Light, light of my eyes,

I can feel you in the pouring rain, my dear.

Love, love of my life,

I can see you in the moon above my head.


I see you in the dawn.

you know just how to make my heart shine bright.

I know. you are. the one.

to make me want to be a better man.


Light, light in the morn,

you burn my eyes and make my dull lips smile.

Love, love in my heart,

you burn inside my veins and stop my lungs.


I see you in the day,

in all the flowers and the morning dew.

I feel you in the air

I breathe, the night I love, the taste of you.


Light, light of my life,

you keep me far away from the shadows.

Love, love far away,

please keep me in your memories so sweet.


I feel you in the breeze.

You are the reason why I feel alight.

You sing to me in sleep,

so dreams are filled with hope I cannot keep.