A Good Night's Sleep

A dreamless sleep,

it's what I have every night.

Either it's nightmares

or just plain nothing.

The frequency of 'nothings'

is more than the nightmares though,

and I'm grateful for that.

Now there's only one thing I wish fore

in the sleep department,

and that is that

I don't wanna wake up

so many times

during the night.

It makes me fall asleep

in English and Computer class.

My teachers aren't pleased.

It takes a lot of effort

to stay awake at school,

let alone pay attention.

I sleep during roll call,

I sleep during break.

If I'm not asleep,

my mind's blank.

It doesn't affect my grades though.

I'm grateful for that.

But my conduct's gone

from 'good' to 'satisfactory'.

My only wish

is to have a good night's sleep for once.

But then again,

My wishes never come true, do they?