Chapter 01: The Targeted Teen

A clip of a certain video, on a certain website, uploader unknown, date added unknown, hits over twenty five million.

"To all you professional hitmen, I call upon your services," A shaded silhouette of a person appears on the screen. He or she is wearing a dark hood and a red mask to hide their identity. "I wish for you to enact my revenge against this boy." An image of a red headed boy who looks to be in his mid teens appears in front. "His name is Souta Anglais, the current head to the Anglais Zaibatsu." The picture disappears. "If you succeed in eliminating him I shall fork over this amount," A monstrous figure appears at the bottom of the screen. "However, there are a few conditions that must be met if you wish to gain a single penny from me." The figure speaks the most seriously he had done till now, "Those conditions are..."

Several figures from across the globe smile as they hear the details of how to become an overnight billionaire.

"Please have a good day, Master," A maid in her early twenties says politely as the red headed teenager shuts the door and gives an affirming nod.

"I wonder what today has in store for me," The boy, Souta Anglais says to himself with a light smile as he walks through the school's front gate.

"Hey, that's him right?" Students whisper among themselves.

"Yeah, the one who that 'Joker Of Spades' put a price on. Why is he at school like nothing happened? Was that video nothing more than a prank?"

"I don't know, but I don't wanna get dragged into anything. Why doesn't the school stop him from coming in?"

"The Anglais Zaibatsu pays huge funds into this school, its not that they don't, they can't."

Souta, although being able to catch such talks, doesn't pay it any mind. Growing up as part of a rich family made it common to be targeted, and yet he always survived.

"Yo, Souta!" A boy with bleached hair and a huge grin shouts as he slaps the shoulder of his friend.

"Nitta, what's with the smile? Did you get yourself a girlfriend?" Souta asked innocently, but his friend's smile quickly changes into one of sadness.

"Ha ha ha," Nitta laughs weakly, "I could never get a girl, not since I was found in the girl's changing rooms, not since I was accused of harassment when I asked a sempai the cheapest place for condoms, not since..."

"Okay enough, I get it that you're pitiful," Souta couldn't bear to listen to any more of his friend's sad stories. "I'll try and help you with your issues some other time."

"Really, then can you set up a mixer for me?" His friend brightened up again. Souta simply increased his walking pace, "Ah, wait, don't leave me!" He shouts.

First period began as the teacher took to the podium. "Since twenty years ago children born have had over a ninety five percent chance of being born with special powers that we call ESP. Whilst prior to this period it was very rare. Scientists have still found no clues as to the drastic increase." The teacher wallowed on as the students took notes. Souta, although already knowing all this, did the same, Nitta however was already sleeping on his desk.

I can see someone asking to borrow my notes in the very near future. Souta thought to himself.

"ESP powers are vastly varied from person to person and can be as weak as moving a pencil an inch to as strong as causing tsunamis. As such public order had to make some drastic changes and introduce several new legislation to prevent the misuse of ESP. I'm sure your all aware of the fact that certain youngsters the same age as yourselves have gotten drafted into Spectrum, a new public order created by the government to deal with ESP threats."

Suddenly a fuzzing sound comes from the speaker "Attention please, can first year student, Souta Anglais, please report to the Principal's office immediately." The voice orders.

Souta gets to his feet as all the class stare at him, "Please excuse me, Sensei," he says politely with a small bow whilst ignoring all the comments of his classmates.

Souta begins to cut across the field to make his way to the building where the Principal's office is located when suddenly, "Yaha!" A huge ball of fire fast approaches. Souta quickly jumps back to avoid the sudden attack.

"As I thought," Souta smiles to himself confidently, "The call was nothing more than a hoax to call me out."

"Ha ha!" A young man with a green mohawk wearing clothes giving him the appearance of someone in a biker gang shouts. "I'm gonna burn you to cinders and claim that prize." He gathers another ball of flames and shoots them at the boy.

Souta's smile grew stronger as he swerved out of the path of all the projectiles, "You're going to have to work seriously hard for your money."

The assailant seemingly insulted gathers fire into his fists and feet as flies towards Souta as fast as a jet plane.

"Urgh!" The sudden increase in pace catches Souta by surprise as the man punches him in the gut, burning a huge hole in his shirt.

"HA! That money is as good as mine!" The man shouts in glee.

Souta discards his burning shirt, which quickly burns up on the ground, as he wipes the blood from his lips.

"Now it's my turn," Souta states as several tornadoes appear around the vacant area. His power was one of the strongest when it came to wind.

"What the hell!?" The man screams at the absurd difference in power. He tries to throw as many fireballs as he can muster, only for them to sizzle out from the intense wind pressure.

The tornado's leave no blind spot as they all close in on their target leaving no room for escape and no way for defence.

"Wait, please, it was my bad, I promise I'll leave quietly!" The man with no other choice begged.

Souta's smile only grew, "Don't try to dish out what you're not prepared to have served back to you," he said coldly as the tornado's continued towards the centre and...

"ARRGGHHHHH!" A screeching scream that could shatter glass resounded in the area as blood spun within the harsh winds. The sound quickly vanished however. When Souta finally lifted his power, there was nothing but debris, not a shred of the man's existence was present.

"I guess I'll ask Beatrice to take me home," Souta said indifferently as he looked at his bare upper body, and the cinders on the ground that used to be his shirt.

"You really do go to such extremes, Master," Beatrice, Souta's maid, says with a reprimanding voice.

"Like I always say, killers must be prepared to be killed." He states as he relaxes the back of his head into his hands. "And thanks to this, I can't be convicted." Souta looks at the certificate like piece of paper in his hands.

It read: This licence is the property of Souta Anglais. The individual named is under the terms of this licence granted the authority of 'Absolute Self Defence'. This warrants the licence holder to exert life threatening force on all individuals who attempt him mortal harm without any repercussions.

Due to the high risk on his life because of the video posted by who the public refer to as the Joker of Spades, Souta was granted this licence for his own protection. He had outright refused the proposed option of assigning a member of Spectrum as his bodyguard under the grounds that his work could not be disclosed to any third party. This however, was merely an excuse.

"Seriously though, Master. You should really stop going to such methods just for your way of relieving boredom. To even go as far as to put a price on your own head to grant you the licence, as well as enticing the hunters."

Correct, there was no Joker of Spades only Souta Anglais.

Souta smiles, "To live everyday as if I'm going to die the next, you have no idea just how exhilarating that is."

Beatrice sighs as Souta continues, "Besides, thanks to the conditions I placed, its not like any by standers will get hurt, and I'm only killing other killers. Society is benefiting, and I'm having a glorious time, that's two birds with one stone."

The conditions placed by 'Joker of Spades' are the following:

Souta Anglais must be killed in a direct confrontation, therefore no poisoning and no sniping etc.

No innocent third parties are to be harmed in the process of termination.

You must kill him one on one.

The second condition guaranteed the safety of the innocent.

Souta gazed out the window again still with a smile on his face, "I wonder, just what kind of assassin will come after me next?"

Author Notes

Another new story coming from out of nowhere, this is the trouble with me, the instant I have an idea I write. Well a slightly different type of protagonist from what I'm used to. I've thought up two stories using this world's settings this is one of them. Updates maybe irregular. Anyway feel free to tell me how rubbish my idea is, I like feedback even negative.