Tim Tucker

The starship Theia cut through the vastness of outer space like a celestial blade.

At 100,020 tons and 1,092 feet in length, the Theia was the largest of the Anunnaki's space carriers, capable of traversing the stars while carrying payloads of monumental size across entire galaxies. Now, Theia was on a mission of the utmost importance.

Their destination? A faint, young star system located within The Great Spiral Galaxy. Trailing behind Theia was its "package", a planetoid sized sphere made of nearly indestructible titanium tethered to the ship via gravitational pylons.

Wowane, Theia's captain, stared through the dark lensed port of the bridge into the ocean of emptiness that was space, his reptilian visage reflected against the glass. Out here in the cold, expansive void there was little to see. They were so far gone now that all directions were meaningless to their relative position; no north, no south, no horizon to speak of.

Nothing left except for the journey.

Out here was where they would find their salvation in the form of a fertile blue planet that was to be colonized, or "seeded" by the Anunnaki's slave force. Once populated, the workers would begin the eons long process of mining the planet for gold and other precious minerals. Before any such seeding and excavation could take place however, the planet must first be primed for its eventual harvest.

"Captain!" cried the ships pilot M'Panku. "we are within twenty light years of The Local Interstellar cloud."

Wowane tapped the communications button on his lapel. "Bridge to engineering, deploy the photon thrusters and prepare for turbulence." he commanded. "M'Panku, initiate warp speed but only do so with the cruise navigation enabled. We only have one shot at this and we need to be as accurate as possible."

"Yes captain."

M'Panku clicked at knobs and dials on his navigation console, preparing to make their impossible jaunt. He was truly the most skilled pilot amongst the Anunnaki's star fleet operating the most advanced ship in their arsenal but with countless invariable uncertainties mounting by the second they were going to need more than skill and technology to achieve the impossible.

"We are fifteen light years out!"

Deep within the bowels of the ship the engines pumped with kinetic energy.

"Ten thousand light years out!"

When Wowane spoke, his voice seemed to echo with the majesty of the cosmos.

"Initiate warp drive!"

The lights of the Theia's bridge quarters began to dim but through the lens port Wowane saw a foggy disc of light getting bigger and bigger until it covered the entire screen. They accelerated through the muted background glow of the ancient universe at unfathomable speeds, the heart of the ship rushed and beat, rushed and beat and the hull strained with immense pressure.

"Captain! We have reached The Local Interstellar Cloud!"

"Everyone brace yourselves!"

M'Panku maneuvered the colossal ship with startling precision. This was it. All of the years of preparation had come down to this one action. The Theia banked sharply to the left at the speed of light, its precious cargo jack-knifing ahead of the ship -

"-Release gravitational pylons!"

The payload disengaged from the ship and hurdled into the vacuum of space. For one brief, glorious moment the light from the jettisoned object spilled into the bridge, casting a shadowy glow the color of pale silk across terminals and wide, reptilian eyes. It was absolutely massive, a solid white sphere of metal forged on the planet Chitauri, now spinning inexorably towards its new home. The soft, warm light dissipated as the sphere moved further out, leaving the Theia lurching in its wake.

Wowane could almost feel the heart of the ship slowing as it was caught outside of its centrifugal state. Dials and needles whirred and oscillated wildly and the thrusters sputtered and choked. The sudden pull of the payloads disconnection had knocked the Theia off course and their instruments were now useless. Wowane gripped the terminal for dear life, thinking...

"Reroute all auxiliary power to manual thrusters!"

"But captain, where will we go?"

Wowane pointed. Across cold and empty space the payload had found its final resting place in a perfectly synchronized orbit around the fertile blue planet. Their new destination.

Billions of years from now the first man will stand upon some deserted reach on that blue planet, stare into the night sky and bear witness to the Anunnaki's ingenuity in the form of pale moonlight. He would then run into his cave in an attempt to transcribe what he had just witnessed on the damp walls with charcoals and primitive paint. His tribe will come worship the crescents and perfect circles and proclaim these shapes to be the chariots of the Gods and man will reshape the image of the moon to their own likeness, all traces of the Chitaurians involvement lost to the void of time.

Wowane smiled.

"Captain, the orbit of the planet has been knocked out of alignment by the moon, who knows how that will effect Proselenic life!"

"We only have to stay there long enough to repair our communications and send for help. We will make it home."

And Wowane knew this to be a fact. The lifetime of the future man will be insignificant and their knowledge even more pitiful, but they will look into the night sky in wanderlust and vanity in hopes of one day setting foot upon the influential sphere and announcing to the Heavens "By God, we did it!" But until then, let this moon be their chariot, their great deity, and their guiding light that shines over the heads of both men of science and men of faith, for their nights are sure to be long and full of misplaced answers.

They will be isolated yet afraid to be on their own...

"M'Panku! Engage manual thrusters!"

"Yes captain!"

...But we will always be there for them.