Chapter 5: Searching For An Explanation

It had been a week since Maya and the gang had gotten grounded and they were already free to go. Maya decided to use this freedom and was determined to find out an explanation for the strange moon markings. One of her biggest problems was getting past her parents, but she figured that she could work her way around it. She grabbed her phone and started calling her friends. The first person she managed to get ahold of was Tamara.

"Hey Tamara, I want to go back up to the mountain and solve the mystery of those markings. Meet me outside my house."

Tamara was obviously displeased. "Really? We already got grounded once and you're thinking about going back?"

Maya tried to reason with her. "I know it seems crazy, but I really want to find out the truth. Please?"

Tamara groaned in defeat on the other end. "Alright, fine, me and Matthew will meet you there."

Maya gave a quick thanks and hung up. The next person she called was Jack. "Hey Jack, we're all going back to the mountains to look for answers on the moon markings, wanna come?"

He got excited on the other end. "Yeah I'm coming. I'll meet you all there."

Jack hung up and Maya continued to get ready. As she did however, Diana couldn't help but peak in. "Maya, are you going somewhere?"

She asked without a stutter in her sentence. Maya couldn't have her coming with her, or else she would get in even more trouble for letting her little sister tag along. "Yes, I am."

"Where are you going?" The younger girl shyly asked.

"Um, I'm, just going somewhere with my friends is all."

Diana blinked. "Can I come with you?"

Maya didn't know what she should say. "Uh, I don't think you'll like it, because uh, we do things that you kids don't normally think of as fun."

Diana just stood there and blinked. Maya blinked again and wondered what she could do to get out of it. "Well, I'd better get going now."

Diana didn't say anything more. She just stood there and silently watched as her sister got ready. Maya was sure to be quick and hurry up in case Diana had another question about going with her. She wanted to tell her the truth, but it would have to wait.

Hati had explored the mountains many times since the day those markings had appeared on him. He wanted to know what had happened to him and why they appeared in the first place. He knew that finding out these answers wasn't going to be easy, but he just had to find out.

It wasn't like he had much else to do anyway, except wait for his brother to show up and force him back into chasing the moon. He thought that it was kind of unfair that he didn't know what was going to happen or when. It was just so frustrating to Hati, and he wished he knew more. That was the reason he was at the house that day, to figure out and learn more.

He was still new to being and Earth Wolf, but he was getting better at things like hunting and living in a lot of snow. Being an Earth Wolf wasn't so bad in his opinion. In fact, it was much better than his previous way of living. He looked up at the sun and saw that it was at the highest point, meaning that the day was half over.

He was going to try and find some answers before the sun went down. He checked the area around the old house various times and couldn't find anything. The markings never appeared a second time, and the one time they did, it was under a special circumstance.

He had heard a call for help so he went and helped out whoever was calling. He hadn't heard another call, but he figured that the call for help might have something to do with it. He searched the area as thoroughly as possible but nothing came to him.

Maya and the gang were already back up in the mountains, searching for answers of their own. It seemed colder up there than they remembered, but the snow wasn't falling nearly as hard anymore.

"What makes you think you're even going to find anything up here?" Tamara asked.

Maya shrugged. "I don't know if I will, but I have to at least try."

Tamara decided to let it go for now and just keep on climbing. "Hey, what do you think the reason behind those markings is?" Jack asked in an attempt to make conversation.

Maya shrugged. "I don't know, but I hope we'll find out soon."

Hati was moving closer to the group without knowing it. He hadn't seen any humans on the mountain and he assumed that their weren't any. He was just a wolf with a lost cause, wandering in some random direction. He didn't know what to do anymore and was thinking about letting go of the search and just getting back to his normal life.

He looked back up at the sun and saw that it would be setting soon. He figured he needed to find a place to sleep for the night. Maya and Hati were moving closer towards one another, but they had no idea. All of a sudden, the crescent moon markings appeared on Maya's arms as well as Hati's legs.

They could only stare in wonder as the moons shone. The rest of the group was watching it happen to Maya for a second time and wondered why is was happening at that very moment. They were starting to see a blue light shining from somewhere close by as well.

The magic of the markings seemed to clear the trees away and Hati and Maya had full view of each other. Maya stood still at the sight of the big blue wolf and Hati stood frozen at the sight of the human with the same markings that he had. Whatever was going on, it had something to do with the other one.