PROLOGUE: Long ago in the age of Myths the future Greek Gods, led by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades waged war against their father Kronos the Ruler of the Universe. In a battle that lasted ten years resulting in the defeat of Kronos and the Titans, and their imprisonment Tartarus. After achieving victory, the three brothers divided the world amongst themselves: Zeus was given domain over the sky and the air, and was recognized as overlord. Poseidon was given the sea and all the waters, whereas Hades was given the Underworld, the realm of the dead. Each of the other gods was allotted powers according to the nature and proclivities of each. The earth was left common to all to do as they pleased, even to run counter to one another, unless the brothers (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades) were called to intervene.

Upset with being left with the Underworld, by his younger brothers Zeus & Poseidon, Hades started a civil war between the Gods known as the War of the Gods, in which the 12 Greek Gods choose sides & battled for control of the Universe, the battle lasted for 50 years causing damage across the Universe. In the end neither side could gain the upper hand, which resulted in a truce, due to Zeus coming up with idea that pleased all the Gods. Instead of the Gods continuing to wage war against each other & destroy the Universe in the process. They decided to go to Earth & mate with Mortals to create Demigods who will fight in their place in a competition known as the Demigod War. The winner of the Demigod War will become a God and ruler of Earth, and their parent will become the new King of Gods & ruler of the entire Universe.