Stage.1 Level 2

Spencer opened his eyes to a white sky. The pain from where he got hit by the mysterious figure was excruciating. The struggle to get up was harder than he thought. When he stood up he looked around to see if he could find anyone who could tell him where he was but all he could see was white. "Hello!" He shouted but no one responded. "(Am I dead?)" He thought with one hand on his stomach. "No you not dead" a voice said out of nowhere
"Who's there?" Spencer said as he looked around the white space
"I can't really say but I can say this though. You're not dead and this isn't heaven"
"What is this place then?"
"This is your space. What I am saying that you're memories, thoughts and feelings are kept here in this space. You are a Video Game Legend"
"Yeah I still don't know what that is or who they are?"
"Video Game Legends are people who can take on the powers of video game characters. They also get avatars and what that means is that I'm your avatar"
"Don't worry you'll get used to it. I guess I should show you what I look like". The avatar suddenly appeared. He had brown spikey hair and blue eyes and his clothes looked like something only a video game character would use. "What's your name?" Spencer asked
"Sorry I can't really tell you my name. That's the one main rule that we avatars have to swear on"
"Well I suppose that's understandable"
"Spencer I will be your guide throughout your journey. So if we can work together then we can accomplish great things and unlock new powers as well"
"Sounds good as. But…how do I get out of here?"
"There's a portal there that will allow you to exit this space and return you to where your body is now"
"Okay. Well I'll see you later then."
"You sure will. I will be helping you"
"Sweet" Spencer said as he ran through the portal.

Spencer opened his eyes slowly and found himself in a room with medical machines and gadgets. Spencer got up slowly still feeling the sharp pain from his stomach. He grunted as he got off the bed and stood up. He pulled the curtain across and saw nurses and doctors running around from patient to patient. A woman wearing a black suit walked over to Spencer and said "I see your up. Come with me". Spencer followed her to this room that was massive. The walls were covered in screens and there were computers everywhere. People were looking at their computer screens talking and typing while some were just drinking coffee and looking at the big screen that much bigger than a movie screen. The woman in black walked up a flight of stairs and at the top there were people standing. The woman then spoke "Sir, he's awake". A man standing in the middle of the group turned and said "Ah welcome Spencer. I take it that the doctors patched you up good?"
"Um yeah they did" Spencer said confused to what was going on here and what this place was. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Director Lance, the head of the Video Game Legends Division. Stacey you may go now, thank you for bringing him here" Lance said. Stacey made a salute and walked off.

"Spencer let me to introduce this group of people. This is Spike, Summer, Alex, Rose and Carly. There all Video Game Legends like you" Lance said
"Okay. So what is this place anyway?" Spencer asked
"This division was created by the Video Game Council many years ago to stop the threat of darkness taking over the world. We have lost many good people in this war but that does not mean that we are giving up so easily. Spencer you will be with this group because you have one of the strongest video game powers ever recorded to date"
"So can you tell me how and what is going on here and what this war is?"
"I will explain everything to you right now Spencer and get ready because it can get a bit extreme".