After Kyle drove off on the bike, I went in the house. The lights were on and I automatically assumed Chris and Mia were home, so I didnt bother sending them a text I was here.

I quickly made my way to the kitchen when my stomach rumbled. I hugged myself as I moaned quietly, feeling extremely hungry.

I entered the kitchen, not bothering to look around, and stepped towards the fridge immediately, opening it widely. My eyes were scanning various food we had, searching for the one I was craving he most.

My eyes widened as I suddenly spotted leftovers from today's lunch and my lips curled in a grin.

Pizza. Jackpot.

I grabbed the plate and pulled it out, closing the door of the fridge. I didnt even glance up as I put the food in the microwave beside the fridge and heat it up.

"Hey babe," a voice in my right said and I jumped as my heart started beating fast, my eyes finally looking up even though I already knew who was standing there. I knew this voice too well.

There he was, casually leaning on the fridge, looking directly at me, a smirk forming on his face. I gulped as my eyes met his.


He pushed himself off the fridge and took a steps towards me, barely able to walk alone from how drunk he was. My eyes were watching him as I stood there, frozen from the shock and unable to move my feet.

Why the hell is he here? How did he get in? What did he want? The questions were running in my mind but I was unable to answer even a single one.

I narrowed my eyes at him as I observed his drunken body. He was holding himself up for the counter, too drunk to walk. He lifted his face and his eyes met mine. My eyes widened as I saw the crazy look had and I started feeling scared.

Maybe I should call someone for help? But that was Chad, I was with him for a long time... He wouldn't do anything to me ... would he?

He finally stopped in front of me and before I could react grabbed my waist harshly, bringing my body to crash into his. I tried to get away from him but I knew it was pointless, because he was too strong.

"What are you doing here, Chad," I asked through my gritted teeth as I glared up at him. His mouth curled in a mad grin as his eyes glinted. I tried to wriggle out of his grip but that only caused him to get a better hold of me. He moved fast, way too fast for a drunk guy, and I was suddenly l was trapped between the counter and his rock hard body.

"Chad," I warned him in a stone cold tone as I took a deep breath to calm myself. "Let me go or I swear to god there will be consequences," I warned him and his grin widened. Suddenly, his eyes darkened and his big hands grasped my waist, picked me up and sat me on the counter so I was now only a couple inches smaller than him.

"God, I forgot how sexy you are when you're mad," he breathed out , his eyes traveling all over my body. He had his hands on the side of my thighs, gripping it. As soon as he started talking, his smelly breath his my face and I grimaced in disgust.

I suddenly felt his hot breath on my neck and a shiver of fear ran down my spine.

He wouldn't ... do anything I didn't want to ... Right?

»We're not together anymore Chad,« I hissed out, grabbing his head and pushed it away from me.

He looked in my eyes and scrunched his eyebrows, looking confused.

"What are you talking about, baby, of course we are," he lied smoothly, his voice raspy and loud. His hands moved up and landed on my lower back, pressing me into him. I suddenly got a crazy idea and thought about it quickly, while Chad moved to my neck again, his moist lips touching my sensitive spot.

I decided in the moment and threw my hands around his neck, tangling my fingers in his soft brown hair. I grimaced a bit because of the actions I will have to take in order to actualize my idea, but quickly put on a blank expression when he removed his lips off my neck and straightened up, his eyes on the same level as mine.

"Well technically we're not together, but I," I spoke in a soft tone, my hand coming to cup his face, "want you so much right now." My inner self was rolling my eyes at me, telling me he won't fall for it.

But when his face started glowing I knew he was too drunk to even realize how hard he is going to be played.

"Oh really?" he whispered, his hand how moving up my body, making me cringe.

I used all my acting skills in order not to give away my true plan. "Mhm," I murmured as I pulled lightly on his hair, knowing it would turn him on.

He moaned slightly in return, making me smirk. He was so easy to manipulate when he was drunk.

"But before we do anything you need to tell me something," I breathed out and put a finger under his chin, lifting it up and forced him to look in my eyes.

"Anything," he murmured, his lustful look boring deep in my eyes. He licked his lip in an attempt to turn me on, but it only made me want to hit him with a hammer on his thick skull. I haven't forgotten about what he did to me, but now I had to push my feelings aside and do what had to be done.

I had to prove myself. If I wasn't going to get any answers from Kyle or Tanya, I might just well get them myself.

"I need you to tell me what you blackmailed Tanya with."

His eyes met mine, confused. I stared back at him, not giving in the battle he was playing. His mouth suddenly curled in a smirk. "I have no idea what you're talking about," he lied smoothly and I rolled my eyes.

"Oh come on, Chad, you and I both know that's bullshit," I finally snapped, running fingers though my hair. "I need to know."

He tilted his head, his hands gripping the sides of my thighs and pulling me towards him. Without thinking, I wrapped my legs around his waist and he groaned, moving one hand behind my neck, gripping it tightly.

"God, I really can't resist you when you're being like that."

I suddenly smirked and tilted my head on the side, looking playfully in his eyes. "What do you mean?" I asked innocently, suddenly remembering the crucial thing to manipulate him with. I knew his weakness. Now I only had to exploit it.

"Are you going to tell me or not?" I asked in a stern voice. I knew he found me irresistible when I was pissed at him or I was being bossy, so I had to use that as an advantage. Plus, since I'm already pissed at him, that won't be such a big problem.

He shifted uncomfortably, looking down to the floor as he removed his hands from my body, but I quickly gripped his chin and forced him to look into my piercing eyes.

"Tell me," I demanded and suddenly, something in him moved.

Before I could even fully understand what was going on, he moved and pushed me against the counter and slammed his lips on mine.


That did not go according to plan.

I guess it was to late to call for help now?

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