Hello, this is sort of an experimental project so I'll probably recycle some ideas when I move onto my main one. It's just basically an arc I decided to throw my characters into to have fun writing and I hope you have fun reading as well. ;P

Flame glowed as the sole light deep in the dark woods, unveiling mysterious figures walking ritualistically in a line. Only their footsteps could be heard as the figures in long black hooded robes and white oval mask had formed a circle around an altar. As the flames beside the altar flickered, a sinister chant was then uttered from the lips of the figures and continued for some time.

Soon, an ominous entity with a pentagram on his mask walked toward the altar, carrying the cry of an infant in his arms. Next, he dropped the baby making the noise on the concrete platform and drew a knife, raising it above the infant and the cries and chanting continued relentlessly.

Anyone watching would have got chills. That was until it turned out one of the figure's chanting was off, "...nevaiah...nidra...omane...nevaiah... nidra..."

It was the voice of a young girl who was left as the only one chanting as the other figures turned their masks at her. One of the masked figures called out, "That's not even the chant to open the gate from Horowitz's book, stupid!"

"Oh... heheheh..." The four foot eleven, female robed figure chuckled nervously. "Well it still adds to the ominous atmosphere well enough."

Lethio, the leader wearing the pentagram mask is obviously not amused as he let down the knife, "You have rehearsed the incantation have you not? What kind of joke do you take this for?"

"A brilliant satire," Rina Shiomi revealed her smirk behind the mask with roundish green eyes. The shocked gasps of the masked figures then followed. "I mean, you can't deny it was damn hilarious no?"

"Well, as fun as it was, it seems everyone is in position and the distraction phase accomplished!" She concentrated a mystical energy into her right hand as it transformed into a metal spear. "Spear Summon!"

She then whacked the head behind the robe higher to her side and knocked out whoever was behind it. The other cloaked figures retaliated but it turned out that three amongst them had ambushed the rest. They must have sneaked around while Rina was distracting the others and waited.

"Surprise!" One of them at five foot eleven swung a five foot sword at the sinister group. His hood and mask had fallen off to reveal a seventeen year old boy Ian Karsh, with droopy blue eyes and messy brown hair that ended with a mullet.

The other robed figures fought a four foot two robed child as he lured them to group up before jumping back. The boy then shot a bright glow ball from his palm that missed his opponents and ended up in between them, "Force Blast!"

"Detonate!" The boy closed his palm into a fist to trigger the orb to explode into a powerful wave of kinetic energy, blasting away the figures. The kid's hood and mask were blown off by the gust to reveal the face of twelve year old Corey Crone with short red spiky hair over big round purple eyes.

A robed figure then went to sneak up on a four foot nine treacherous member of their group who's mask had fallen off and tried to pull a knife on him. But the boy simply turned and sidestepped and his attacker was frozen the next moment. The boy's hood fell off to reveal the wavy blue hair over the big dark red eyes of Prisha Lein. Prisha then tipped his adversary over and shattered them on the hard ground.

"Great job guys!" Rina cheered as she fought off the rest of her enemies. But then out of the blue, a powerful electric current ran through her and tore her insides. She fell to the floor with her hood fallen off, revealing her low black pigtails, struggling to get up and face her attacker.

"How dare you interfere with this ritual?" Hissed the voice behind the pentagram mask. It was Lethio, the leader who the cult had worshiped.

"At least what I did wasn't completely inhumane," Rina decided it won't be a good idea to keep the spear against an electric user like Lethio and decided to throw it with him as the target. "Like sacrificing innocent babies for example?"

"Which is why you'll forever be stunted in your study of PSI," Lethio calmly swerved his right hand to the side as the spear followed as if being pulled by an invisible string. "There are vast ritual abilities that can never be obtained with limitations!"

As the spear already took momentum off course, the cult leader let down his hand for it's next action. Blasting Rina with another bolt of lightning, "Lightning Strike!"

"I see," as Prisha was done with dealing with the cultists, he saw his ally's fight. "Lethio can manipulate electricity to form magnetic waves that changed the course of the spear. Rina, you'll need some intelligence to pull through."

Rina took all her energy to stand again, she won't be able to take many more lightning, she had to end this fight soon. But how could she do that if all her greatest weapons are metallic? Then the most brilliant idea hit her as she proceeded to conjure more weapons at her fingertips, "Senbon Summon!"

As long as she doesn't keep them for too long, it can be an advantage. So she threw a spray of senbons at Lethio, but strangely not at full power. Lethio merely scoffed and swerved his right hand to the side again, "Fool!"

As the senbons were misdirected, Rina ran to another position for her next phase of attack, "Shuriken Summon!"

Lethio already seemed fed up with the repeated tactic, swerving his right hand to the side again. He was however surprised that Rina only threw the set in her left hand. But as she threw the set in her right and the aim was too much to the left of him, Lethio realized what she may be planning and dropped the magnetism before searing pins penetrated him from the side.

As the last shurikens thrown stabbed into him, a bloodied Lethio fell and uttered, "But how?"

"The first wave of senbons were the ones that stabbed you from the side," Rina smirked as she explained. "That was why I didn't throw it with full strength. So they won't get far."

"I knew you would count on magnetism as a defense and positioned myself where you'll attract the first wave of senbons," She finished and saw that Lethio had passed out. Rina then turned to the rest of the team and complained with hands on hips. "Now what is up with you guys?"

"I had to handle both the distraction and the boss fight!" She said. "And to think I'm the only girl of the team."

"Uhh..." Ian thought of what to say. "Sorry?"

"You know," Prisha said without much concern, playing with his fingernails. "Having to phase from the group and sneaking into position is actually more troublesome than distracting them."

"Whatever, it's not like we can know for certain any more," Rina sighed as she lightened up and went to the altar where the baby was still crying. "Hey there little one! Don't worry, we'll get you home nice and safely."

"There they are!" The group turned to notice the newcomers made their way through the darkness. It was a lady who shrieked and was backed up by a squad of policemen. "Those robed freaks kidnapped my baby!"

"Uh... hold on..." Ian tried talking his way out of it as fighting local cops would be more frowned upon than sinister cults. "We can explain..."

But the next instant, the whole group found themselves dashing away at full speed as the cops went after them. How could they not think there was more to the story? Rina yelled, "Damn it! Isn't the war zone like scene enough of a hint?"


The next morning, back at Nollin town, a brunette girl with glasses walked along the corridors of a hotel. Behind one of these wooden doors is meant to be where her next meeting with The Occult Society was meant to take place.

She had been suspicious of a shady group and so happened to think that asking another shady group to investigate the matter was a good idea. Actually at least she had good reason to believe that shady group A had malicious intentions.

She had asked for their help some time ago but it's just now when she wanted to check on their progress. Once she found room one twenty two, she knocked before hearing a voice from the other side, "What do you want?"

"The password is blue scissors," She replied as the door opened to reveal a tired looking young man with medium length red hair covering the left side of his face. The girl remembered this Occult Society Manager from the last meeting named Min. "Good morning Min, I hope you remember me, Lauren. I'm here for the meeting about that mission I requested."

"Right, come in and good timing by the way," Min made way for Lauren. "Last time I was in contact with them, it seemed they already solved it. Now those kids are just wrapping up some things."

"They seem to be taking a while though I won't be surprised if they got themselves in some trouble," Min went and made tea to kill time. "We may have to wait for a while."


"Man, this sucks!" Rina complained as she walked across an open field with the three other boys. Now changed back into a yellow sweater and a knee length skirt.

"What?" Corey said enthusiastically like he usually constantly is, also changed back into his light blue T-shirt and black shorts. "I thought that mission was super fun!"

"Corey, what about our client back at Nollin?" Rina sighed, the undercover work in the cult was a mission for the Occult Society which not only they had a responsibility to complete but also how they get paid. "Since the cops are after us, it won't be easy to make our way around. Do we have to wait until things cool off?"

"Umm..." Corey thought for a while before smiling broadly again. "I know! How about we make them think that the culprits are shape shifting ghosts then-OW!"

Ian clobbered him over the head and yelled angrily, "How about you just quit coming up with stupid ideas?"

"You can call an idea stupid," Prisha sarcastically remarked as he glared at Ian, getting along with him as well as they always did. "It's not like we have anything more to do than consider ideas so if you got nothing to contribute then shut it."

"I don't suppose the idea will likely work," Prisha criticized as he thought. Though Corey had been known to spout notions that go nowhere, he proved to be quite capable with his abstract thoughts. "But at least the cult had been known for supernatural phenomenon so it wouldn't be much of a stretch for the police to believe it. But how exactly do you have in mind?"

"Mmm... how about if we float around town with the robes for a while," Corey suggested. "Then put on masks of other townspeople?"

"I see," Rina discussed. "Then the cops will just think we're some of the citizens the cult tried to frame."

"How do you go about making the masks?" Prisha quickly asked monotonously.

"Uhh... that bit, no idea!" Corey smiled with a sweat along the side of his face as everyone else fell over from the absurdity.

"Figures," Rina got up to say. "Guess it really would be best to find another place to wait for Nollin to cool off."

"See?" Ian scoffed as he started walking again. It had been about two years now, bumping into these weirdos and joining The Occult Society. Afterward, it had become pretty much his life, dealing with the quirky brats alongside the just as strange adventures. "I told you he was just making nonsense."

"You didn't know that," Prisha glared, at least the whole topic killed some boredom.

After walking for some time with nothing to do, Corey finally burst out, "Aww, this is so boring."

The others were relieved that phase was over with. Then Rina got excited over an idea, "Hey, I know! We already got a good start to one of those cinematic non-serial movies!"

"Okay, just keep in mind that this isn't a movie," Prisha remarked bracing himself for one of those incoming whacky Rina moments.

"Always the party pooper huh Prish!" Rina frowned back at Prisha. Figures, he'd be bursting bubbles since they can't stay intact in his temperature.

"Not that it'll stop us right Rina?" Corey obviously found the idea fun and played along right away, waving out of the fourth wall. "Hello everyone! We're Team Freakshow of the Occult Society!"

"What the hell?" Ian remarked. "Now I'd rather go back to the topic of that mission."

"Heh, what's with these missions you ask?" Corey put up a smirk. "You see, the Occult Society is a mysterious group to the outside world but we can make deals with them."

"These include all kinds of jobs, but the gist of it is that we are experts in the supernatural," Rina added. "It's mysterious of the faction's agenda, but we basically explore the world and archive our findings for the Occult Society intel."

"All as a service to the sages of the faction," She continued. "Many of the agents found all sorts of ways in but being part of the society, it's our responsibility to assist them in the goal."

"Speaking of agents, meet the team!" Corey waved and gestured at brown haired young man. "This is Ian, our favorite perverted soldier!"

"Fully trained but brainwashed to be incapable of intelligent thought," Corey said, making Ian mad, though the other two knew it was quite true. "He wields the Relic Sword, which has magical properties."

"And this is Prisha, the prince of Zeleat turned fugitive for being cursed," Rina introduced, gesturing at the blue haired androgynous boy. "Cold and calculating, fitting for his PSI power over ice. He constantly acts like he doesn't care about us but really just shy."

"Rina Shiomi," Prisha returned the favour monotonously. "The one person in the team who grew up within the Occult Society from the beginning but has pop culture in substitute of a brain. Her PSI ability involves materializing objects she had imprinted, which in her case mostly involves weapons."

"Heheheh..." Rina smiled and sweat dropped as she gestured at Corey. "And last but not least..."

"Bio genetics, one-o-eight!" Corey smiled broadly as everyone fell over in a face fault. "Unbeknownst to the team, I killed Corey and went undercover disguised as him as a spy for the plant people!"

"I said to cut it with the nonsense!" Ian's fist driven down over his head again.

"Yes that's Corey, the boy who acts like that," Rina shrugged. "We all agreed there's something missing in his brain. Oh and he can project kinetic energy."

"And now!" Rina jumped in front of the rest of the group with a smirk. "As whacky as we seem, Team Freakshow is a team of the Occult Society!"

"Don't underestimate us!" Rina announced. "Witness us pull through the strangest and most dangerous adventures with power, wits and love! We will unravel shocking mysteries and you will-"

"Finally, a town up ahead!" Ian interrupted Rina, causing her to trip in the middle of striking a pose.

"Damn it Ian!" Rina got up and yelled. "You messed up the best part!"

"Anyways, food!" After an instant shift of mood, she sped off in the direction of the town. It looked like the technology in this one is somewhere at the digital stage with cement buildings and organized streets.

"Race you there!" Ian chased after her.

Prisha was left speechless for a while by Rina's attitude before proceeding bitterly, "Convicted."

Rina and Ian were lost at the new town for a while. Though up close, they noticed something unusual about it. They soon gathered with Prisha and Corey again

"It looks like there had been a recent attack," Rina looked around at the walls of the buildings, some of which clearly had cracks and some pieces of concrete across the street.

"I'd say it's likely occasional attacks," Prisha analyzed glancing side by side. "Some of the debris seems to have lain around significantly longer than others that appear new, a word of caution."

"Which means we should eat and recover energy quicker than something bad happening," Rina stretched while Prisha rolled his eyes. His idea was that they should shorten their stay here as much as possible.

"Ah, here we go," Rina found a simple restaurant among many stores on the side of the street. Upon entering, she instantly slammed the door aside and yelled, "I want a sautéed lemon chicken royal cuisine, decorated with a ring of lettuce and rose tomatoes!"

"Please don't assume we have first class food out of the blue," The store owner was a man with graying hair and a mustache.

"Then I'd like roasted eyeballs!" Corey called out.

"Does any restaurant in existence even serve those?" The man yelled, damn annoying kids.

"Then what do you serve?" Corey asked with eyes widening even more.

"There are some menus on the table," The store owner said and sighed as he got back to ignoring them. The juvenile group walked across the baffled guests to a wooden table at a corner.

"I'm not lumped in with them," Ian announced, conscious of the stares.

"Well, the food here isn't bad I suppose," Rina picked up and looked at the laminated sheet in front of her. "I mean, there are sea pork and octocakes but why are they so expensive?"

"Fries are about eight kren…" Corey looked through the menu as well. "Each."

"Congrats for not spouting nonsense for once," Ian said flatly. Prisha was however, less surprised as this was fitting into his hypothesis, a natural result of war.

"Yay and Ian's going to reward me by paying for the food!" Corey exclaimed.

"What?" Ian got up and yelled. "No way!"

"Run! Beastmen!" The cries of the townspeople outside alarmed everyone in the restaurant, including the four teens. However, it was strange that only they were surprised, giving them more reason to be surprised.

Are these the half man and animal beastmen they heard about from the Occult Society? Or is it some gang named Beastmen? Either way, it seems this is the group that had been terrorizing this town. Hearing the screams and rampaging noises outside, Prisha decided it was time to respond to the recent crises, "So would the restaurant be safe enough?"

"Safe? Hah!" Ian rushed out, barging through the door. "Beastmen are nothing to me!"

"Ian! Hold up!" Rina and Corey ran after him.

"Stay back!" Prisha tried calling after them but was left in the dust frowning. "Reckless fools!"


The shouting pedestrians were right. Rina had witnessed that the attackers were beastmen. Though, they seemed to be focused on factories and restaurants for some reason.

Rina fought alongside the soldiers of the town against the ferocious yellow furred humanoids. It seemed most of these beastmen were of the leopard kind, noticeable by the spots and snout.

In the midst of fighting them, one creature had moved even faster than the leopards. Rina had to leap back instantly to avoid being beheaded.

She saw that the creature had green scales like a lizard, yet standing up straight like a human. Complete with wearing armor and holding a broadsword in front, "Denying your retribution human?"

"Retribution? Rina asked, steady with her sword in front of her for defense.

"You humans responded this time?" The lizard humanoid had a voice of a high pitched woman. She charged again to attack. "What is this trickery?"

Rina and the lizard woman's swords clashed several times but soon the reptile went for Rina's feet. This was enough opening for the teen to run the katana through one of her enemy's arm as she escaped with her leg grazed.

"Heh, proud of such an accomplishment human?" The reptile laughed as she held out her severed arm. Thus, it was easy to see the flesh growing from it and forming the end including the had again. "I Chamely, am a beast woman with regenerative powers!"

Rina braced herself while thinking up a plan. Chamely continued taunting, "No injury you inflict on me would matter, you can't win!"


Meanwhile, back at the hotel of Nollin, Min and Lauren were still sitting in an apartment. Sipping his tea, Min said, "Still waiting..."

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