Tina.

"So how long are we all going to be staying here?" asked Tina as she eyed Lee.

"If things go our way today will be the last." said Lee as he fixed himself a glass of water.

"What are you going to do another suicidal mission today?" asked Tina only for Lee to not respond.

"Did you only kiss me because you thought you were going to die or do you really have feeling for me?" asked Tina as Lee eyed the girl.

"Actually I kissed you because I had untold feelings for you and I thought that would have been the best time to tell you." said Lee as Tina chuckled.

"Really so what are we now a couple like Mark and Aniyah, you go off into battle while I sit here praying that you come back. Is that what we're gonna be like?" asked Tina as Lee looked away from her.

"We gotta go." said Lee as he walked away from the redheaded girl who watched him begin to wake up everyone.

"You know how to ruin a good dream brother." said Trip as he rubbed the back of his neck while eyeing Lee.

"It's time to go." said Lee earning a nod from Mercy, Trip and Reid as they rose to their feet while Lee turned to Calvin.

"Link and the Tacoma Chapter have been sitting on Quin all night in about an hour go relieve them of duty." said Lee earning a nod from Calvin.

"Alright but what about Mark?" asked Calvin.

"He's still in Olympia, once we get there he'll leave and make his way to the spot." said Lee earning a nod from Calvin.

"Alright but next time we're on this kill." said Calvin as Lee chuckled.

"See about that." said Lee as he patted Calvin on the shoulder before following Mercy, Trip, Reid, and Clyde out the door.

'Hey I can go on this one?" came a familiar voice as the group turned around and noticed Buck.

"Nah, sit this one out we need guys here who can take care of things." said Lee as the group walked away leaving the newest Brother who folded his arms over his chest in anger before he felt a hand on his shoulder and coming face to face with Tina who calmed him down.


"Wow you never did that before." said Aniyah as both she and Mark walked out of the bathroom before entering the bedroom and beginning to get dress.

"Thought I'd try something new." said Mark with a chuckle.

"Did you do this with Sergeant Harper?" asked Aniyah to Mark's surprise as he looked down at Aniyah.

"How'd you know?" asked Mark.

"The way you talk to her and honestly I think she cried more at the cabin than I did." said Aniyah.

"And knowing that you still slept with me?" asked Mark.

"We broke up Mark, besides this way we both can say we cheated on our significant other." said Aniyah with a chuckle.

"I wouldn't really say significant." said Mark earning a chuckle from Aniyah.

"Don't act that way, you care about her a lot more than you tell yourself." said Aniyah with a chuckle as she finished dressing herself before helping him put on his shirt.

"Yeah, but she can't replace you." said Mark as Aniyah moved her hands to his belt and began hooking it up.

"She doesn't have to." said Aniyah as she and Mark shared another quick kiss that seemed to last forever before they were interrupted the sound of clapping.

"Yeah our power couple is back together." said Trip with a chuckle as Mark and Aniyah turned their heads and noticed Lee, Mercy, Trip, and Reid standing in the doorway.

"How long have you been standing there?" asked Aniyah.

"Long enough to notice the scratch marks on our brothers back." said Mercy with a chuckle.

"Bad timing brother bad timing." said Mark.

"Well now that all of you are here you can come down to breakfast." said Martin earning smiles from the group as they made their way towards the kitchen table to have a seat where they noticed plates of food already setup.

"Thank you, this is nice." said Trip as he started to eat along with the Brothers while Martin nodded his head before his eyes fell on the youngest Roman who was eating with his left while his right was locked with Aniyah.

"Everything setup?" asked Mark earning a nod from Lee.

"Yeah two cars are outside Harper's house right now." said Lee.

"Then that means we could probably have all of them together including their boss." said Mark with a chuckle.

"And that means today we can make our move and end this today." said Reid earning a nod from Mark as Aniyah eyed the group.

"Promise me that all of you will come back okay and don't try anything like a highway shooting." stated Aniyah.

"Don't worry getting blown off a motorcycle taught me a lesson." said Lee earning chuckles from the group as they finished eating before making their way out of the house.

"Thanks for the place to stay brother." said Mark earning a nod from Martin.

"Anytime and remember treat my sister-in-law right." said Martin earning a laugh from Aniyah as the two shared a quick hug while Mark turned to Lee.

"Drop her off at the hospital afterwards make your way to the spot." said Mark.

"You got it brother." said Lee as the group shared a hug before going their separate ways Mark turned his gaze back to Aniyah.

"Be careful." she said earning a smile from the youngest Roman.

"Be safe." replied Mark as the two shared a quick kiss before Mark watched the woman hop into Mercy truck and drive off with Reid's car following behind.

"That's one fine woman you got there little brother." said Martin earning a nod from Mark.

"Yeah, and I don't plan on losing her because of my own ways." said Mark earning a chuckle from Martin.

"Good boy!" replied Martin as he handed Mark his knife and MP7 Submachine Gun.

King County Sheriff's Department

The drive to the station wasn't long for Harper as she pulled her car into the parking lot of the station where a familiar blonde haired man was waiting for her as he noticed Mercy and the others with a smile on his face before waving at them while they flipped him off and drove away.

"You seem to have more friends than I expected." said Amsel as he eyed Harper.

"Yeah well they like to call me mommy since I look out for them instead of trying to throw them in prison on bullshit charge." replied Harper as she walked away from the man.

"Speaking of which have you heard from our favorite midget my guys have been looking all over him but can't seem to spot him anywhere?" asked Amsel as Harper shook her head with a smile.

"Maybe he skipped town in order to get away from the guy who's trying to throw him in prison." said Harper as she walked past Amsel who continued to smile at the woman before grabbing his cell phone and putting it to his ear.

"Those boys are on the move and they're moving in a pack follow them until they lead you to the other leaders once you see them all end them." said Amsel as the two black cars followed after the fleeing Brothers who each held sadistic smiles on their faces.


The drive to the hospital wasn't long for the group as Aniyah walked into the waiting room and noticed Link, Zach, Davey, Eddy, and Jude sitting in separate chairs across the room before she approached Link.

"How are things here?" asked Aniyah as Link smiled at the girl.

"Quin's out of bed and can't wait to leave." he replied earning a smile from the girl.

"Can you blame him I hate hospitals and I believe we've already established the fact that he's not safe here." said Zach.

"Yeah but did you guys really have to push him out the top window?" asked Aniyah.

"We had to make it look like a suicide." said Davey as the group each nodded their heads.

"How's Blake?" asked Aniyah.

"Wasn't to thrilled to find out you went to spend a few days with your ex." replied Eddy.

"Even though he knows nothing was gonna happen." said Link.

"Actually something did happen this morning." said Aniyah to the groups surprise.

"You...You slept with Mark?" asked Link.

"Alright Marcus, I knew you two would get back together." said Zach with a chuckle.

"Are you gonna tell the other guy?" asked Jude.

"I don't know our plane leaves tonight, I might tell him then just to make sure he and Mark don't get into another fight." said Aniyah.

"Tell him now just to create drama." said Davey with a chuckle.

"So are you and Mark dating again?" asked Link.

"Of course not." said Aniyah.

"Why not, you slept with him and by the way these guys talk about the two of you, you sound made for one another?" asked Eddy.

"We're just two different people Mark is someone who lives for the now while I think of the future and he sees Rivergreen as an obstacle to overcome while I glad to just see it in my rearview mirror." said Aniyah as Link nodded his head.

"I see your point I was happy to leave Rivergreen, but a few days after leaving I learned that you can't truly escape Rivergreen because the moment you do. Something gonna pull you back or the moment you start feeling like you can truly live Rivergreen hits you in the face." said Link earning a nod from Zach as Aniyah looked away from the group and watched as Calvin, Eric, Tyler, and Clyde made their way into the hospital and began to approach the group.

"Here to relieve us of guard duty?" asked Davey as the group nodded their heads.

"Yeah, Mark needs you guys at the rally point." said Eric earning nods from the group as they rose to their feet and began to make their way out of the hospital.

"Well it's been fun talking with you." said Link as Aniyah eyed the group.

"Link I need you to be completely honest with me right now." said Aniyah as Link looked at her with confusion in his eyes.

"I know Mark, Lee, Zach, and the others have killed before, I need you to tell me if you've done the same." stated Aniyah as she watched Link lower his gaze.

"I got my first kill a few weeks ago in Tacoma. One of my guys thought it be a good idea to start dealing drugs to his own brothers." said Link as Aniyah lowered her head.

"That so how did doing that make you feel?" asked Aniyah.

"Like I just broke one of the cardinal rules in life and I was less than a human, but Mark and ther others told me that it'd sting for a bit but I'll grow stronger from it." said Link.

"Did you grow stronger?" asked Aniyah.

"Honestly yes I feel like I'm one of those few people that aren't bound by the laws of life or religion almost like I'm an outlaw on both sides and I like it, but at the same time I hate it because the guy I killed...I knew him. I knew his name, his face, I've been to home, I even met his parents. I knew all of the that about him and still had the will to pull the trigger and take his life and that's what unnerves me." said Link as Aniyah nodded her head.

"Does that make me a bad person?" asked Link as he eyed Aniyah who put her hand on his shoulder.

"No it just means you're a kid for Rivergreen, and when you see Mark tell him to call me." said Aniyah as she walked away from Link while the blonde haired teen made his way out of the hospital where Zach, Davey, Eddy, and Jude were talking with Lee, Mercy, Trip, and Reid.

"About time you got out." said Lee as Link chuckled at the group

"Sorry I had a long talk with Aniyah about how I've now can be called a kid from Rivergreen." said Link.

"Take it that didn't go so well." said Mercy as Link nodded his head.

"Want to sit this one out?" asked Lee as Link shook his head.

"No, like Mark I'm a leader and have to be apart of things like this." said Link earning nods from the group.

"We better get going while our friends still think we aren't onto them." said Lee earning nods from the group as they climbed into their cars and drove away from the hospital without the knowledge that a familiar scar faced man was exiting one of the cars with two more men behind him carrying suitcases.

"We're gonna wait here for Quin, follow them and kill them when they get to their location." said Sergio as the men each nodded their heads before driving away from the man as he continued to watch the hospital as three police cars stopped in front of the building.

Outside of Seattle

The drive was somewhat long for the Brothers as they made their way up a hill to a large abandoned cabin with three cars parked out front as the group watched as the Rivergreen and Tacoma Brothers began to make their way inside of the cabin where they were greeted by a large brother wearing a Brothers hat with Spokane written on it.

"Looks like they're having a meeting Rivergreen, Tacoma, and Spokane. This might be a good opportunity to take out their leaders." said one of the men as he continued to eye the house.

"Call the Sergeant let him know we're-!" started one of the men before the group were cutoff by the sound of a car coming up from the behind them and opening fire on the car as barrage of bullets hit the car from the front, back, and sides as the men inside watched as two men from each side stepped out of the car and began to fire on the two cars while Mark and Ryan emerged from the behind car with a smiles on their faces while the other three approached them.

"Well that was kinda fun." said one of the men who stood about six foot with short brown hair cut into a bowl as he gave a devil like smile at Mark.

"It's been a while since I've introduced a new brother just wish it wasn't this guy. The man is Shane Murphy, he's the Sergeant for the Spokane Brothers or Ryan's right hand man. Remember when I said Ryan likes to recruit his members from the Juvie that's were he found Murphy battling a murder charge that was thrown out even though we all know he did it and he's proud to admit it with a smile on his face." thought Mark as he eyed the brown haired teen who stood beside two larger men.

"And the two guys beside him are the Johnson Brothers Rockem and Sockem the two main enforcers of Spokane. These two are very violent and the definition of why recruiting guys of prison and Juvie have their faults. All three of these men do Ryan's bidding, he manipulates them so well to the point where they'd kill their own families for him and they'd do it with smiles on their faces." thought Mark as he eyed the group just as an African American man with a shaved head approached him.

"King County Brothers have the 2nd Order, Pierce County Brothers have the Undertakers, while the Spokane Brothers have the Flatline Crew. A mercenary group of hitmen that serve the Spokane Brothers and they're head by this man Terrance Keane aka Hitman T." thought Mark as he nodded his head at the man.

"When you said these guys were military, I thought you meant they'd be a challenge not sit in the car while we're shooting them down." said Rockem as Mark watched the Rivergreen and Tacoma Brothers emerge from his kill cabin.

"Whoever owns this place must love the color red." said Trip as the group walked towards Mark and the Spokane Brothers.

"Yeah I saw those paintings when I found this place a few months back." lied Mark as Ryan smiled at the youngest Roman while Mark looked away.

"We got a live one." said Zach as the opened the drivers side door of the second car and a pulled a man covered in blood and with three bullet holes in the chest as Mark approached the man.

"You're supposed to be dead." said the man as Mark smiled at him.

"Yeah I've been getting that a lot." said Mark as he looked down at the man.

"You mind telling us where your boss is?" asked Lee.

"Fuck you!" yelled the man.

"Figures!" said Murphy as he lifted his right foot and began to smash the man's head into the ground until his face was a bloody mess and his body stopped moving while a Link, Davey, and Eddy started to look away.

"Is this one of the reason why the Spokane Chapter is so bad?" asked Davey as Zach nodded his head while watching Murphy who continued to smile throughout the endeavor.

"Well that takes care of them how many more of them are left Marcus?" asked Ryan as he turned to Mark.

"Three including their leader." said Mark.

"He was with them earlier." said Mercy earning nods from the group.

"We're do you think he is?" asked Link as Mark began to rub his chin.

"Call Calvin and put everyone on alert we can't take any chances." said Mark earning a nod from Lee.

"And what about these guys?" asked Eddy as he eyed the group.

"There's a well in the backyard we'll drop them down there after that I want you guys to get back the Cul-De-Sac for when Quin get's home." said Mark earning a smile from Ryan.

"But what about you?" asked Link.

"I'm gonna let the guy who's got a price on my head know to get his refund." said Mark with a chuckle earning smiles from the group as they eyed him.


Things were going somewhat good for Quin as he stood in the bathroom of his hospital room getting dressed while Aniyah stood outside the room with Blake by her side as the two chuckled with one another.

"This has been the weirdest experience ever." said Blake.

"Told you before we left there's never a dull day here." said Aniyah.

"You could say that again and I see what you mean by Mark and his friends always being in the middle." said Blake.

"Not really the middle more like the side that jumps first." said Aniyah as Blake eyed the girl.

"So what happened to him that had you spending days with him?" asked Blake.

"He got shot ten times." replied Aniyah to Blake's surprise.

"Jesus is he alright?" asked Blake.

"Alright and walking around, that's one thing about him you can hit him but not knock him down." said Aniyah.

"Does he know who shot him?" asked Blake.

"Yeah and he's probably digging graves right now." replied Aniyah.

"I see why you left him now." said Blake.

"Blake, there's something I gotta tell you." said Aniyah to Blake surprise.

"You slept with Mark." replied Blake as Aniyah took her gaze away from him.

"I assumed the two of you had been sleeping with each other all week, am I right?" asked Blake.

"No we only had sex once." said Aniyah earning a low chuckle from Blake.

"When did it happen?" he asked trying to fight tears.

"This morning, I'm sorry." said Aniyah.

"No I knew this was coming but was to stupid to see it happening." said Blake as he walked away from Aniyah who stood in silence.


The sun was beginning to set over the mountain as Rockem, Sockem, Zach, Mercy, and Reid threw the bodies of the dead men down into the well while Mark stood beside Ryan who smiled at him.

"I'm surprised I thought you would have stopped coming here a long time ago." said Ryan as Mark chuckled.

"I tried but it just keeps pulling me back like a drug." said Mark earning a nod from Ryan.

"I still say you're a good person for doing your own killing, me I don't like to get my hands tpo dirty." said Ryan.

"So I've heard." said Mark as he turned to the larger man.

"Look I know me and you have our difference but I'm happy you were here today to back us up." said Mark as he outstretched his hand to Ryan only for him to bat it away.

"Of course I was here we may run our Chapters differently Marcus but me, you, and most of them have one thing we can agree on... Rivergreen. The people that live there and hurting those trying to hurt us and right now that's what we got." said Ryan earning a nod from Mark.

"So you're standing beside us in this fight?" asked Mark earning a nod from Ryan.

"Spokane and every brother in East Washington and the Flatline Crew is by your side." said Ryan earning a smile from Mark as he patted the shorter teen on the shoulder before Mark's cellphone started to ring.

"Who's that?" asked Ryan as Mark pulled his phone and looked at the number.

"Aniyah!" replied Mark earning a smile from Ryan.

"Then go handle brother." said Ryan as Mark walked away from the large Brother and entered the house before answering his phone.

"Hey!" said Mark.

"Hey how are things on your end?" asked Aniyah as Mark looked back at the group throwing bodies down the well.

"Things here are alright and we're making progress." said Mark as Aniyah's eyes widened.

"Are you okay?" asked Aniyah with a hint of worry in her voice.

"Yeah I just need to go checkup on someone, then I'll be in Rivergreen to send you off." said Mark as he heard a chuckle from Aniyah.

"There's something I want to talk to you about when you get to the Cul-De-Sac at your old place." said Aniyah to Mark's shock.

"Alright I'll see you there." said Mark as Aniyah gave her goodbyes before Mark hung up his phone and made his way outside and watched as Ryan, Zach, and Mercy put the lid over the well.

"Alright let's get going, Lee I need you with me." said Mark earning a nod from the Asian Brother as the group began to make their way towards the front of the house where they began to drive away from the house.


After her conversation with Mark, Aniyah made her way back towards her fathers room where she noticed man sitting in a wheel chair being pushed out of the room by her mother while Blake and two uniformed officers in tow as the girl found herself smiling at the man.

"Let's go sweet pea." said Quin as Aniyah began to follow her father into the elevator without the knowledge that a scarfaced man was watching them from afar before they made their way into the lobby and noticed Calvin, Eric, Tyler, and Clyde following after them with smiles on their faces as the group made their way out of the hospital and began to enter a police car in the front and the back while Calvin and the Brothers hopped into their van before following the group as they drove away from the hospital while the scarred man hopped into a car with two other men inside.

"Follow them." said Sergio as the car began to follow after the group.

King County Sheriff Department

Things were somewhat a bustle of activity for the officers at the station as smiles were spread on the faces of majority of the officers after receiving the news that Quin was on his way home with the exception of Amsel as he sat in his office continuing to admire Mark's ring as they set on his desk.

"Stupid midget that's what you get when you fuck with-!" started Amsel before his eyes widened at the sight of two familiar North Valley teens entering the station.

"NO that's impossible." said Amsel as he watched Mark and Lee enter Harper's office with wide eyes and his mouth agape.

"There you are have you taken care of your problem?" asked Harper as Mark shook his head.

"We still got three missing including the leader as of right now I doubt he knows his men are gone but that won't be for long." said Mark with a smile as he looked outside his office.

"And then what?" asked Harper.

"He'll come for me sooner or later and I'll be ready." said Mark as Harper nodded her head.

"Alright well what are you about to do now?" asked Harper.

"We're gonna head back to the Cul-De-Sac see that Quin gets inside his home safely and that Aniyah get's to the airport safely, you should come." said Mark as Harper nodded her head.

"I'll be there later with a few of the other Sheriff when I get off." said Harper as she gave Mark a confused look.

"Marcus mind telling me where you got that hickey on your neck?" asked Harper earning a laugh from Lee as the duo watched Mark lower his head.

"Well see what happened was-!" started Mark as the group heard the door of the girls office opened as they noticed a familiar blonde haired man enter the room.

"Saved by an asshole." thought Mark.

"Hey detective asshole I heard you missed me so I came to visit." said Mark as Amsel gave a half smile to the North Valley teen.

"Yeah, thought you might have killed someone and skipped town." said Amsel earning a chuckle from Mark.

"Why would I skip town, you're in charge of the task force that supposed to bring me down, that means if you arrest me I'll be out by Monday." said Mark as Lee started to chuckle the duo rose from their chairs.

"See you at Quin's Sergeant." said Mark as Harper nodded her head.

"Oh and Mark!" said Harper earning the attention of both Mark and Harper.

"This conversation isn't over." said Harper as Mark and Lee walked out of the office.

"You alright you look you just saw a ghost." stated Harper as Amsel shook his head.

"Sorry just still wondering how about you and him." said Amsel as Harper eyed the man angrily.

"I don't think you have the right to ask those questions now leave." said Harper as Amsel eyed the woman angrily before leaving her office with his phone in his hands.


The drive back to North Valley wasn't a long drive for Quin as the Sheriff and his family noticed the familiar face of the residents in North Valley smiling, waving, and clapping at the car as they watched it go down the streets into a familiar Cul-De-Sac where they noticed the familiar faces of members of the Rivergreen, Tacoma, and Spokane Brothers standing outside their home clapping their hands and cheering for the family as they watched the cars park in front of the house as Quin stepped out with a smile on his face and was instantly greeted by members of the Brothers who helped the Sheriff setup his wheel chair.

"This is nice." said Aniyah's mother as her daughter nodded her head before making her way over towards Mercy and the Brothers.

"Where's Mark?" asked Aniyah.

"He and Lee are on their way they had to make a stop at a station." said Mercy earning a nod from the girl as she hugged Tina and Maya just as they watched a familiar car drive down the lane and park in front of Mark's old home as Aniyah watched Mark and Lee step out of the car before making their way towards the group.

"There's my boy." said Quin as Mark approached the officer and hugged the man.

"Glad to see you out and shorter than me." said Mark as he looked down at the chuckling Sheriff who sat in his wheel chair.

"For now give me a week and I'll be out of this chair towering over all of you." said Quin earning chuckles from the group as Mark felt a tug on his right arm before turning his head and noticing Aniyah , Tina, and Maya standing behind him.

"Remember that talk?" asked Aniyah as Mark nodded his head while Quin watched the duo with a smile.

"You better go see to that Mark." said Quin.

"Alright I'll see you in a few minutes because parties at your house tonight." said Mark earning cheers from the Brothers as Quin chuckled.

"We'll see about that." said Quin as his wife and a few others began to make their way into his house while Aniyah pulled Mark away from the Brothers.

"I'll see you in a few brothers." said Mark as Aniyah continued to pull him.

"Alright but wash up brother you stink like outside." said Mercy earning a chuckle.

"All of you stink like outside right now." said Tina as both she Maya covered their noses.

"Hey when you as active as we are you can't help it." replied Trip as Link, Zach, Davey, Eddy, Ryan, Reid, and Calvin all sniffed under their arms before pulling their faces back at their owns smell.

"She's kinda right thought this isn't to descent." said Mercy as Mark chuckled.

"Alright make your bath quick." said Mark as the groups started to break away as Aniyah continued to pull him towards his house before pulling him inside and closing the door on the duo.

"So what do you want to talk about?" asked Mark as he eyed Aniyah who wrapped her arms around the youngest Roman for a hug.

"You were worrying about me even when you said I could put in work?" asked Mark as Aniyah rested her head on his shoulder before feeling something in the front of Mark's shirt before lifting it revealing the MP7 Submachine Gun.

"When it comes to things like this yeah." said Aniyah as she pulled the gun out of Mark's pants and studied the weapon.

"Jesus where'd you get this?" asked Aniyah as she turned the gun over.

"You know just found it lying around." replied Mark as Aniyah set the gun on the table.

"You were always a knife guy what changed?" asked Aniyah as Mark chuckled.

"Nothing changed it's just that I control myself better with a gun than with a knife." said Mark as Aniyah nodded her head.

"And we all know you could use some more control." said Aniyah as Mark chuckled before turning his gaze to the ground.

"I told Blake about this morning." said Aniyah as Mark lifted his head to her.

"Am I gonna have to stomp his head in?" asked Mark as Aniyah chuckled.

"No, he took a cab and went to the airport without me." said Aniyah as Mark eyed the girl with confused eyes.

"So what are we getting back together?" asked Mark as Aniyah started to chuckle.

"Hell no." replied Aniyah earning a chuckle from Mark.

"Worth a shot." said Mark with a chuckle.

"We can't be together now, maybe after you walk across that stage in a few months from now we can talk and see where things go." said Aniyah as a smile spread across both her and Mark's face as the two started to lean towards one another until their lips were pressed together as Mark felt his hands moving towards the girls waist while her hands wrapped around his neck as the duo then broke the kiss before holding each other with their heads on the others shoulder.

"Mercy was right you really need a shower right now." said Aniyah as Mark started to chuckle.

"It's been a hot day for once and all we been doing is moving around." replied Mark as Aniyah started to chuckle before giving him a quick kiss.

"You should take a shower if you're gonna be under me tonight." said Aniyah as Mark started to chuckle.

"Sure you don't want me to walk you back to your place first?" asked Mark earning a chuckle from Aniyah.

"I'm a big girl Marcus I can walk myself home." said Aniyah.

"But thanks for asking." said Aniyah as she gave Mark another quick peck on the lips before making her way towards his door before Mark gave her a quick pat on the behind.

"Niyah." said Mark earning the girls attention as she turned to Mark.

"I love you." said Mark earning wide eyes from Aniyah as she eyed Mark in shock before a smile spread across her face.

"I love you too." said Aniyah as she walked out of the house while Mark began to shake his head.

"That was a lot easier than I thought it'd be I never expected myself to truly love someone not like I do her." thought Mark as he began to make his way to the bathroom of his home while Aniyah was walking to her home without the knowledge that she was being watched.

"What the hell do you mean Mark's still alive?" asked Sergio.

"That fucker was just in here a few minutes ago smiling in my damn face. You told me you killed him you son of a-!" yelled Amsel as Sergio hung up his phone before dialing another number.

"The others aren't answering." said Sergio as his two men eyed him.

"You think the brothers got to them?" asked one of the men as Sergio threw his phone to the floor of the car.

"Load up and prepare to unload everything you got into that house." said Sergio as the two other men began load their guns while another stepped on the gas petal of the car sending it speeding towards the Cul-De-Sac as Aniyah turned her head and noticed the car driving towards her while Mark began to put on a new shirt before the sound of gunshots pierced his ears causing him lift his head at the close proximity of the sound that caused him to rush out of the bathroom before grabbing his MP7 and rushing out of the house where he noticed a black car flying the neighborhood before turning his gaze to Quin's home and noticing a familiar women lying face down in the grass.

"NO NO NO!" yelled Mark as he ran over to Aniyah and crouched down next to her as he noticed a large bullet hole in the back of the girls head as her blood began to soak the ground just as everyone started to exit their homes.

"AHHH!" screamed Aniyah's mother as the woman caught site of her fallen daughter just as Lee, Mercy, Trip, Ryan, Reid, Link, Zach, Davey, and Eddy rushed over to the fallen girl with tears in their eyes.

"Call an ambulance!" yelled Mercy as he, Lee, and Trip ran towards the downed Aniyah as Mark placed a hand on the side of the young girls head as he felt a flurry of emotions wash over him but the biggest being sadness as the group watched as tears fell from the eyes of the Rivergreen leaders as the images of his mother and father flashed through his mind.

"Not this again please not like this." thought Mark as his tears hit the ground just as Quin emerged from his home still in the wheelchair as he collapsed beside his fallen daughter as Mercy and Zach began to pull Mark away from the girl as all the Brothers rushed over towards the teen as Mark collapsed to the ground in tears until ambulance and officers arrived into the Cul-De-Sac as Harper exited her squad car and noticed the body of Aniyah on the ground with Quin standing over her while before turning her eyes to Mark and noticed the North Valley teen sitting on the sidewalk with his head to the ground while a crying Maya kept her head on his shoulders as Lee, Mercy, Trip, Buck, and the other Brothers stood behind him with their heads to the ground as tears fell from all of their eyes.

"Marcus!" said Harper not getting a response from the North Valley teen or any of the Brothers as everyone from the neighborhood and surrounding Cul-De-Sac's came over and watched as the coroners placed a white sheet over the body of Aniyah as Quin broke down into tears while slamming his fist into the ground.

"Shit!" said Harper as he began to approach Quin just as two officers began to pull the man off the group noticed a news van park in front of the house while a familiar reporter stepped out.


Things all seemed quiet in the home of Ms. Summers as she stood over the stove in the kitchen making dinner just as her cellphone started to ring.

"Hello!" answered the woman.

"Why what's on the news?" asked the woman as she began to make her way into the living room and turned her television to the news as a breaking news segment was going on.

"This is Susan Sampson coming to you live from the North Valley neighborhoods in Rivergreen where a murder just a few hours ago has shaken the town." said the reporter causing the woman to turn up the volume as she watched the video of Quin on his knee slamming his fist to the ground in anger.

"The victim nineteen year old Aniyah Parks the daughter of King County Sheriff Chief was shot down in a drive-by-shooting a few hours ago outside of her fathers home and her death his shook the entire neighborhood." continued the reporter as the cameras soon panned over to Mark, Lee, Mercy, Trip, Buck, Reid, and the other Brothers as they all stood on sat on the sidewalk with their heads down in order to hide their tears as Ms. Summers eyes widened at the group as she felt tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"Aniyah is currently enrolled at the University of Southern California but came back to her home town of Rivergreen after learning of her fathers injuries and spent majority of her time in the hospital with her father but just minutes after coming back to her old neighborhood she found herself being another victim to the violence of Rivergreen." said the reporter as Ms. Summers lowered her head along with Ms. Smith as she stood in the living room of her home watching the news along with Daryl, Jordan, Aurora, and a number of other Seaside High students as they noticed the image of Mark, Maya, Buck, Chris, and the Brothers sitting onside the road with their heads down before watching as Mark lifted his face to look at the camera as everyone noticed the tears in his eyes as he rose to his feet earning wide eyes from Maya.

"Mark!" she said as Jenna kept her eyes on the North Valley teen as he sent looks to Lee, Mercy, Trip, Reid, and everyone else as Ryan put his hand on his shoulder and sent him a nod.

"This is barbaric." said Harper with tears in her eyes as she looked at the body of Aniyah before feeling her cellphone starting to vibrate causing her to take it out of her pocket and answer it.

"Ms. Smith!" answered Harper.

"What about Mark?" asked Harper as she turned her head and looked at the side of the road where the Brothers were sitting and noticed Maya, Tina, Jenna, and a few other girls left standing causing her to look around for Mark and the other members of the Brothers.

"Oh no!" said Harper as she continued to scan the neighborhood for any sign of Mark or any of the other Brothers.

"What this-!" started Harper just as the camera showed the image of a series of cars starting up as Mark and Lee sat inside of his car before leading a convoy of cars out of the Cul-De-Sac as Harper watched the departing Brothers with wide eyes and fear in her hearts just as Quin reached grabbed the woman's hand.

"Call out an APB on Mark and all members of the Brothers we need to get them off the street now." said Quin with tears in his eyes as Harper nodded her head before grabbing her Walkie Talkie and sending a message to the King County Sheriff''s Department where a familiar blonde haired man was watching the news with a smile on his face.

"Sergio you did better than expected." said Amsel as he gave an evil chuckle.

Authors Note: Well here's the final chapter of book one I hope you've enjoyed the story or have a least taken somewhat of an interest and if you have any questions or comments please let me know.