Hi everyone :) This is generally somewhat like a horror story starter, but I'm scared of horror stories( the nightmares u see) and so I dont dare to actually write them haha! But I like writing starters cos its fun and mysterious, so I'm letting you guys use my starters to write your very own story! Haha all y have to say for credit is This story starter belongs to Tressenchy on fictionpress and fanfiction and that's it :)) I know this story is a bit long too, so you can just PM me for me to send you the document so you can just copy n paste instead of typing the entire document out; save you a bit of trouble of retyping the story starter :)

Thank you for reading! :D

I found myself stranded on an eerie path strangled with vines. This path was never-ending. Owls hooted at me from every angle and I shivered involuntarily. My foot sank into thick, greenish-brown slimy mud as I took every step. This place was shrouded in darkness that I could barely see further than a foot from me. My heart's thumping in my ears was so loud it felt like my own heart was not making the noise but the creatures around me; mocking me constantly. Suddenly, my foot got stuck in the slime, as if super glue had been layered over it a hundredfold. Snails, worms, slugs, spiders and all sorts of creepy crawlies darted out of the substance. My heart almost fell out of my mouth when I saw what came out. I heard a piercing loud screeching sound so high-pitched it felt like only bats would be able to hear it, and so bloodcurdling my hairs stood on ends, then I realised it was me.

"Jesse! Oi! Jesse! JESSE! " A familiar voice snapped away my nightmare. I jolted upright, wide awake now. Beads of perspiration trickled down my forehead. My hair stuck out oddly at different angles like an electric shock had just passed through me. A few strands stuck to my sweaty face. My sister Belle's face blocked my entire view of my bedroom ceiling. Her face was crumpled and red with concern. "Are you okay? I heard you scream. "

I brushed some of my sweaty hair aside. I waned to tell her brightly, yes, I was perfectly fine f course, just a silly nightmare, of course it couldn't do any harm. Just like what everyone does when they try to be strong. But I said plainly, "Yes. Nightmare. Let's go back to sleep. What time is it now?"

"3AM." Belle whispered fearfully. She was superstitious and believed in the fact that ghosts roamed the earth at night. "I couldn't sleep at all. 'Been tossing and turning the entire time."

I patted her shoulder kindly and reassured her that everything was going to be fine.

"But what if my nightmare becomes like yours? You were yanking your hair and screaming like a madwoman." She trembled. Before I could think of any comforting words, however, she got to her feet and staggered away while mumbling something about being hungry and thirsty.

I sat alone then in the bedroom, trying to clear my mind of that horrible nightmare. Maybe it wasn't exactly considered a nightmare, because it could have been worse like if a two-headed -no wait, make that ten-headed- grizzly bear attacked me and ripped me flesh apart? But the feeling of that dream certainly freaked me out if the slimy animals started sucking at my blood on my toes.

I stilled myself, deep in thought. The unnerving quietness helped me think deeper than I ever did before. Then I became aware that I was thinking about nothing in particular, so I decided to just appreciate this rare piece of 'hush-hush', because with my family of seven where everyone often speaks their minds, calmness and noiselessness was rare. Lively non-stop chattering was much more common; no doubt about that?

I listened to the faint snoring sounds from my parents' bedroom, though the sound seemed to be emitting from the large shadows that were cast by the moonlight on my bedroom white wall. So this was what Belle had been experiencing for a few hours now. She must have been deathly scared of these shadows, because one of the shadows mimicked the bogey monster.

It started to drizzle outside. I tip-toed to the window and peered slowly outside. Ah, the cool morning sir was crisp and fresh, like fresh grass, like the smell when you get when you dash into a field full of sunflowers. I took a deep breath of satisfaction. This peace was perfect. Even the bullfrogs' croaking sounds was complementing pleasurably with the pitter patter of the light rain. The wind howled and I felt my nose being swept with a few drops of water by the strong wind. I was mesmerizing in this feeling of wholeness of my soul with nature before I remembered abruptly about Belle.

Questions burst like fireworks in my head. Why was she taking such a long tie? Did an accident happen while she was trying to cut her apple and daydream at the same time? Had she spilt boiling water from last night all over her? Or had she slip and fell after stepping on a banana peel I littered last night? I immediately felt guilty biting at me for that littering incident, and for not remembering about my own sister's safety earlier. I should have followed her to the kitchen, of course. Now fear clawed at my heart so fiercely I began to gasp tremendously for air. Or maybe... I needn't worry. I often had wild thoughts; maybe i was just me with the time. I should make sure that it was really her taking a long time and not me.

My hand instinctively reached for an alarm clock an arm's length away. Knocking the buttons impatiently, I strained my eyes to glimpse the glowing time on the clock. Twenty minutes to four in the morning! I bit my lip so hard I tasted blood. Without further hesitation, I grabbed my favourite blanket as a form of comfort and also weapon against monsters, if any. Better be prepared than sorry, right? I whipped it in front of me for extra coziness and hurried to the kitchen.

I could scarcely believe the scene I saw. Terror attacked my body to the extent that I began trembling so badly, for once could not stop. I gazed down at the body once more, but I could hardly move; I was so struck with shock and fright. I let out a shrill scream uncontrollably that pierced the house of quietness, and then I fell hard to the ground, panting madly.