I admit I was rushing when I wrote this chapter and made a lot of mistakes. I thought of editing it but too lazy to and well, it's not like people are going to catch up to it anytime soon so ha! I also think I might have got a little stuck here, not sure if I made the right choice with the story. Might have bit off more than I could chew, I hope I'll be better at writing longer arcs soon.

Corey regained senses in his eyelids as he opened them up and found himself on a mattress in the woods. Also, his arm was bandaged lately and sat up to see another boy with purple hair, covering one eye next to him.

"Ah!" Corey screamed and then confronted. "Okay, I'm not getting fooled this time!"

"What?" The boy raised an eyebrow. He was slightly shorter than Corey but more scrawny and wore a green shirt and shorts.

"I know you're the dream demon who locked me in a world I have to solve a puzzle to escape!" Corey pouted as he stood up and challenged.

"Uh...hehehahaha!" The boy simply laughed which got Corey confused. "You know, you're funny. I'm so glad I helped you back there."

"Heehee, you're funny too, the way you just laugh like that," Corey laughed but was a little confused trying to remember what happened before sleeping but without a change in his expression. "Now really what's going on?"

"My name's Deren," The purple haired boy walked forward and reached out a hand. He also carried a backpack, was he out camping? "Sorry, I found you injured after falling off that cliff from some accident earlier."

"Oh thanks," Corey shook his hand. But wait, some accident, that's starting to bring back some events to memory.

"You had some bruises and cuts but I patched most of them," Deren said before Corey seemed to snap away.

"Wait, maybe that wasn't such a great idea," Corey looked around a little more seriously.

He then heard footsteps around, it seems the soldiers are already searching this place. Confused, Deren asked, "What do you mean?"

Corey turned as he heard some rustling in the bushes followed by the laugh of a man with a crackling voice who said, "Guess stealth isn't much of my style heh?"

"Right," Corey smiled at the blonde man carrying a huge mechanical gatling gun. "On the other hand, settling it face to face is fun in its own way, don't you say?"

"Couldn't agree more brat," The man laughed as he aimed his gun at Corey. "But from your end however, it will be as fun as being slaughtered."

"Know who you're dealing with!" The large man started firing with the trail of bullets following Corey. "Me! Graham! A Darmis elite!"

This kid is to fast Graham thought. Nevertheless, there could be a more surefire way to hit him. Graham aimed at the other boy there, the one with purple hair with enough time for Corey to notice. Corey jumped at Deren screaming, "Look out!"

The result was several bullets tearing into his flesh and falling to the floor. Corey got up to his knees and yelled at Graham, "What was that? What if I didn't decide to save him?"

"So what?" Graham made a crackling laugh looking at Corey's bandages. "I'm guessing that boy was the one who helped you there eh? Which means I'll only be hitting an enemy."

"What?" Corey looked bewildered. "I don't get it. So he's an enemy... because he ate your car?"

"Ha! You really are dense!" Graham continued shooting ferociously as a couple of soldiers appeared behind him. "Befriending an enemy makes him an enemy, simple as that!"

"Guess we can leave it all up to Graham again huh," The soldiers smirked.

"How does that make any sense?" Corey replied to Graham as he conjured the Force Wall to deflect the bullets albeit knowing it won't last. As Graham's bullets made contact, Corey had to think of something as the timer of doom ticked away. "This is just like how Dar-"

But of course, Corey reconsidered as he thought of Darmis, fools seldom differ huh. But as he thought, his Force Wall got shaky and the bullets broke through. Corey had to quickly push Deren and himself behind a nearby tree.

He got back out to face Graham despite fear of being killed any second. He thought of what a gatling gun's weakness may be but still worried to think if it will work. "From what it sounds, you and Darmis are just trying to come up with stupid excuses."

"You know what else? I don't need an excuse to kick your ass," Corey smirked and drawn all the PSI he felt and waved his hands around himself and left glowing white imprints in midair, "Ghost Hands!"

"Heh! Third stage telekinesis!" Graham laughed watching the technique. "That Force Wall from before was the second stage, able to mold what was a Force Blast in different forms and now you can control it almost freely."

"But do know that even this power is no where near the toughest I fought!" He then shot a spray of bullets at Corey again but Corey waved his hand forward for the hand to fly at Graham. Some hands deflected the bullets but were dispersed in the process.

Only two of the hands reached Graham close enough grab the gun and he tried shaking them off. However the hands had grabbed the trigger area causing the gun to still constantly fire at random directions, he knew what would happen eventually.

Seeing the bullets fly off, Graham was more desperate to take control again but it was too late. The gun only made click sounds and he turned into horror see Corey close the distance with his going for his face.

After some hits, Corey knocked Graham out laughing, "So, a slaughter is fun right?"

But then Corey noticed the two backups Graham had now ran off in fear, "Shit! Not even Graham could take him we're outta here."

Corey wondered if he should chase them but it didn't matter, he didn't have enough energy after that fight. Deren jumped to where Corey was and cheered, "Wow, that was amazing!"

"Oh hey, uh…"Corey just remembered the purple haired boy was still around and looked at him then the direction the soldiers ran off in then back at Deren. "I guess they know your face now and use that stupid reason."

"But then again…" Corey's blank expression turned into a broad smile. That's what makes it fun right?"

"Wait just a second!" Deren's look turned to shock. "I didn't sign up for that!"

"What happened?" Corey pouted and looked closer at Deren before sighing in disappointment. "And before you actually seemed like you knew how to have fun."

"Oh well, we might as enjoy it as best we can for now right?" Corey fell to his knees and looked over at Graham and hearing a river nearby. "I'll rest a bit but we might be able to have a little more fun with that brute there."


"Idiot away!" Corey pushed a naked Graham into the river to drift off and smiled at Deren who smiled back.

And as they walked off, Deren asked his companion, "By the way, what were those guys from the Darmis military after you for?"

"Oh because we're with the beastmen," Corey's smile broadened.

"Whoa, no kidding?" Deren exclaimed before common sense hit him. "Wait."

Now he was locked in confusion, how could that work? Didn't the beastmen hate humans and why would this kid tell him that? Pass that, many more questions arose. Corey then replied, "Well that was what Darmis told us if didn't fight for them."

"And my name is Ranpo Doyle," He added enthusiastically as he continued walking, though quite aimlessly. For starters, he wasn't sure where his team mates were.

"Sure," Deren looked flatly at Corey. "I'm also a teenage detective shrunken to a kid's body."

But now Corey heard even more noises in the bushes that grew louder all around them in an instant. Corey looked around to notice that two squads of soldiers managed to trap them in a side attack.

"Heh, you can't attack the both of us at once," one of them said and pointed a gun. Corey could simply maneuver but then there was the problem with Deren being unprotected, he thought harder of how to get out of this.

"Hang in there Ranpo!" And from the trees above one of the soldiers, Rina dropped and knocked them out.

Corey knew what to do next as he turned to the other squad and fired a ball of PSI. The soldier started shooting but missed, "You little!"

"Detonate!" Corey closed his palm and the explosion blasted the soldiers away. He sighed in relief after that, "phew..."

Rina then approached the two boys smiling, "Hey, looks like a got here just in time. Who's the kid?


Prisha had been cautiously wandering the woods for some time. If he wanted to get to safety, he could have easily ran away from where that ledge was but he wondered how his team was doing.

After a while, he heard some footsteps in the distance and immediately hid behind a bush. Just as he guessed, they were soldiers still searching for the escapees and with time had surrounded the area. Prisha didn't know if they were actually aware he was there but either way, he knew he would be found eventually.

The time to act was now so he looked around. A squad of three soldiers to his left, three behind, five to the right and four up ahead. Which direction should he take? The wisest answer was the right! He concentrated his PSI and projected a beam of white light out of his hand at the five soldiers, freezing one.

It was simple, engaging in battle with one will alert the others, meaning he'll have to face them no matter which direction he took. So it was best to take preemptive on as many enemies as possible from the beginning. Speaking of which, it was just about time those other soldiers were called and and started their attack.

Prisha then used his PSI to create a sword out of ice, running around the bushes to evade the bullets and took a soldier out and the rest one by one the same way. But there was one more he noticed beside him with a more calm composure than the others, Dendra, "I'm surprised you had not mentioned your ability to manipulate cold during our interview."

"I mean, it's quite a fascinating power, don't you agree?" Dendra raised a hand and ice fragments formed around him until they become blades. He then directed his hand at Prisha to have those blades follow.

Prisha quickly conjured a wall of ice that's much like a really thick door but it instantly fell to pieces as the blades passed. The next moment, Prisha let out a scream as intense stinging in his arm and leg took over his senses. As the boy fell to the floor to, Dendra looked down at him, "You don't behave like the others under the poison's influence. If you're turning against us, I'll be sure to send you to the next world."

Prisha wasted no time with chit chat and threw his ice sword forward but it simply shattered in contact with an ice wall Dendra formed himself, "It's futile, I can reinforce ice with PSI far better than you'll do in decades."

Prisha knew there was no chance of overpowering Dendra. There must be another way but he won't have much time figuring it out as more ice blades formed around Dendra, "You're fighting someone who's advantageous in every way!"

Prisha ran to dodge the blades, looking desperately around for anything he could use, his eyes wondered to the sky. Of course, but he first had to get into position and taunted Dendra, "I think it was evident which of us was more intelligent."

"Naive child, what do you think we're planning battle formations?" Dendra threw the last of the ice blades and noticed Prisha preparing an attack of his own. "In head to head combat, the stronger wins, simple as that."

"I don't know how I could be insulted worse, by someone who is truly naive," Prisha concentrated his PSI into blades of ice and grabbed some to throw at Dendra. "Winter Blades!"

"Fool," Dendra simply conjured another ice shield to deflect them. But that was exactly what Prisha wanted as he projected a beam of ice and wall of ice seemed to be extending. "What are you up to?"

"!" In an instant, sunlight focused on Dendra's left eye and fried it as he let out an echoing scream. Who is this kid? "You!.. You turned the shield into a lens to concentrate light?!"

"What are you?..." Dendra now looked angrily back at Prisha with only his right eye and jumped aside to shoot his own freezing beam. Prisha ran as Dendra persisted but it didn't last long as Dendra choked on agony, finding an ice blade stabbed to his throat.

He fell wondering what led to his demise. Obviously the boy picked up one the ice blades left around but why didn't he see the blade head for him? Of course, his blind spot! Since only of his eye worked, child aimed to throw the blade through his blind spot.

"Hmph!" Prisha gave one last glance at Dendra as he walked off, clutching his bleeding shoulder to continue his search for his comrades.


After some time, Rina, Corey and Deren still walked in the woods. But Rina was rather curious and asked her red headed friend, "Corey, you do know it's not a good idea to get innocents involved right?"

She reminded herself that this was the boy who set the troops at the stronghold on a riot for an opportunity to escape. He may really need to be controlled somehow.

"Actually about that," Deren spoked up. "It was me who got myself involved in this."

"Mhm!" Corey smiled. "Something about Deren helping made those soldiers hate him and now he's on their wanted list."

"What?" Deren exclaimed.

"Was that it?" Rina laughed. "Sorry Ranpo, I don't think even the Darmis military would put Deren on the wanted list for just that."

"Still we don't know for sure," Corey argued. "The best option is to stick together."

"Okay okay, these woods are a little dangerous for a kid to be alone in anyway," Rina sweat dropped then saw that it was getting late in the evening. "Hmm we can't be walking in the woods forever. Maybe it would be best to prepare setting up camp soon."


Elsewhere Ian was sick of just wandering the wilderness for any sign of life. He kept calling in the hopes of his weirdo friends hearing him, "Hello! Rina! Idiot! Emo freak!"

He couldn't think of any other leads and just went on repeat. Soon he heard a sound in the bushes and faced its source, "It's about time!"

"Heheh, you know it isn't wise to yell like that, you can't guarantee your friends will be the one to hear it first," The creature walking out was some giant evil looking porcupine, alarming Ian.

"Heh, I was just about getting tired of hearing that from that from all those soldiers before," Ian got out the Relic Sword and pulled from a small sheathe, a five foot blade. Now staring down this thing, he knew it was another beastmen out to get him. "Too much talking let's go!"