River's Edge

Where river waters always run,
And watching the beasts is always fun,
Four continents have diverse wildlife
Whose life stand on the edge of a knife.

North American fish of Missouri,
Swim in the river in no hurry.
Crayfish are common, minnows too,
Bullfrogs and catfish will see you.

Big South American anteaters,
Capybaras and bush dogs demure,
Asian elephants wander the woods,
Bathing in the river in good moods.

African hippo and dwarf mongoose,
Spotted hyenas are on the loose,
Cheetahs and rhinos wander the plains,
While bee-eaters eat bees like grains.

Watch an elephant taking a bath,
A hyena having a laugh,
A cheetah and rhino that will roam
Around the river that's a hippo's home.

There is much to get from a visit,
To River's Edge, the most exquisite
Land on which diverse animals live,
To which we can give such a gift.