"I have no such feelings. Don't assume you know a thing about me!" Am I being too serious right now?

His eyes didn't emit any signs of light, he wasn't convinced. "It's always thoughts, & more thoughts - You do know feelings are simply thoughts from your heart? It'll eventually go through that logical mind of yours."

Regardless of what I wanted to say, I knew he wouldn't dare to give in. That jerk may just be the only one, able to compete with my stubborn-headed nature. Unfortunately, he lacks a few qualities to defeat me, and I knew him too well. We'll see who wins this one..

I won't concede to your statement. "If you say so, I could care less and I highly doubt that will happen. I simply rely on my instincts, so think whatever you like."

"Aw, you care? There's a chance of me being correct after all." He still had the confidence to mock me.

No, you're wrong. Don't keep your hopes up! I hardly ever base things off my feelings. Such useless sentimental values are of no interest to me at all. What good will listening to an unconscious presumption do? In the end, it'll make you feel like an idiot. Using my thoughts and wits, the actions I make, coordinates with my surroundings.

A shiver of wind passed by. Deep within, I knew this year was going to be different.

Yet, I'm just surpressing that undesired thought? Wait, what? How's that possible? Great, I have no idea what I'm talking about.