A/N: Hey, everyone. Here is a poem that I wrote a long time ago that goes more into Isamu's mind. Now, I have modified it slightly, so I hope that I can deliver his character to you fully as this is considered one of my early poems about him from my archive. And without further wait, he it is. Please R&R.


The Poison Reigns

Written By: Charisma "SilverIsamu" Hishaw

Tasting the bitter poison

That runs upon my lips

Every time I get that feeling

The feeling to kill

Only to satisfy my urges as I bring to my lips the blood of my enemies

The feeling to lust

Have I really saved myself for love?

The one that only matters to me

To feel the bare body of the one who loves me, next to my uncovered flesh

I choose her,

But does she care about the mask that seems to hide away all my worst fears?

Making me nothing but afraid

Without this vengeance, would I be able to survive?

Everywhere I run, bodies fall by my hands

Forcing out the souls of innocent beings

Just for my enjoyment

Am I selfish?

I look at my reflection in the mirror, what do I see you say?

I see an afraid human inside this worthless body of a snake

The snake that loves one, and yet hates all

No more…

I don't want to hate

But still, the poison reigns…

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