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As I try to shake off the daze of hitting someone's foot, I hear someone start screaming at me.

"You freaking idiot! Watch where you're going. You could have broken Em's leg!"

Looking up a see a tall,blonde girl screaming at me. Next to her is a smaller brunette.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I just lost control of it." I said shrugging.

"How dare you just shrug that off?! My little Emmy could've been seriously hurt, and you just SHRUG IT OFF?!" She was literally shaking now.

"Look I said i'm sorry. It's not like i'm a healer. I didn't mean to hurt her and if I did i'm sorry. Isn't that enough?"

"No it isn't you shou-" The girl named Em cut her off

"Hope let it go. I'm fine. It was an accident." She said, trying to pull the other girl away.

Suddenly I see this big blonde kid coming towards me with a mean look on his face.

"Hey you. Ugly. You the kid that got Percy in trouble?"

"Yeah but he was looking for a fight man. I didn't rat on him. He got himself caught." I said trying to back away.

"Well thats just too bad. Looks like you're going to get caught up in my fist." He said as he threw a punch. Bracing myself for the hit, I realize that it should've hit me by now. Looking at him, I realize he's stuck. He can't move at all. There's also this faint blue glow around him. Looking around I see Emily's eyes are glowing blue.

"Em are you a psychic?"

"No i'm just glowing blue because I ate some bad mushrooms earlier. Of course i'm psychic idiot." She said with a huff.

"Sorry I didn't realize."

"Not a problem. Now do you mind restraining him or getting a teacher or something? This is kind of hard for me to do."

Deciding to get a teacher I call out to Matthews.

" we need some assistance over here!"

As he comes over he sees the blonde boy is frozen.

"What's going on here?"

Em released the boy then said. "He swung at this kid here-"

"Its Jake by the way" I interrupted

"He swung at Jake here and I froze him with my ability"

"Oh I see. Trent is this because of what Percy did?" He asked, obviously addressing the boy.

"Yes sir. I thought i'd get some revenge. To bad the lez got in my way."

"You're lucky I don't pound you now, Pest!" Hope said obviously trying to contain her anger"

"Now now Miss Cardy. Fight fire with fire and everybody gets burned. Contain your anger. As for you Mister Ivanheart, you can come with me."

As they start walking away I turn to Em.

"Thanks for that. He would've pounded me to dust if he hit me."

"Yeah especially since he's got the strength of a bulldozer." Em said "But anyway, it was no problem. I don't suppose you want to talk to me now do you?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Well with Trent saying how I go for girls I'd have thought you wouldn't want to talk with me."

"Well that's a stupid reason not to talk to someone. We're all human, even though some of us try not to be." I said, jerking my head towards Trent and Mr.M.

Em and Hope laughed.

Just then Clair decided to walk in.

"Hey Jake what's up?" She asked with a little bounce in her step.

"Nothing. Just caused a little accident here. It's all good now. Right guys?", I ask looking towards the two girls.

"Yeah I guess it's all good. See you around." Em said as she walked away.

"See ya. So how was coding Clair?" I turn around, expecting her to respond but being surprised when she seemed to be mad at me.

"What's wrong Clair?"

"Nothing Jake. Just nothing. I'm going to go get something to eat. Bye." And with that she stormed out of the gym.

What was that all about? I thought to myself.

I don't man. Chick seemed kinda pissed at you for some reason.

Oh hey Burst forgot you were there. This having voices in my head thing is going to take some getting used to.

No problem boss man. Not like I can tell anyone what you're saying, right bro?

No I guess not.

Just then Matthews turned towards the rest of the students, everyone having finished the test.

"Excuse me everyone. If you here you're names you'll be coming with me to practice. If you're on the list don't worry it's just that your powers are slightly dangerous and we don't want to hurt anybody. Now everyone listen up. I need Mister Percy Dynan, Jakob Merch, Trent Ivanheart, Emily Myles, and Ceasar Lent to come with me please. The rest of you continue as you were."

As I walk towards the exit with Em and the rest I can't help but think, This is going to be hell.

You're telling me boss man.

Shut up Burst.

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