Video games are an essential part of most people's lives. They enjoy the experience and talk about video games every single day. But imagine if the powers that the heroes and villains in the games were real? Back in the 1970's the Australian and American government came together and formed the Video Game X Council. This council was created to give people the powers from their favourite video games characters and villains. After six years of experimentation the X Council had finally finished and they began to experiment. The Video Game Gene (VGG) was tested on over five hundred people and out of those five hundred only fifty people were compatible for the VGG. They made an oath to never reveal their power to the public. Instead both governments gave them an order to stop terrorists and invaders. This group of people were called Video Game Legends. But where there was light, there was always darkness lurking. Twenty five Video Game Legends (VGL) turned their back and quit the group because of the good intentions they were doing. So twenty five turned to the darkness while the other twenty five stayed with the light. Our story begins in an orphanage in Queensland but before that another event emerges.

The moon shone bright in the night surrounded by shining stars. The moons light shone on an abandoned warehouse and their stood a mysterious black figure. Another figure suddenly appeared from out of the ground. "Did you take care of it?" the one in the shadows asked
"You don't need to worry about a thing. I have taken care of everything you asked for. The Master will return and he will give the new world order to this misunderstood planet." The one in the moon's light said. Clouds started to roll over the moon, blocking its light. "You seem a little tense? Maybe you should go back to HQ and rest up a bit" the one in the darkness said
"I don't need rest, I need to bring back our master, so that I can be whole again"
"Have it your way, but remember this…we will have to fight soon. I'm not saying that it will be a challenge but it will be annoying"
"It's almost time to head to that huge island…Australia they call it I think? Whatever it's called, it's going to fall first"
"Indeed, I'll meet you at HQ. But there's something I have to tell you"
"What is it?"
"There's a group of VGL there and also there's one there who has the most powerful VGL powers there is"
"Nothing I can't handle. Go, the others are waiting for you"
"Sure". The one in the darkness disappeared into a black void and was gone. The dark figure looked up at the sky as the wind blew and the clouds fully covered the moons light, making dark. "This wind feels nice" the dark figure said.