Chapter 0 Prologue

So many ways to start. So many different perspectives. I think the best way to start this off is from the beginning. Hi. My name is Jakob but everyone just calls me Jake, although I go by different names. One day a long time ago, about 100 years or so there was this big war. Everyone said it was the War to end all wars. A lot of the worlds countries had access to nuclear bombs. Once war broke out, all hell broke loose. But thats a different story. In the aftermath, there was one government still standing. Back then it was called something like U.S. Now they're just called the World Confederation. Everyone is at peace with another, well all the countries that is. During the war lots of nuclear radiation was released, causing what people call the Jump. After the Jump most children born had some kind of power. But those that did always had some kind of problem that limited their power. For me it's the ability to control the elements. My Power is I can control wind, earth, fire, air, light, darkness, and electricity. My Drawback is that for each element I control, I have a different personality. Out of convenience I named them different names. So when I can control fire i'm called Pyro. When I control water its Hydro. Wind is Burst, Darkness is Void, Electricity is Arc, and Earth is Mountain. When i'm just me, or controlling light, I'm either Jake or Pulse. Most people just call me Jake though. Well I think thats enough of a background. Time to get on with my day.