It's been months since the two horses escaped our sight with the power of the eclipses. They have gotten away from us many times before, and this time was no different.

Me and my elder brother, Skoll, have been endlessly hunting the two horses that pull the green planet's most essential means of surviving, Sol and Mani, the Sun and the Moon.

There is no simple answer as to why we do this, except that it is our destiny. That is the answer that Skoll reassures me with. He thinks that all beings have a destiny, which is unavoidable to them, and that this is ours.

Over these past few months, I've been feeling like I'm slowly dying, which makes me wonder, is this really my fate? Having to chase the horse that pulls Mani through the sky. I would never tell my brother this, but I don't think I should continue. However, I know I have to.

"Look, up ahead" Skoll quietly said to me. And there I saw two horses drinking from a small pond, which was reflecting the light of the stars. Sol and Mani were tied up behind them, so all we had to do to hunt them down, was follow the light.

"Younger brother, you look distracted." Skoll said to me.

"It's okay, it's nothing" I said to him.

He had believed me, I hadn't.

The celestial steeds, still hadn't acknowledge our presence. "Ready?" Skoll asked as he got into his position. "I am." I answered, getting into mine. "Let's go"

Like a bullet, Skoll leaped out of the bush and ran, chasing Sol's horse. Mani's horse must have known of my being there, so I jumped out of the bushes, and started chasing after my prey.

I finally was able to feel the adrenaline rush that I haven't felt in months. I was getting closer to the horse, I could feel it. I could feel my blood pumping, and my heart almost stop.

I stopped in my place, heavily breathing in and out. I took a look at the beautiful blue and green planet, I was always orbiting. It was stunning to my eyes. I felt that the beautiful planet may be the only way for me to avoid this fate.

In my early age, can remember wanting the horse badly, but now, I can't remember the reason for it.

I took another look at the planet. What was it called again? I knew once, but now…Earth. I remember, it's called Earth. I remember now, Earth was the planet I was born on, yes, Earth, my beautiful planet Earth, that is my true home.

I looked around the empty star filled space. What about Skoll, my brother, he is my family. If I go off to Earth, he will be incredibly furious.

I looked once more at Earth, then into the stars. I had made my decision

"I am sorry, brother"

I took off toward the green and blue planet. I didn't want to keep living like this, but I also don't want to make Skoll furious with me. I just hope when the time comes, I will be able to reason with him, and make him see things my way.

My name is Hati, and I will no longer be chasing Mani the Moon.