When I wake up, I wake up to a realization: I'm not in pants. I'm sure if I wasn't so tired and in a daze, I would have said "Guys, I'm not wearing pants." I blinked while counting ceiling panels, then woke up thinking about pants. I'm in one of those stupid gowns. I guess it's easier to put casts on people with gowns. That means someone other than Andy looked at my ding dong. Isn't that awkward.

I blush at the thought. I hear a knock at my door, and see it open. Andy is standing there, holding a pair of clothes. "You ready to go tiger?"

"Andy, I'm not wearing pants." See? I told you, I had to say it. I look Andy up again, she's wearing a pretty red with white polka dot dress. She's a bit on the chubby side, but not too much. She's chubby to the point of being cute.

"I know babe. I brought you some shorts." I thank her when she hands me the shorts and quickly slide them on under my gown. She hands me a muscle shirt and I slide it on. "If I got you a razor and shaving cream, would you use it? Your face looks like my uncle Alberto's chest."

"Hey, don't disrespect the beard." I laugh and drop the gown. Andy pulls a wheel chair out from the hall and puts it up to my bed. Using my help, she slides me into the wheel chair. I grab my phone, and we're off to the cab. Once we finally managed to get me into the cab, Andy folds up the wheel chair and shoves it into the trunk. She sits beside me, and holds onto my phone.

"I grabbed your wallet out of your locker." She smiles and rests her shoulder against mine. This Andy actually makes me feel comfortable, and safe.

"Thank you baby.. I realized, without you, I probably couldn't tie my own shoe. So, thank you. For everything you've ever done for me."

"Awe, you're welcome. It's nice hearing gratitude for once." I shoot her a sarcastic look when she says this. "I'm kidding. I don't know where we would be without each other."

The Wing Palace, 7:00 PM Sharp.

Andy wheels me to the table where most of the team are already at. Aaron and Tristan give up their seats, who wouldn't for a cripple and his girlfriend? They really are nice guys.

"So who's playing?" I ask as I look up at the TV screen across from us.

"The Packers at Seahawks." Brandon replies. He already has his wings, and two other trays. "I paid for you guys." Brandon says and hands Andy and I a plate of Lemon Chicken Parmesan wings. He already ordered for us. That was nice of him. "You two want a beer? It's on me." I nod, but Andy just says she'll stick with water.

"So Henson." Pipes in Tristan who is across from me. "When will you be out of that cast and back on the field?"

"Well," I begin and swallow the bit of wing I just took.

"He won't be joining you guys again this year. His mom is pulling him off." Andy says for me. I look at her a bit annoyed.

"Andy, you don't think I'm capable of answering for myself?"

"You two, don't start arguing in here." Brandon says as the two beers arrives, one for him and one for me. "We're here to celebrate such a fantastic win." Brandon raised his beer bottle, and all of us, whether it be clicking out cups, or bottles together, we all toasted to the victory. "Don't get cocky just yet boys-"

"Brandon, calm down. We're here to have fun. Not get inspired by one of your speeches." Shelby calls over from one of the billiards tables.

"Yeah yeah, fuck yourself." Brandon laughs as he sips his beer. "Phil, you're always welcomed at our gatherings. As much as I enjoy playing football with you, you need to heal up."

Now that I think about it, I don't really want to quite for good. I really want to protect Brandon, and keep us going. I've come so far. It's been said a million times, "Bros Before Hoes". Things are starting to become clearer to me. Maybe I should just break up with Andy.. But is Football actually worth it? These guys are my family, but Andy could be the one who will help me have a real family. Maybe I can break up with her until the end of the Football season?

"Hey Henson, I asked you a question." Aaron's higher voice breaks me from my trance.

"Oh, what was it?"

"When are you two going to break up? I mean, it's been nearly three years."

"Aaron, shut up." Tristan chugs the last sip of his beer. "You just want Andy for yourself. You're probably in it for her chest. Sure, they are bigger than most chicks at our school, but in order to get into her pants you need to be as good looking as Henson. That's something you'll never achieve."

What if I do break up with Andy? She can't move out, she has no where to go. Plus, my parents love her too much to let her go. They'd rather find my receipt and send me home. Would she bring Tristan or Aaron home after realizing her feelings for them? I can't stand that thought, I'm just the jealous type.

"Hey Henson, why do you have to quit the season?" Brandon finishes his plate of wings. "Why can't you just come once you're healed up?"

"Andy won't let me. It's either I give up Football, or I give up my relationship."

"Now you're making me look like a bitch. Your mom is the one who decided this, I'm just enforcing it."

"God damn it Andy. You're forcing me to quit what I love. Now either you let me play Football, or I sleep on the couch in the basement until the season's over."

"Oh really? This must be some bros before hoes creed. You'd rather keep your relationship with all these guys instead of your relationship with me. Maybe you should sleep in the basement until the seasons over. Or better yet: You and I are broken up until you quite football, and if you play in the final game of the season, then we are finished for good."

"You really can be a bitch, Andy. If that's how it has to be, then fine. I spent money on this game. I spent three years of my life on this game. I haven't missed a practice yet. So fuck you if you think I'll pick you over football."

Aaron, being a stupid idiot, puts up his hand and clears his throat. "Ahem.. Does this mean Andy's fair game?"