The First Moat

Arthur Pendragon was a powerful, benevolent king. However, he had a problem. The armies of Galehaut were attacking his castle more frequently as of late, and his knights found themselves losing battle after battle. Something needed to be done.

-Meeting at the Town Hall-

"My liege, they are superior in numbers and strength. We cannot keep up our defenses much longer!" Lancelot spoke up in protest.

King Arthur furrowed his brow in thought. "Indeed, thou art correct. But alas, there seems to be no solution! They have us surrounded, so no retreat is possible."

"Surrender?" a knight suggested.

"I would rather die!" exclaimed Arthur. "Merlin, any ideas?"

Merlin opened his eyes lazily. "Naw man, I dunno, I jus' do the magic for ya."

Arthur sighed. "Merlin thy once again proveth thyself to be the most useless wizard in the land."

After a minute or so of silence, a peasant by the name of Moat nervously spoke up. "Um...your majesty...perhaps we could divert the waters of the Danube into a deep ditch around the castle?" Upon his proposal, many of the others looked up in surprise. Indeed, water may drive away the enemy, for no knight in his right mind would want to get their precious armor wet.

"That...just may work," approved Arthur. "But how do we dig such a diversion so quickly? We shan't much time left."

"We hath no other choice," stated a knight. Others murmured in agreement. "If we hurry, we may be able to finish before dawn; the next attack will surely come then."

"Very well. To work!" commanded Arthur. Perhaps there was hope yet.

-The Eve of War-

All through the night, Arthur's men worked without break. The crack of dawn came as the finishing touches were being made.

*Wheeze* *Pant* "There, we finally did it," sighed Lancelot. "And just in time too. Break the mud wall!" A peasant used his shovel to break the thin layer of mud separating the Danube from the ditch leading to and around the castle, allowing water to rush in. Lancelot smiled satisfactorily. "In honor of the one behind the idea, we shall call it a moat."

"What ho! The enemy approaches our fair castle!" The sudden announcement caused everyone to turn. Indeed, off in the distance, they could see horses and men approaching their castle alarmingly fast.

"Oh no! We won't make it in back in time to protect the king!" a panicked Lancelot exclaimed.

Merlin opened his lazy eyes once more and smirked. "Aight, I got dis. Hold on to yer hats!" He raised his wand, and all at once, Lancelot, Moat, and company found themselves next to their castle and a worried King Arthur.

Arthur was momentarily surprised, and then relieved. "For all the hate I place upon thee, thou art truly amazing, Merlin."

"S'what I do."

Everyone then turned to face the invaders, now only hundreds of feet away. They advanced at a thundering pace, but their horses whinnied and came to an abrupt stop upon noticing something. Dead ahead, was a trench of water encircling King Arthur's castle.

"What now?" an enemy knight asked. "Should we dismount our steeds and cross? All at once the invaders burst into protest.

"Are you crazy! We would get our armor wet!"

"Do you know how long it took me to polish it yesterday?!"

"Who knows what vile microorganisms dwelleth in that river..."

It was then decided that, in the presence of such an obstacle, they retreat to fight another day.


"I...I...I guess it worked," murmured Moat happily. Suddenly, a few knights lifted him up into the air. Cheer filled the castle as everyone praised their savior for the creation of the moat. Amidst the celebration, however, Lancelot suddenly thought of something.

" do we leave the castle now?"


"Perhaps...we could...wade through the water?" King Arthur boldly suggested.

Chaos followed the careless comment.

"Are you crazy! We would get our armor wet!"

"Do you know how long it took me to polish it yesterday?"

"What if there are crocodiles in there?!"

A timid peasant suddenly cleared her throat, an idea in her mind. Her name was Drawbridge.

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