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||••The Power that Lies Beneath••||


Luna had this sinking feeling. She felt something was going to happen today and to her it is not good. Her one and only friend Sapphire was well you know her only friend. Those two were the laughing stock of the whole high school. Ever since Luna had accidentally used her powers in school. She didn't know someone else was in the hallways. In her defense she had said and I quote," But hey? I checked left and right! Isn't that what you are supposed to be do? Sapphire had comforted her that day. Luna was crying, and all of the teens in the entire school including the freshmen were teasing and pushing her down. Luna had said to Sapphire that day were," Aren't you going to hang out with the popular girls instead of me?" Sapphire had shook her head and said they were best friends forever. They had both met when they were three and started building up a sisterly bond since Luna lived by herself.

Now she sat lying on her twin sized bed that she had outgrown, she didn't have enough money to buy a new bed. Her legs would be sticking off her bed.

She had to process through all her thoughts and clear her mind. She hummed mindlessy to a catchy tune she had heard. She had experienced her mother and father die right in front of her. Years later she had figured out she had these strange powers, every so often an object that would so happen to be right in front of her would float. Causing Luna to gasp in shock and run out of the room leaving people staring at the door on confusion. To top it all off her appearance.

Luna was a very beautiful girl. But her hair and eye color was well strange to some of those regular people. Her hair was long and pin straight and is as white as snow but yet there is purple highlights in her hair. Her eyes were a striking purple color. She was the average height at 5'7 for a sixteen year old girl. She ran a hand through her white and purple treses and sighed.

She had just received a note saying she had been accepted in Emerald & Amethyst Academy for "supernatural" kids. She had found it flying through her room leaving sparkling dust behind it. She managed to catch it by using her powers of psychic, she had gotten the magic from her father but both of her parents had magic. Her father a psychic but her mother had the complicated power of sun.
Luna had actually managed to get the magic from BOTH of her parents which is pretty rare.

Luna wanted to go to this school, since she didn't have complete control over her powers. She had to take double of the classes due to her having double the amount of power than a normal superhuman. But Luna wasn't exactly a straight A student so she doesn't really know if taking eight classes than four would really set off her mood to being happy.

But she was willing to go just to have more control. If she has control then the likeliness of her being exposed would lower.

Sighing again she walked over to her old oak wood desk, grabbed her purple signature pen and started writing a letter to Emerald & Amethyst Academy saying she would be going to the school:

Dear Emerald & Amethyst Academy,

Luna Hartlock here and I would like to say that I am going to be joining your school this year! Thank you for accepting me, I know how tedious and hard it is to join your school.


Luna Hartlock

Luna looked down at her letter and sighed contentedly at it. She used her powers to make sure she can send it to the academy quicker. After that she sat back in her desk chair and closed her eyes. That is until she heard the doorbell ringing rapidly. It scared the living life out of her. She had jumped out of her seat and had fell onto her bottom.

She ran ask quickly as she could down the stairs and opened her door. There stood Sapphire clad in all blues and blacks colored clothing. Sapphire looked like a regular girl despite being named after a gem, which to Sapphire didn't seem weird at all that her parents had named her that. Sapphire had medium-length brunette hair and when in the sun you can see natural auburn highlights. Her eyes were a shining sapphire blue, leading to Luna thinking that is why she was named Sapphire.

"Hey L!", Sapphire greeted waving to Luna as she invited herself into the house. Sapphire had supernatural powers as well. But she had gotten the powers from her mom, but Sapphires' parents separated due to "not loving" each other anymore when Sapphires' dad had cheated on Sapphires' mom. So they had divorced immediately after Sapphires' mom had found out. Sapphire had her mothers water manipulation powers.

"Hey Sapph. What are you doing here?", Luna asked Sapphire as she was coming in. "I was at home bored out of my mind, so I was like why not go over to Luna's house?", Sapphire said explaining. "Sapphire remember how we turned in our papers to try in get into the academy?", Luna asked once they both plopped down onto Luna's old tan couch.

"Yes...", Sapphire said perking a perfectly waxed eyebrow questioningly. "Well...I got in!", Luna screamed happily. Sapphire immediately stood up in shock and started squealing as well. "I got into the academy as well!" Sapphire squealed.

"I wonder when we need to report to the academy.", questioned Luna to nobody in particular.

A note suddenly floated through the window, Luna assured herself it was a mere coincidence. It wasn't like the school was stalking them or something. Pfffht, they weren't or were they?

Luna snatched the note from the air and scanned through it. Her face feigned shock. "What?", Sapphire asked concerned. "We have to be there by tomorrow.", Luna said looking at Sapphire.


Luna felt overly tired as she got up the next morning at seven'o clock in the morning. She had never been to a academy, so she spent the whole night thinking about what it would be like.

Her flip phone which was outdated by so many years was ringing and the caller id said Sapphire.

She sat up rubbed her eyes and grabbed the phone. She said on the phone sounding tired,"Hello."

While Sapphire was quite the opposite squealing excitingly and sprouting off random facts about the school. Luna sat on the bed the phone still on by her ear her face looked like she was irritated. "Sapphire SHUSH! I still need to get changed and ready so shush and also bye!", Luna said irritated and pressing the end button.

Since the school had dorms she had to leave her house, plus since it was private they have to wear a school uniform. The school had sent the uniform the day before. The school had let her choose two colors of her choice for her uniform.

The uniform itself was quite girly which wasn't really Luna's style but it still looked nice. The uniform had a blazer and the blazer was the lighter color of purple which was lavender. The blazer had a medium sized bow on the front on the collar, the color of mint green. Underneath the blazer was a tank top the color of dark purple. The skirt fell right a little above her knees the same color as the tank top. Her blazer also had the out line the same mint green. She had to wear knee high socks the color of pearl white. And she added her own touch she wore high tops the color purple and white. She smiled in the mirror at herself. She threw her hair up in a high ponytail and tied it with a white bow.

She grabbed her shoulder bag and went downstairs to open the door. Standing in the same exact uniform was Sapphire but instead her uniform was blue and white. "HI!", Sapphire said waving very enthusiastically.

"Um. Okay then. Let's just go now.", Luna said grabbing Sapphires' arm. "Uh. How do we get to the school?", Luna questioned to no one in particular. Sapphire shrugged and looked around.

"If we can't find it we will be late for orientation, Sapphire!", Luna whined to her blue-lpving best friend.

"I will be taking you.", an unknown voice said from behind them both. Both girls turned around and looked at the girl behind them.

A girl two years older than them was standing there. Long blonde hair and sharp blue eyes and pale skin. She wore the same exact uniform but it was yellow and black and she wore black flats instead. In the sun on her pointer finger was a ring. The shape of a lightning bolt.

"My name is Serenity but you can call me Serene.", the older girl said while smiling politely.

"Hi! My name is-", Sapphire started but she was cut off by Serenity. "I know you're named are Luna and Sapphire."

"Alright let's get going!", Serenity said before taking the lightning bolt ring off her finger and turning it into a staff and hitting the ground with the bottom. There, a hole formed open into a portal. "Jump.", Serenity said sternly. Sapphire shrugged then jumped in. You can hear enthusiastic screaming on her way down.

Luna on the other hand looked down hesitantly, before she felt a light push and she fell in and she closed her eyes tightly and screamed.


Luna opened her eyes and looked around. She felt the ground underneath her and she breathed a sigh of relief.

She looked up to see a massive building its walls were made of pearl white marble, the roof was the color of baby blue which was Sapphires' favorite color. Large windows all around the building. In the center was a garden full of red roses, purple and blue roses. In the center was a beautiful fountain spouting out water.

Luna gazed at the building in awe before Serenity snapped her out of it. "Sapphire is already inside. Lets go.", Serenity said motioning towards the extravagant building. Luna nodded still in her daze and she followed Serenity inside.

Once safely inside, Luna thought that the school looked like a palace. That is until she heard a shrill voice yelling. "WHY ARE THERE SO MANY NEW STUDENTS! THEY BETTER KNOW WHO I AM!", the shrill voice echoed down the hall. Luna covered her ears.

"I will get all your forms set up for Sapphire and you. So please wait. I think Sapphire went and got onto a tour of the school. I suggest you do that so you wont get lost.", Serenity explained to Luna. Luna nodded her head and Serenity walked into the office.

Luna stood in the hallway admiring the paintings on the walls until she heard clacking of heels across the tiled floors.

Luna looked up to see four girls arms crossed, and a glare set on their face staring directly at her. Luna rolled her eyes, 'I have only set foot in this school for two minutes and ai already have girls hating me?' Luna thought to herself.

The girl in the front had hair that looked like fake extensions and is the color of brown and her eyes were a cat like shape the color of amber. All three girls looked exactly like the girl in front, 'I guess they must be her followers', Luna thought. The girl in the front spoke up first," My name is Olivia." "Okay and?", Luna questioned raising a brow. "First things first. We have a hierarchy, and I am at the top.", Olivia said while the other three nodded in agreement. "Okay? Next.", Luna said not really caring at all.

The four took it as offensive and stomped off screaming,"Lina! You will have a living nightmare in this school!"

Luna rolled her eyes and she didn't even bother correcting if they got her name, right or wrong.

Then she heard a voice behind her. "Most people here are jerks, Luna.", the girl said looking towards Luna. Luna raises her eyebrow questioningly at the girl. "What do you mean?", Luna asked. "Well I can't blame them. Sometimes you can't hold the power that lies beneath." 'How did she know my name?' , Luna thought but decided to let it go.

"Well yeah. I just experienced rudeness a minute ago.", Luna said towards the girl. The girl chuckled before pulling off her hood to reveal a girl with navy blue hair and white eyes(1). "Hi. My name is Winter." The girl said putting her hand out for Luna to shake. Luna smiled and put her hand in Winters' hand shaking it. "Nice to meet you, Winter.", Luna said smiling.

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1~ Yes! Winter is blind!