Once upon a time, there was a land named Eir'Cre. It was where angels and devils could live together peacefully. That land had a diamond as their treasure representing two races, angels and devils.

One day, the diamond mysteriously went missing. Both side accused each other about the missing diamond.

Arrogance and egoistic of the people who became the leaders caused a war, a really scary and brute one.

The war killed not only the soldiers of both kingdoms but also many innocent citizens.

The situation became worse and worse as the leaders of devil's kingdom, King Philip V and Queen Elizabeth XI had been killed as they left their only daughter who was only 10 years old, alone.

The bad situation was not only happened at devils' side, but angels' side as well. The rage and hatred that devils felt because their king and queen got killed succeed them in killing Queen Crystal who was King Joseph IV's wife and also the Queen of angels.

Queen Crystal was killed when she tried to protect her only son, who was in the same age of King and Queen of devil's daughter.

Ever since the death of Queen Crystal, both sides became enemies to each other as a new rule appeared and was approved by both sides. They have to kill each other.

Devils had to kill Angels and Angels had to kill Devils. Because of the war, all the citizens agreed as they started hunting and killing each other.

But, there was a small light, which shone during dark and hard times for both sides. There was a group of angels and devils. They were really young, yet strong and brave.

They protected each other even though their races were different. But, once again, the egoistic of the ones who owned the power of both side covered the shine they had.

They found a great magician and asked him to do something about that group. The magician finally agreed to help them as he got a power and position as the pay back of his job.

The magician did exactly what he was asked as the light of that group slowly disappeared…