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Of course, it didn't get better from there. If anything, it got worse. He headed out to the practice field, trying not to look anyone in the eyes. He remembered in health class, his teacher had always told them that if you have a problem, you need to talk to someone about it. He tried to focus on his exercises, but kept looking up for ravens flying over his head. Sweat poured down his face, running in rivers. He wasn't sure if it was from nerves or the work.

"Theo!" he heard a teammate, Mark yell out to him. What did he want? Theo looked over and it hit him. Literally, the ball smacked the side of his face, hard. He winced and stumbled back a few feet, rubbing his cheek. Gradually, he coaxed his fingers up to his temple, wincing. He looked over, and Mark had hurried over.

"Man, I'm sorry. What was that, though?" the older boy asked. Theo shrugged, his mind spinning. What was that? He shrugged.

"You okay, Theodore?" coach asked, and the blonde looked around to realize the whole team was staring at him.

"Yeah," he forced a laugh, "'Course."

Then his eyes caught the goalpost. Perched on the top was the black raven. He shivered, feeling it's eyes peering under his skin. Mark tried to follow his line of sight, but saw nothing. He tapped the teen's shoulder, trying to draw his attention away from whatever it was he was staring at. Theo didn't turn, his mind captivated by the glossy black feathers, spread wide enough to look as if in flight.

The other boys exchanged glances, and Jim beckoned Sara, one of the meds over from where she and her friends were discussing the latest episode of House.

"Nothing," he turned to Mark. Theo reminded himself of where he was, and did his best to ignore the bird. "Sorry, just thinking."

"Was it hard?" asked Felix, a sophomore.

"You wouldn't know," Theo fired back, and the collective group laughed. Sara shrugged, seeing that he seemed fine. She was a touch less diligent than was necessary for her position, but Theo was thankful for that. They continued practice, and he tried to pay attention. Luckily, he was able to mostly ignore the bird.


"Mom?" he called into the house. He wasn't sure if she was back from work yet, but normally if she was out she would leave a few lights on. He squinted in the dark, fumbling for the light switch. He frowned.

"Jack?" he tried again, trying to see his brother. He should be home by now, and most likely would be working diligently on anything that wasn't his homework. He turned on the lights, and scanned the kitchen. He saw nothing out of the ordinary, excepting perhaps the fridge was closed. Normally Jack would leave it open, and Theo would tell him that he should remember. The boy would nod through the reprimanding, but do the same thing the next day.

"Jack!" Theo called again.

"Yeah?" a voice said from behind. Theo turned around, and Jack was standing behind him, chewing on a piece of gum absently. Theo frowned.

"When did you get home?" he asked.

"Does it matter?" Jack said, with uncharacteristic suspicion.


Growling, the boy spread his arms out in annoyance. He rolled his eyes, and Theo had just about had it with his preteen sass. Until his eyes grew gold, staring at Theo. Theo was getting flashbacks from that one time he had watched a horror movie with his old girlfriend (after which they had broken up because he couldn't look at her without thinking of the demon child, and she thought he was an absolute wuss. Which he wasn't. He just didn't like horror movies. At all). He took a few steps back, and Jack sighed. He took another smack of the gum, chewing with his mouth open and running to wet rubber over his teeth. Theo was almost able to convince himself that he was imagining the eyes thing. And then his shadow morphed into that of a grown man. Theo stared at it, his heart twisting.

"You're not Jack," he stammered, glancing at the phone on the counter top. Maybe he could sprint for it and call the cops.

"You're right," the not-Jack said. "I apologize for using this form, but it really is too important for you to listen to wait for you to follow the ravens."

"Give me back my little brother!" Theo objected. Sure, Jack was annoying, but he wasn't horrible, and he was useful to have a cuter younger sibling when you wanted something.

"He's quite safe," the creature assured him, "But he's not your brother."

Theo swallowed. Jack was as much of a brother as Theo could get his hands on. But the voice was right. But he shouldn't know that. Heck, Jack didn't even know that the boys were both adopted.

"Yeah, he is," Theo crossed his arms. "And if you know what is good for you you'll give him back."

The creature smiled, and Theo felt queasy. Of course, he was only projecting courage. At this point, Theo was seriously worried he was going crazy and his actual little brother was staring at him strangely and videoing it on his I-pod to send to the looney bin.

"You are most certainly the right one," it said, almost to itself.

"The right one? For what? Brother kidnapping, because I don't know if there are any requirements for that," his voice trailed off, to see the figure beaming at him.

"For the quest," the creature said. "I'll need you to lead the others, they are less developed."

"Um, I never agreed to this. I just kind of want you to stop possessing Jack."

"Don't you see?" it said, unnerving as ever in Jack's voice. "This is what you were born to do. To unite the godlings and take back Asgard."

"What?" Theo frowned. "Um, no. No godling uniting here. I'm just going to," he looked at the phone, and took what he thought was a subtle step towards the phone. It wasn't nearly as subtle as he thought, and Jack leapt forward, kicking his legs harder than Theo thought such a tiny person could. He winced and grabbed Jack by the collar, pulling him up off the ground and away from his shins. Theo thought he would move for another attack, but instead he just smiled unnervingly at Theo.

"Very good," Jack grinned. No, it wasn't Jack, Theo had to remind himself. "Come with me."

"What are you?" Theo asked, as confused as he was angry at this point.

"I," his brother looked up, with a ceremonial smack of his gum, "Am a god."

"Are you now?" Theo said, skeptical. "I'm pretty sure there is only one of those."

"Not God. A god," the god rolled his eyes. "Huge difference."

"Okay," Theo frowned. "Do you have a name?"

"Heimdall, guardian of worlds," Jack mock bowed to him. Theo frowned, but he continued. "And your guide."

"Guide in what, exactly?" Theo said, running his fingers through his hair, still slick from sweat. Couldn't this Heimdall guy wait until he had showered to possess his little brother?

"Becoming a god."

"Flattered as I am," he began to object, but Jack held out a hand. He heard fluttering of wings. No, Theo shook his head in anticipation. A black raven landed on his brother's shoulder, it's claws gripping his shoulder. "You have a raven," he said slowly.

Heimdall smiled with Jack's overbite, and Theo felt his stomach twist. The black feathers and wings perched on his brother's arm, talons under his skin. Theo had never much liked animals. He could remember when he was five he had gone to a petting zoo and one of the goats would not leave him alone, nuzzling him with it's head and acting as if he were some sort of hero. He was a hero to goats. Definitely going to put that on his college applications.

"You want answers, Thor - God of Thunder?" he asked, "Come outside tonight, the raven will guide you. A warning, they won't leave you alone until you do."

Theo nodded, then shook his head. Was he being threatened with ravens? And he wasn't a god. Obviously. He was scared at horror movies. He fought flowers and lost. He had gotten a seventy five on his last algebra two exam. Certainly nothing divine.

"You've got the wrong guy, make your ravens leave me alone."

"They are not my ravens, they respond only to the king. And they are searching for him."

"Wait, am I a god or a king?" Theo frowned, "Cause I am pretty sure I'm neither."

"Not yet," Heimdal said, "But you could be."

And with that as his final note, the glow in Jack's eyes dimmed, and he blinked. Taking a smack of his gum, he glanced around with a mixture of confusion and forced indifference.

"Theo? What happened?" he asked, and Theo could detect a touch of that small child needing protection in his voice. Theo had no answer to that. He only shrugged, and Jack nodded slowly.

"How do you feel?" Theo asked.

"Why do you care?" Jack snapped, and Theo coaxed himself back down from anger.

"Please just tell me how you are feeling," his older brother sighed.

"I've got a splitting headache, okay?" Jack sighed, "Can I have ice-cream?"

"Sure," Theo nodded, to which Jack looked surprised at his affirmation. "Let's get some food."

"Okay," the boy followed his brother into the kitchen, rubbing his shoulder. The prick marks were still there. The boy looked at them and looked back to his older brother.

"Theo, what really happened? How hard did I hit my head?"

"What?" Theo frowned.

"I've got a headache and can't remember stuff, that means I have a concussion, right?"

"Nah," Theo shook his head, "You're good."

Jack nodded slowly. He begrudgingly allowed his older brother to cover his shoulder blades with band-aids, but he refused to tell him why he was hurt. Theo was concerned, he didn't want Jack to get hurt, as annoying as he might be at times.

"Well, I've got homework to do, I'll be in my room kay?" Jack said, picking up his bowl of rocky road with whipped cream. Theo nodded.

"Sure," Theo nodded, distract. Then, as they ten year old was a few steps up, he turned back to him. "Jack?"


"If anything happened to me, you'd take care of mom, right?"

"Um," he frowned, "Yeah."

"Good," Theo nodded. Remembering the look the boy was giving him he tried to cover. "I mean, like, when I'm at college."

"Of course."

He retreated back up to his bedroom. Theo watched him go, feeling his heart pounding in his chest. Jack was a good kid, he thought begrudgingly, because no sibling would willingly compliment another, he'd watch out for Mom. Which was when Theo realized he actually thinking about this. He didn't know how to feel.

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