Unknown Date – Unknown place…

...but a very familiar theme. Waking up completely confused as to where I am is just another ordinary day for me. It usually takes me a few minutes to adjust, and figure it all out, but this…

It's been a few minutes, and I am still here- wherever here is.

The walls are tall and white washed; the floor and ceiling the same. I'm hugging myself for some reason, my arms wrapped around my own chest like I'm trying to keep myself warm. But it isn't that cold. Maybe I fell asleep like this.

I try to move my arms but cant. My arms are firmly locked in place.

I sit up as best I can, discovering in the process that both the floor and the walls are bouncy, buoyant, squishy. With this discovery it also dawns on me where I am.

Well, fuck.

This is a padded cellar. And this thing, currently locking your arms at your sides is a straightjacket, buddy. Oh, Luck, you knew this day would come. And here it is….

I'm trying to remember. I'm attempting to piece together the events that led to this ending, but I'm coming up blank.

There are spots. Big spots. Gaping holes in my memory that I cannot possibly fill. All I remember doing last is washing down an entire bottle of Revitenol with a few long shots of tequila. After that… who the hell knows?

There is a small door at the other end of my tiny, padded cellar, with a small Plexiglas window at head level. The door opens without warning and a tall bald man in a long white coat is standing over me. He adjusts the ridiculously large bifocals on his face and flashes a quick, polite smile.

"I am doctor Richard," he says.

I say nothing. I know too many doctors. I'm staring through the open doorway, out into the hall. I think I can make a run for it.

The man nudges me with his boot. "Do you know who you are?"

I nod.

"Can you tell me who you are?"

"I'm Lucky Whetzel."

"Do you know where you are, Lucky Whetzel?"

I nod.

"Do you know why you are here, Lucky Whetzel?"

I look up at the doctor now. I stare at his flat, boring face and think about sweeping his legs out from underneath him. I don't know why, or what that would accomplish for me, but the urge is fleeting and is gone the moment I begin to open my mouth.

"I-" my voice cracks. I clear my throat. "I guess I'm insane, or something."

The doctor calmly holds his arms in front of him. He doesn't argue with my observation. He only adjust his huge bifocals and smiles. "Welcome to Halfcraft, Mr. Whetzel."

Before I can reply the man's already heading for the door. As he turns, I catch sight of what is unmistakably a bright blue tail peeking out of the subtle folds of Dr. Richard's pants.

I know that tail!

"Agent Grimes!" I call after the doctor. I'm on my feet now. I'm dashing for the door, but slam hard into it just as it closes in my face. "Mr. Bunny Suit Man!"

Dr. Richards is smiling at me from the other side of the Plexiglas. He crosses one finger over his lips, spins sharply on heels, and makes a brisk march down the hall.

I'm still calling after him. I'm still banging away at the door. But no one can hear me.

I am alone.

But isn't this what you always wanted?

I'm splayed out on the floor again, staring up at the one big light so high up. I guess this is what I always wanted. Ultimate isolation. Ultimate silence. Just Lucky and his thoughts. Its Whetzel in Wonderland forever.

I smile.

At least the walls are bouncy.