Mirror, mirror on the wall,

What is the most frightening thing of all?

Is it candle's twitching gaze,

Just barely piercing the shroud of night?

…Or the pale, rotted face illuminated

By the fire's light?

What of long ropes of shadow

That lay coiled like inky snakes upon the floor?

What of demon's visage lurking

Just beyond yon glass door?

Doppelganger's hateful gaze dwelling deep within,

Seeking freedom from your reflective skin.

O pale spectre,

Whose piercing wail announced thy presence

After the third and final call,

And light did all but erase the essence

Of the monster lurking just beyond the one-way window on the wall.

Devil's Door, and Dead Man's Window

-just two of the many names given unto you,

oh ancient sheet of glass;

an unblinking, watery eye watching me from

between your parted hairs of brass.

O Mirror,

Become a beacon by moonlight,

Attracting every shade to your beckoning call

Mirror mirror on the wall,

You are the most frightening thing of all.